May I Ask You a Favor?

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I’m all about take-out and eating my favorite foods over my coffee table, in the comfort of my living room, a la every episode of Gilmore Girls ever. The only problem with take-out, if you ask me? The actual “take … out.” If you have to get in your car to go someplace, it defeats the whole “lazy evening on the couch vibe” you’ve got going on.

Cue Favor.

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Favor is a food delivery service that’s kind of like Uber, but instead of a car showing up at your house to take you someplace specific, a car shows up at your house DELIVERING something specific!

Patrick and I have been using Favor for months now. We’ve got a ton of great restaurants in our neighborhood, but me being pregnant and all, the overwhelming exhaustion of the first trimester has left me with a newfound love for our comfy gray couch that I never knew existed!

And if I could have my favorite dinner on said comfy gray couch? Even better!

favor app houston, favor delivery, samurai noodle houston, favor restaurants in houston

One of our favorite spots in the neighborhood is Samurai Noodle. (OMG yum, just looking at this photo has me wanting to order it all over again.)

Samurai Noodle Houston2

I particularly love their spicy miso ramen. For just a $5 delivery fee, a processing fee (5% of whatever your “favor” is) and a driver tip, I get the spiciest of ramen delivered to my door. (Insert heart eye emoji here.) And when you’re pregnant and STAARVING, it’s like getting pure gold delivered to your door. 😉

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Cheesing because I love food. (And cheese!)

Patrick and I have found ourselves favoring tacos for breakfast, donuts and kolaches (also for breakfast), buffalo chicken sandwiches from Smashburger (nom) and even dog food from Petco just one time. You name it, you can favor it.

(But Samurai Noodle is hands down still our favorite.)

And I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to mention Favor (& my love for spicy miso ramen for that matter) on the blog!

If you live in Texas, you’re in luck! Almost every major city in the state is home to Favor. For a complete list of cities offering Favor, check out the list here. Oh! And you can use the code LONESTAR for $5 off your first order!

Now if YOU could order anything you wanted to eat, what would it be!?


*This post was sponsored by Favor. All opinions are absolutely my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Lone Star Looking Glass possible … & well fed!* 😉 

  • Greta Hollar

    I’d order mexican food or burgers! I love sitting on my couch watching GG and having food delivered. It’s the best! (Also, see the new GG trailer today? So excited about the revival!)