A Breezy Button Down & 29-Week Bumpdate

Fashion Blogger Alice Kerley styles a Planet Blue Button Down Dress over a tee and jeans for an easy maternity outfit.

Happy Halloween! While this isn’t the spookiest post on the planet, I still wanted to go ahead and share one of my favvvvorite looks at the moment, holiday or not.

So I know I say something’s my favorite what feels like alllll the time, but seriously, this outfit right now totally is. Let me tell you why!

Fashion Blogger Alice Kerley styles a Planet Blue Button Down Dress over a tee and jeans for an easy maternity outfit.

At 29-weeks pregnant, I’m starting to feel, well, like a balloon. I know I have a long way to go but when I walk into my closet each morning to get dressed for the day I’ll look around and just not want to put on anything because most everything just looks uncomfortable to me.

(Totally not complaining you guys, because I’m loving every minute of it – but comfort & clothes is just a tad difficult at the moment!)

Fashion Blogger Alice Kerley styles a Planet Blue Button Down Dress over a tee and jeans for an easy maternity outfit.

Give me maternity jeans and a maternity tee and I am set! While that’s not the chic-est of everyday looks, I decided to dress up my plain tee by throwing an unbuttoned Button Down Maxi Dress over it. This one is from Planet Blue and can be worn so many different ways.  For this look, I unbuttoned it & tied the corners of each hem to give it more of a wrap feel.

Fashion Blogger Alice Kerley styles a Planet Blue Button Down Dress over a tee and jeans for an easy maternity outfit.

After baby, I’m planning on wearing it as a dress, buttoned all the way down & with a belt around the waist to add dimension. I’m just a wee bit obsessed with how versatile it is!

Texas fashion blogger styles Cole Hahn Original Grand Wingtip Oxfords in gray styled with a Gigi New York Gray Crossbody.

Paired with neutral gray shoes & accessories, this easy everyday outfit is one I can’t get enough of.

PS: If you’re looking for a good pair of stylish sneakers that can be worn with dresses as well as blue jeans, these Cole Hahn Wingtip Oxford’s are ahhh-mazing!

Fashion Blogger Alice Kerley styles a Planet Blue Button Down Dress over a tee and jeans for an easy maternity outfit.

Fashion Blogger Alice Kerley styles a Planet Blue Button Down Dress over a tee and jeans for an easy maternity outfit.

Outfit Details:


And now for a 29-week “bumpdate” on all things baby!

Size: She’s between 2.5 & 3.5 pounds and is roughly the size of butternut squash. How appropriate for fall?

Feeling: Things are definitely getting more cramped in there. I’ll wake up and look in the mirror and can instantly tell my belly grew just overnight. It’s nuts! But overall I’m feeling really good. It’s super hard to bend over and get up off the couch (but when is it not!?) other than that though I still have a decent amount of energy.

Up Next: This week we start “Life with Baby” class. Where I’m guessing I’ll learn how to swaddle, change a diaper and all that jazz. I’ll admit, I still haven’t changed a diaper so I’m realllllly excited about taking this class with Patrick this week!

Weight Gain: I’ve gained 20 pounds so far! I think about average is 35, so I’m right on track with this bump. She’s supposed to grow three times her current size before she gets here. Does that mean my bump grows three times its current size too!? 😉 Gimme all the stretchy oversized t-shirts!

Nursery: Currently in a holding pattern. We’re repainting the space and still deciding between two different colors. The first dried just a little bluer than our liking. We’re also on the hunt for an antique dresser to paint/repurpose into a changing table. Once the paint is dry and the dresser & crib are in place I’m thinking I’m never going to want to leave her little room!

Current Highlights: We just had our first baby shower in Memphis this past weekend and it was SO much fun! First of all being able to see friends & family that I hardly ever get to see was amazing. And having them spoil our little girl was just like icing on the cake. I can’t wait to start using all of the goodies and dressing her up in the cute outfits everyone gave us!

Third Trimester Favorites:

  • Prenatal Massages: Who wouldn’t love one? I just tried the (new in Houston) app Zeel which is like Uber for massages. You can schedule any type of massage up to two hours in advance and a massage therapist will come straight to your home (or hotel) with all the gear necessary. Even the relaxing tunes! It was so nice to get up from my prenatal massage then be able to walk into my living room to spend the afternoon with Patrick & the pups!
  • Snoogle: again – I could NOT live without this pillow right now!!
  • These maternity joggers & blue jeans.
  • Sun Basket: healthy meals that are delivered to my home means no grocery shopping. #win

Recent Purchases for Baby: 

  • I just ordered this little-monogrammed hat for her to wear when she makes her debut to the world! Every time I look at it, I just want to squeal!
  • Her UPPAbaby stroller just came in the mail. We love that it has a bassinet but it also works with the car seat carrier too. I may or may not have been practicing by pushing it around the house here and there. Having her stroller is just making it all feel so much more real!
  • We’ve been using Octer.com to find fun & unique items for baby while also using it to compare prices on must-haves from across the web. It does all the price comparison research for you! I really wanted to find a unique rocking horse for her nursery and Octer pulled together so many cute ones from many different retailers, all in one place to shop. Now to pick just one!
  • This adorable rattle lovie  and bicycle teether.
  • This diaper bag from Henri Bendel. I love that this black one will go with pretty much anything I wear (matches the stroller too) and has a ton of compartments. Oh and there’s a built-in changing pad too! (Excitement about a changing pad from the girl who’s never changed a diaper before …lolz)

Thank you all for following along on all my baby bump updates! It’s been so fun to document each stage and share with you all a bit about what it’s like to go through pregnancy. I know when I first found out I was pregnant, I pretty much devoured every other blogger’s bumpdates and received SO much insight from them. Hoping I can share a little bit of that with some of you guys too!



photos by LA Photography

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