Baby Bumpin’ in Overalls at 27 Weeks + A Giveaway

Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bib Giveaway

I’m officially in my third trimester and overnight it feels like my belly has just gotten HUGE! I’ve talked maternity style on here quite a bit, but what I haven’t really dived into as much is all of the different gear we’re getting for our baby girl!

I never knew that shopping for a baby could be so much fun. From bibs to car seat covers to even changing pad covers – I get crazy excited about each and everything we bring home for her. Today, I’m teaming up with Copper Pearl to share my 27-week bumpdate and these cute bandana bibs we got for our little girl. Plus, I’m also giving readers a chance to win a $75 gift card to shop Copper Pearl’s adorable boutique!

Texas Fashion Blogger styles True Religion overalls with a Seraphine Maternity top for fall.

Texas Fashion Blogger styles True Religion overalls with a Seraphine Maternity top for fall.

Texas Fashion Blogger styles True Religion overalls with a Seraphine Maternity top for fall.

Texas Fashion Blogger styles True Religion overalls with a Seraphine Maternity top for fall.

Texas Fashion Blogger styles True Religion overalls with a Seraphine Maternity top for fall.

top c/o|| overalls c/o ||  booties || j.mclaughlin clutch c/o || kate spade sunglasses  

But first, a little bit about this look!

One of my favorite things to wear lately has been these overalls. I just discreetly undo the top button on each side, and they still seem to fit perfectly! I paired them with this top from Seraphine Maternity. (Gone are the days of fitting in my regular tops!) Overalls are extremely casual, but when pairing them with a heeled bootie and silk top, I’m able to take them to dressier places – even the workplace! (Well, my workplace at least. Perks of working in fashion, I suppose! )

Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bib Giveaway

What goes better with overalls than a bandana, am I right? Well, these cutie  Copper Pearl bandanas aren’t for me, they’re actually for our little girl!

I absolutely love Copper Pearl’s slogan on the website, “Suppress the drool. Still keep cool.” I’m sure my life is about to be filled with so much baby drool (I can’t wait) and I’m thinking these adorable bibs are going to really come in handy!

Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bib Giveaway

Enter the rafflectoper below to win $75 to shop Copper Pearl. From quirky baby bibs to adorable blankets, crib sheets & even wash clothes – they’ve got your baby covered! (Pun totally intended.) 😉

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Texas Fashion Blogger styles True Religion overalls with a Seraphine Maternity top for fall.

And now for a quick #bumpdate on all things baby!

How far along: We are at 27 weeks. Exactly three months from this week she will be here! Eek!

Size: Baby is the size of an entire head of cauliflower. Aka, huge!

Name: After some back & forth I thiiiiink we’ve finally picked it! The first name we’ve known for a while, but the middle name we weren’t sure about. We’ll be sharing it upon her arrival.

What We’re Looking Forward to Next: The next few weeks begins serious baby prep mode. We will be starting our classes, Life with Baby, Infant CPR & Prepared Childbirth, and even touring the hospital in the next few weeks.

Nursery Update: Well, we painted and put down the rug and a few other things. But then all of a sudden we realized the paint color dried much darker than we were expecting. So we’ll be painting the room … again. Poor Patrick! Wish I could help! But I think we’ll be much happier with a lighter color in there. Once the new coat of paint is dry we’ll finally be able to set it up for real. Can. Not. Wait!

Least Excited About? Losing mobility! Wow bending over is HARD these days. It’s almost too difficult to even bend down to put dishes in the dishwasher. Haha I feel like such a diva that I can’t even do the dishes! I can’t even fathom what it’s going to feel like at 9 months, but I’m excited to get there.

Movement: Yes, yes yes! Last night it was like she was performing a gymnastics routine in my belly. Finally caught it on video too! Although it’s definitely not Oscar worthy, I’ve already re-watched it like 20 times.

Cravings: Still sweets, all the time. But I’ve noticed I haven’t been as picky lately as I was before. Hoping this little trend continues.

Highlights of the Second Trimester: My second trimester was seriously amazing! (Except for those two pesky ER visits!) I had so much energy and was able to travel a bunch too. We finished it off with our babymoon and now we’re ready to hunker down and nest for the next three months. From what I heard, the third trimester can be a bit similar to the first. If that’s the case, then I’m so thankful that us moms-to-be get that three-month “break” from the exhaustion in the middle!


Thanks so much for following along, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway with Copper Pearl! Winner will be announced on Monday, October 24th!



photos by This Lavender Life


  • You are rocking those overalls!! Love the look, pregnant or not 🙂 Such an exciting time for you and your family!

  • Alice! Those overalls though! You are the cutest preggo ever! I am going to have to step my game up next time around, haha! The bibs are adorable and they will definitely come in handy when baby K starts teething. Can’t want ’til she gets here!

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    Oh my goodness, you look adorable! (And I need those overalls!)
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    You look SO happy and beautiful! This outfit is too cute! XooX

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    You look adorable! I’m just a week ahead of you at 28 weeks 🙂

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    You look adorable in those overalls! I hope when I get prego I can stay small and fashionable like you! I plan on probably being in sweats haha

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  • You are the cutest ever!

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    My best advice would be to cherish every moment.(:

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  • Your bump in those overalls is just about the cutest thing ever! My advice is to accept the help! I wanted to do it all, but I’m so glad my mom and husband were there telling me to occasionally take a nap, relax in a hot shower, or just take a moment to myself!
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  • Alina Conn

    If at all possible, always have a bag prepacked with diapers, wipes, cream and snacks that don’t go bad.

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    So adorable in the outfit! Love the overalls. My advice would be to snuggle with your little one as often as you can cause it does go by quickly.

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    My best advice is to be comfortable, and be prepared!

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    My best advise for a new mom is to sleep when your baby sleeps.

  • After 5 kids, I would say just love them unconditionally, set up consequences and rewards, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

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    I haven’t had my baby yet but I’m taking all the advice I can get!



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    My advice would be to get sleep whenever you can. lol. But also to cherish the time you have with them when they are soo little.

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    Just to be patient. Its hard – You can do it !!!!!!!!!!
    Cherish the time when they are little – they grow so fast!!!!!!!!

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    Remember that days will often seem slow, but years fly by

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