Winter Bump Style + 5 Things I’ve Learned About Pregnancy


I totally expected to spend the last few months of my pregnancy bundled up in cozy sweaters and scarves, enjoying the mild Houston winter weather. Well, I got to for one day! The day we shot these photos was absolutely frigid. Now it’s back to 80 degrees and I’m wearing tanks & tees to stay cool.

That’s one thing I’ve learned about pregnancy, expect the unexpected. Whether it’s something as simple as the weather, or more serious involving baby, pregnancy comes with many surprises! I’m sharing five things I’ve learned throughout these last 37 weeks, plus a look at this cozy cold weather maternity outfit with Stowaway.

Houston fashion blogger shares a winter maternity outfit with a stowaway maternity purple sweater and an Anthropologie plaid scarf.

Houston fashion blogger shares a winter maternity outfit with a stowaway maternity purple sweater and an Anthropologie plaid scarf.

Houston fashion blogger shares a winter maternity outfit with a stowaway maternity purple sweater and an Anthropologie plaid scarf.

Houston fashion blogger shares a winter maternity outfit with a stowaway maternity purple sweater and an Anthropologie plaid scarf.

Houston fashion blogger shares a winter maternity outfit with a stowaway maternity purple sweater and an Anthropologie plaid scarf.

Houston fashion blogger shares a winter maternity outfit with a stowaway maternity purple sweater and an Anthropologie plaid scarf.

purple sweater c/o || maternity jeans || over the knee boots c/o || sunglasses || handbag c/o || plaid scarf (on sale!)|| crispin earrings c/o || watch c/o || gold cuff  c/o

I’ve been shifting back and forth between wearing maternity pieces and some of my favorite (oversized) non-maternity items lately. But there’s nothing quite like the fit of a maternity sweater, made for this special time in your life. It’s both flattering to the bump & comfortable to boot. I’ve tried on a few of my non-maternity sweaters and while some of them still definitely fit, they also look as if they’re bursting at the seams!!

This long sleeve purple knit sweater from Stowaway Collection isn’t too thick, so it doesn’t feel big & bulky. Plus the ribbing is diagonal, which in a way slims the belly. I think it’ll also be cute paired with leggings as a tunic after baby too! I paired it with over the knee boots, a plaid scarf and some of my favorite accessories for a pulled together easy winter outfit that would be chic on any mom-to-be!

And now in no particular order, I’m sharing Five Things I’ve Learned Throughout My Pregnancy

1. It’s Okay to Break the Rules. 

I remember prior to pregnancy, I would ask my pregnant friends questions like “What all can you eat & not eat?” “What has been the hardest thing to give up?” & etc. So going into pregnancy, I was expecting this HUGE lifestyle change. You can’t eat lunch meat, no wine, forget sushi and nope you can’t ride your bike either. Oh and the only drinking decaf coffee thing? I knew that would be the hardest for sure. For the first few weeks I was a stickler and followed all the rules to the T. Soon I discovered almost all of my pregnant friends cheated just a little bit here and there, and then I read that you CAN actually drink caffeine!! Just no more than 200 mg a day, aka one big cup of coffee. (All I really needed.) There’s definitely a healthy balance. I still won’t eat sushi and of course, I’m not drinking alcohol. But I’m also not beating myself up about the cooked prosciutto that was on my pizza the other night. Balance is key!

2. You Will Get Fat & Moving Will Be Difficult. & It’s Okay!

Duh, Alice! An average person gains between 25-35 pounds throughout their pregnancy. A baby is on average 7.5 pounds. That’s about an extra 27.5 pounds you’re carrying around with you by the time you reach 40 weeks. And while I might look like I’m all belly from most of my blog photos, trust me y’all I’m not. I’m feeling big & bloated all over, especially in these final weeks. And I’m sure that entire order of baked ziti from Olive Garden that I just scarfed down didn’t help my figure at all. But it’s OH-KAY!

