Rickrack Dress + What Will My Daughter Think of My Blogging?

Houston life & style blogger Alice Kerley shares her thoughts on motherhood.

First things first: this rickrack dress. I saw this on the hanger at Anthropologie and I knew it was meant to live in my closet. Even though I told myself that day that I was not going to buy a single thing!! In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have set foot in Anthro in the first place … because we all know how that one ends! In today’s post, I’m chatting all about why this dress is absolutely amazing! But mostly, I’m also sharing my thoughts on blogging now that I’m a mom. More specifically, what on earth will Annie think of my blog when she’s my age?! Have you fellow bloggers questioned this too?!

Houston fashion blogger styles a White ricrac Anthropologie Lunedi Flounced Dress

Houston fashion blogger styles a White ricrac Anthropologie Lunedi Flounced Dress

Sharing an easy crown braid with baublebar's navy pom pom earrings

Houston fashion blogger styles a White ricrac Anthropologie Lunedi Flounced Dress

Houston fashion blogger styles a White ricrac Anthropologie Lunedi Flounced Dress

Houston fashion blogger styles a White ricrac Anthropologie Lunedi Flounced Dress

Houston fashion blogger styles Seychelles Im a Star black mules

Houston fashion blogger styles a White ricrac Anthropologie Lunedi Flounced Dress

Judging by this A-line sundress alone, it looks like rickrack is making a comeback! I’m pretty sure I was decked out in rickrack on a daily basis back in my elementary school days. {Sidenote, how cute would this be on a teacher?! With a sweater or something, of course.}  As far as Anthropologie dresses go, this one is at the lower end of their typical dress price range. *Win!* And it fits true to size too. I’m in a small for those curious! The navy, black, yellow, orange and green rickrack opt for so many different ways to accessorize! I pulled from the navy + black with my heels, shoes and pom pom earrings.

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Houston fashion blogger Alice Kerley snaps a shot with her little girl, Annie.

So Annie was along for my blog shoot when we snapped these looks and I couldn’t resist pulling her out of her stroller and including her in a few shots. Clearly, I didn’t plan for this because she is in probably the most random outfit I’ve ever put her in! Her Dolly Parton onesie + leggings that are 2 sizes too big! I remember thinking that morning, you’ll just be chilling in your stroller and I want you to be as comfy as can be. No bows or intricate outfits today! And then we have an impromptu photo shoot haha. But of course, I still think she looks just as cute as can be!! {Sidenote, Annie typically doesn’t tag along for shoots. She just so happened to this day!}

The question of the day: What will our kids think of our blogs when they’re our age!?

The answer? I have absolutely no idea!! This is something that has crossed my mind numerous times, even before I found out that I was pregnant. Like, what on earth will my future children think of me standing on the side of the road snapping photos of outfits acting like a model (which I totally am not) and sharing said photos with the world! In order to be a blogger, I think you really need to have thick skin. It takes ALOT to put yourself out there, both online and in real life. 

Truth be told, it’s not always the most comfortable thing, taking outfit photos out in public with passersby staring & sometimes catcalling. I totally just laugh it off though. If I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t be doing it! For the past 3.5 years now, I’ve been sharing a glimpse into my daily life + 100s of styled outfits with Lone Star Looking Glass readers. That’s quite a bit of photos and quite a bit of content. The thought of Annie one day reading every page and seeing what life + fashion was like wayyy back in 2017 is so intriguing to me!

Houston life & style blogger Alice Kerley shares her thoughts on motherhood.

Will she be embarrassed that I shared all of the details of my pregnancy with everyone + her birth story? I’ve certainly included numerous snaps of her on instagram lately. (Can’t help it, I’m obsessed with her cuteness!!) Will she think it’s pretty neat that there’s a time capsule out there of her mom’s life with glimpses of her’s included? Will she judge me for this outfit + this outfit? Both were a bit out there, but I like to take risks! 😉 I know that if roles were reversed, I would love to read something similar about my mom’s + my story!

I really won’t have any idea what she’ll think until she’s older. One thing I do know, whether blogging or not, a whole lot of us are in similar situations. It’s almost like we’re hard-wired to promote & share the accomplishments + cuteness of our kiddos. The web is certainly the best platform to do so! Maybe our accounts are set to private, but most of us share details of our lives with others on multiple platforms and have been doing so for years. Sheesh, I even have photos of my high school graduation on my facebook page!

Regardless of my blog, my children will be able to access pictures of my life before they arrived online at the touch of a button via social media. This thought in the back of my mind certainly makes me think before I hit publish. But I also think it’s pretty freaking cool that they will have access to this. I have to dig through a big cardboard box at my parent’s house labeled “pictures” to see any sort of evidence of their youth. The internet + social media was kicked off during our generation and we can only fathom what it’s going to be like when our kiddos are our age. Maybe it will just feel like the norm to them?

I’d love to hear what you guys think! Bloggers & non-bloggers, is your children’s future perception of your online presence something you’ve thought about too!?

xo, alice

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  • The Landscaper’s Wife

    I have to say, I was drawn to this post. I think it’s because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this very same thing…in all aspects really, not just blogging. What will our kids think of us, whether we blog or not? How will they remember us? How will they look back?
    How cool will it be for them to look back and see all these awesome clothes from your blog. It’s like a time capsule. Like seeing the old pictures from our parents in the 60s and 70s. The awesome bellbottoms and leather fringe vests. It’s inspiring and will show you in a different light than just ‘mom.’
    And just like we all have our own reasons for blogging, each blog will evoke different emotions in our children when they get older. I’m hoping my blog will show my kids that parenting isn’t always easy but it is worth it. And look back and remember that our family used humor to get through tough times. But I guess only time will tell. Who knows, maybe the only take away from my blog is that I say the f word to much. Great post! If you get a chance, take a look at mine! I’d love feedback.


    Happy blogging!!

  • Alice, I absolutely loved reading this. I feel the same way too. I wonder will my son, and baby girl be like mom you shared that about me. Filter mom. Haha!! Y’all look so cute!! It’s moments like this one that I get the cutest photos of my kiddos. Of course it’s not the days I have them decked out looking super cute. Those are usually the melt down days where I wish I was invisible. Hehe!! I love your dress!!

  • Social media is completely changing the way we will be remembered, and I’m sure that when your daughter is old enough she probably wont even think much of the blog, the way things are evolving!
    Love the dress – going into anthro is always dangerous!
    Chic on the Cheap