The Secret to Wearing Non-Maternity Pants at 8 Months Pregnant


As you may know by now, I’m a firm believer in wearing as many non-maternity styles as possible while pregnant. I find it a fun challenge! If you actually google it, pregnancy is TEN months. Not nine. That’s ten months of strangers touching your belly, crazy food cravings, mood swings, an every growing abdomen (and boobs) followed by swollen ankles. The list goes on!

I find being able to still wear my “normal” clothes makes me feel just a bit more like myself. Plus, it helps me to maintain my personal style. So today I’m sharing how I’m still rocking non-maternity pants & tops, well into my 8th month! And how you can do it too!






top || bottoms || black booties c/o || handbag || watch c/o || earrings c/o || sunglasses

So my trick? Look for loose pieces and SIZE UP! Pants are definitely the most difficult. But most jogger and drawstring silhouettes will sit just below your belly, and still look like regular pants. I’m able to fit in all of my sweatpant joggers from pre-pregnancy, but only if the waistband is sitting super low! Whatever the pant, you might need to cuff the ankles a bit more, as they’ll get baggier the lower they sit.

For a look like this one, pair fancy joggers with a billowy silk top, add a simple half-tuck, and you’re good to go! (Rent the Runway has some fab options if you don’t want to invest in new sizes)

I was so surprised with how comfortable this outfit turned out to be. It’s a bit baggy and unpolished, which is why I added dressier booties and a sleek handbag to balance it out. Something like this would be perfect for lunch with friends or an afternoon meeting. Hey, it’s even comfortable enough for lounging about the house!

Speaking of lounging about the house, I’ve been a busy little bee this week so that is all I plan to do! That, and watch Christmas movies. 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xo, alice

photos by Lauren Rathbun