Not to mention with the extra weight unevenly distributed throughout your body – mobility becomes increasingly difficult. I don’t know what I would do without Patrick’s help getting off the couch sometimes! But my body is creating a miracle right now and that little miracle doesn’t care one bit that some of my clothes don’t fit, that my hands are puffy & swollen, and that I sometimes have trouble getting up from chairs. My friend gave me some good advice the other day. She said snap as many candid photos of you in the final few weeks as you can, to look back on and laugh at later. So last night while I was wearing Patrick’s sweatpants & t-shirt and eating a huge serving of red velvet cake, I took a little photo to commemorate the occasion. It’s great to find the fun & humor in the moments that could otherwise make you feel crummy.

3. Stay Off the Internet As Much As Possible.

Basically don’t google every single symptom, fear or concern you have about your pregnancy. Not going to lie, I’ve googled a fair amount of my pregnancy-related concerns for advice, only to find horror stories that scared me to pieces. You know how if you think you have a cold and look it up on WebMD then discover you just diagnosed yourself with a major illness? Googling pregnancy symptoms is MUCH, much, much worse. And often leaves you traumatized. A quick phone call to your practitioner should give you a sense of relief & is always the way to go!

4. People Really Do Care! 

In the last couple of months, I’ve noticed strangers smile at me more often, make more of an effort to hold a door open for me, and just be kinder in general. Yesterday, I dropped my phone and internally I was cursing. Seriously yall, bending over and picking up that phone would have been a CHALLENGE. A young girl, about 13-years-old, saw me drop it and ran over to pick it up for me. That small gesture totally made my day. I told her I appreciated the help more than she knew! My coworkers won’t let me lift anything more than five pounds and have even put all the water bottles on a higher shelf in the fridge so I could reach them. I feel so grateful for all of these sweet gestures! It’s been a treat!

5. You Will Fall Deeper in Love with Your Husband and Find a Love You Never Knew for Someone You Never Met.

My motherly instincts and love for this baby kicked in the moment I found out I was pregnant. Suddenly my life changed drastically and everything I did became about her. I haven’t even met her yet and I love her SO much it’s scary. I truly can’t imagine what it will be like to meet her!! All of this, I expected to happen. With each ultra sound visit and as the baby grow, I felt I got to know her better & better, and fall even more in love with her.

What I wasn’t really expecting was to fall even MORE in love with my husband. I already loved him SO much so how could there possibly be even more?! Trust me, there is so much more! From seeing his enthusiasm towards everything baby related, to watching him awe over the ultrasound at our appointments, to his willingness to paint the nursery not once but TWICE, oh man I sure do love that guy!

Okay, I could get really sappy over here, but I’m going to leave it at that. And as I was writing this long drawn out list for you all, I realized I could list up to 20+ things I learned during pregnancy. It’s been an ADVENTURE so far and now that I’m nearing the end of it, I’m just anxious for her arrival as can be!!  Any tips on distracting myself from all of the waiting around in the final few weeks?! I sure do need some!

And as always, thanks for stopping by the blog & sharing in this special time with me!

xo, alice

photos by LA Photography


  • I really loved reading this! I am only 25 weeks and I am already feeling the hugeness and inability to get up and down!! I also couldn’t agree more about a little cheat here and there and loving your husband more! I can’t wait to see your little one make an appearance on the blog soon!


  • You look adorable! And YES to staying off the never turns out well haha!

  • This is so sweet and all so true!! Especially the getting fat part haha! I ate only donuts with my first and it showed lol! It was fun though 😉 You look so great!!


  • You are looking so great. I definitely agree with these. I ate lunch meat (heated!) and drank caffeinated tea. And YES to staying off the internet! Googling is the WORST.

    By Lauren M

  • You are so cute! I was totally paranoid with my first pregnancy, but by the time #2 came around I was sooo much more relaxed!


    Lauren |

  • Greta Hollar

    I can’t wait to meet baby girl! She is going to have the most stylish mom around!

    Greta |

  • Loving all of these! I just had my first baby this year and SO agree with them! xo

  • Michelle Beth

    Alice, this was so beautiful— great “advice” and a treat to read. Wait, just wait!!! It gets even better. Lots of luck and love.

  • Steph K

    You look so adorable with a bump! Great advise! & love #5 .. so sweet 🙂

    Xo – Steph

  • You have such adorable bump-style and I loved learning from your list!! Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy!

  • Love the bump, you always style it so cute! Love your pregnancy advice!

    xx Sam | The Heart of the House

  • Totally agree with avoiding the Internet!! You look beautiful!