A Box of Father’s Day Goodies


Last month I had the opportunity to try out a curated Mother’s Day gift box from Babblebox. When the team asked if I wanted to try their Father’s Day version too, it was a no-brainer! Any excuse to spoil Patrick, I’ll take. He works so hard for us and deserves a treat (both figuratively & literally) as often as possible.  Today I’m chatting about a few goodies that we got to try that make perfect Father’s Day gifts for dad!



He’s the Pina to My Colada

I love the idea of gifting dad an Edible Arrangement on Father’s Day! I mean, who doesn’t like fresh fruit … especially when it’s dipped in chocolate? And because we all know dads love to grill (Patrick sure does) Edible Arrangements are offering a Father’s Day treat by serving up fruit in a Sizzlin Grill as opposed to a traditional basket. I still can’t get over the pineapple flames! But our favorite part hands down were the chocolate covered bananas that resembled the coals. This may have been Patrick’s Father’s Day treat, but I sure helped him enjoy it! LSLG readers can use the code BLOG6713 to get $10 of a $50 purchase this week!

Music is Art that goes Straight to the Heart

Right around the time Annie was born, Patrick really got into collecting records. Five months later we have a fancy record player and his collection has quickly grown! I love that Babblebox included two records from Universal Music Group. The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club + Johnny Cash’s The Legend of Johnny Cash couldn’t be better picked for Patrick {and myself.}  Music always makes a great gift no matter the holiday!

His Hair is 90% of His Selfie

Not that he’s taking selfies on the regular … but I’m certainly pulling him into photos with me & Annie as often as possible! One of the gift ideas from Babblebox was Sexy Hair’s Hard Up Gel. It makes a fun little treat that’ll help to pamper him each day + the bright blue color (& scent) are both fun and unexpected!

Keep Him Cool.

A shirt that also wicks the sweat away? Sounds good to me, as his wife of course! 😉 Artic Cool’s Hydrofreeze X Cooling Technology uses your body’s natural cooling process during exercise (or any high energy activity) to activate the fabric. So the sweat is initially wicked away from your skin dispersing the moisture and keeping you dry! I have a feeling this blue crew shirt is going to come along for all of our future camping trips!

When Life is on the Line

Now, this is something I’m definitely sending up to Memphis for my dad for Father’s Day. Even if it weren’t Father’s Day, the invaluable technology behind Kardia Mobile could be lifesaving! Fitting into the palm of your hand Kardia Mobile attaches to your smartphone and allows you to take a medical-grade EKG reading anywhere in only 30 seconds.  This sensitive information can be relayed to a doctor in case of an emergency. With heart disease as the no. 1 cause of death (and something that runs in my father’s family) knowing that this in his pocket will ease our minds just a little bit more.

This Father’s Day we’re celebrating Patrick’s first one as a daddy by enjoying an Astros game at Minute Maid Park. It will be our first official sporting event with Annie in tow, wish us luck! Oh, and you know I’m going to have her sporting the ‘Stros in navy and orange! At almost five months, she has now idea the team spirit she already has! 😉


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