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Houston blogger styles a blue lace midi dress from Chicwish.

I’m sharing a bit of a different type of post with y’all today! I’ve been blogging day in and day out for almost FOUR years now. Insane! Sometimes I treat this blog of mine as a diary of sorts, pouring my daily thoughts & life updates into its pages. For those of you who are new here, just stumbled upon Lone Star Looking Glass, or mostly follow along on insta and are popping over … “Hi!!!!!” I thought I’d share a bit “About Me” today with what the blogger community likes to call “Friday Introductions.” (I always love reading other bloggers’ similar posts!) So with that, I’m rounding up 20 fun {and totally random} facts about me that I probably haven’t shared on the blog before!

Oh and styling this fabbbbbbulous gray dress too! You’ll flip when I tell you the price point!

Houston blogger styles a blue lace midi dress from Chicwish.

Houston fashion blogger styles a Baublebar statement necklace.

Houston blogger styles a blue lace midi dress from Chicwish.
Houston fashion blogger styles a wicker clutch with Steve Madden wedges.

Houston blogger styles a blue lace midi dress from Chicwish. Houston blogger styles a blue lace midi dress from Chicwish.

Houston blogger styles a blue lace midi dress from Chicwish.

Houston blogger styles a blue lace midi dress from Chicwish.

Houston blogger styles a blue lace midi dress from Chicwish.

Shop the Look:

First things first, this dressssss!! Anther favorite from Chicwish. They are killing it this summer! This gray crochet dress falls just below the knee and feels sophisticated enough to wear to a wedding, a bridal/baby shower or any other dressier event. The best part? It’s less than $50!!! Say what!? Use the code JUL10 to get 10% off the $53 price tag. I styled it with a pair of comfy summery wedges and a matching wicker clutch. I also added a statement necklace for a pop of color!

And now as part of today’s Friday Introduction, I’m sharing 11 totalllllly random facts all about moi. If you can relate to any of the below lemmmme know! I always love chatting about my quirky hobbies & random interests with you guys!

11 Random & Not-So-Random Facts…….

  1. I used to not be a dog person until my husband convinced me otherwise. We got our first golden retriever Lily 5 years ago and my life was changed forever! We added our second, Marigold, to the mix and now our dog family is complete.
  2. I’m an eternal optimist and I’d say my glass is almost always half full. I tend to try to “look on the bright side” for almost any occasion. I can credit my mom for this because she’s the same way.
  3. Would you believe it if I told you that Patrick and I share a closet? Clothing obsessed that I am, somehow this still works for us and we both feel like we have plenty of space. But thank goodness for the bench right outside the closet door. At least my clothes pile up over there as opposed to on the floor! Anyone else have “the bench” or “the chair” for your piles of clothes? Tell me I’m not alone!
  4. This one is really random. I’m obsessssssed with Celtic music! Maybe it’s because when I was little my mom told me that my Irish grandfather was a leprechaun? & I believed her. But we listened to it a lot as kids and it’s now my go-to “zen” music. I’ll play it while I’m trying to focus or clean the house or what not.
  5. Patrick and I met each other in college at a “Lacrosse House” party. (He swept me off my feet!!) That same weekend, two other girls in my sorority met their future husbands at the Lacrosse House too! Needless to say, our “lax house” reunions are sooooo much fun!
  6. American Girl dolls were my JAM when I was a kid. I seriously can NOT wait until Annie is old enough to play with them. I’m sure I’m going to be like, “ummmm, can I play too!?!”
  7. I have two brothers. Tom & Frank. Frank is a year older and Tom is a year younger. Frank is in a successful rock band, The Sheiks, which you guys should totally check out! Tom was my travel partner in college. The two of us backpacked Greece together for almost a month and had the best time!
  8.  One of my bucket list items is to write my own novel. About mermaids. ha! I’m serious. I gobble up YA fantasy novels like they’re candy (when I have the time.) I’ve had the first four chapters of my book written for about five years now. One of these days I’ll pick it back up and try to finish it. Lol be on the lookout for my mermaid book in 2027. ;-P
  9. I had a French exchange student growing up. Her name is Clotilde & she lives in Paris! I’d spend a few weeks with her family and then she’d spend a few weeks with mine. We met up a bunch in college in various places but it’s been years since we’ve last seen each other. The two of us ended up both having our babies just two months apart. Annie & her little boy ended up being baptized on the same day too! I can notttt wait until we meet up again with our littles ones this time!
  10. I majored in Journalism & Electronic Media in college, with a focus on TV Production. My original dream career was to work on British television dramas along the lines of Downton Abbey & Pride and Prejudice. (Oh, Mr. Darcy!) I did dabble in TV production for HGTV & DIY Network which was an amazing experience. But I’m so thankful that my career took the turns that it did and I’m doing what I’m doing today!
  11. Not a random fact but just a fact … I’m having the absolute best time being a mom! Sometimes I’ll just look at Annie and I can feel my heart exploding with love for her. It’s so intense y’all! I always knew I wanted to have kids and be a mom one day but now that I am, I feel like this was my true calling all along.

Anywho, thank you all for stopping by the blog, checking out this post (and every other post) and following along! I appreciate you guys more than you know!

xo, alice

photos by the fab Angie Garcia



  • Those are some interesting bits of information about you! I think it would be cool to work British television and HGTV! Those are two of my favorite things to watch on tv. Love your pretty dress by the way.

  • Brittany Steinkamp

    This was so fun to read! I was always nervous to get a dog, and almost would rather not, until my husband convinced me and we recently brought our puppy, Cooper, home! Being a dog mom really is the best – they steal your hearts so fast!


  • This dress is soooo cute! I LOVE it! Going to have to order it immediately 🙂 xo Jana | http://www.janastyleblog.com