Annie at Five Months


I’ve said this at every age so far, but I absolutely LOVE five months. Annie is generally extremely happy during the day and has started sleeping much longer stretches throughout the night. Her personality is blossoming and she’s able to do more & more. Patrick and I spend hours just playing with her on a blanket on the floor and sometimes I’m so blissfully happy I could just pinch myself! I knew I would love motherhood but it’s so much more amazing than I could have imagined.

Today I’m giving y’all an “Annie Update” and chatting about what life has been like at five months with our gal.  There’s a bit about my outfit too (naturally) & I’m also rounding up some of our favorite things for baby at this stage. See below for more!






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You guys, that smile on her face above. I just can’t handdddle it! Now that she holds her head up just fine, I’ve been balancing her on my hip when toting her around the house. It frees up my hands so much more and I feel like we’re able to accomplish so many more things than we used to be able to do together. Ha, gotta love head support!

These days, I’m wearing my jean shorts ALL the time. While I miss wearing sundresses on the regular like crazy, I’m dressing up my jeans + shorts as best I can. I love pairing them with feminine lacy tops like this one from French Connection. I’ve never seen another top like this pretty number, with its eyelet & cutout details throughout. It’s on sale for an extra 50% off its marked down price too! For a day of errands, I paired this look with sneakers + a big hobo crossbody bag that’ll hold everything I need for Annie & more.

Speaking of Annie, how cute are these little Robeez Mary Janes I put her in? I love that they have a soft sole & will be able to stretch to fit her for quite a while.

Annie at Five Months

Size: I still haven’t a clue what percentile she is in or what she ways exactly. All I know is that my little chunkster has the most precious rolls I’ve ever seen!! She’s started wearing 6-9 month clothing and it almost broke my heart to pack up some of her precious 3-month pieces. It makes you really realize how fast the time is flying.

Milestones: She can roll over front to back. Scoot all across her crib and the floor on her tummy. She’s trying so so hard to figure out how to crawl. You can tell when you set a toy down a few feet from her. She is just determined to go get that toy! It’s too cute. She’s also starting to sit up on her own too. Annie only lasts a few seconds though each time, but we’re getting there!

Looks: She looks like a totally different baby than she did when she was born. Every day she looks more & more like a little girl. Her hair is starting to grow at a crazy fast pace and her eyes I think are beginning to turn green? They are still kind of in between blue & green. We’ll see what way they go!

Sleep: I’ve come to realize that this is a very popular question for new moms. “How is he or she sleeping?!” If I had a quarter for how many times I’ve been asked this question ha. She goes down at 7 and wakes up at 7. There may or may not be a few wake-up calls in between, however. 😉 But I’m fine with it. Or, just completely used to it. I’ll sleep a full night when she goes to college, I suppose!

Food: We are planning on introducing real food to her in just a few short weeks when she hits six months. I can tell she’s definitely ready. Every time I’m eating she tries to grab what’s in my hand to put into her mouth. Oh wait, she does this with whatever is in my hand, whether it’s food or not! ha. The funniest thing is watching her try to grab our La Croix cans. She will then to try to drink it too and its hilarious!! Obviously, we stop her before she does. While I can’t wait to introduce real food into her diet, I’m savoring these last few weeks where things are so simple and I’m all she needs.

Favorite Moments: All of them! Her favorite position to be in is standing supported by something, whether it is her bouncer or our hands. This has made life so fun, y’all! We’ll hold her and our goldens will come up and sniff her and lick her face and Annie just beams! It’s the sweetest thing. I really think I need to record it and put it up on YouTube. Everyone loves dogs & babies! We also just went to Disney World and that was pretty huge. While she was too little to truly appreciate it, I got completely teary eyed at one point, pushing her through the park while she held on to her Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. Oh, and now that she can support herself with her hands … she’ll lay on her tummy and lift her head up and smile at me. My heart melts every time!

Any Challenges? Of course! Life isn’t always sunshine & daisies. We have at least one blow out a day so I keep an extra outfit for Annie & myself on hand at all times. (At this point I should probably just change diaper brands.) Annie is also not the biggest fan of nap times. I can tell she thinks she is going to miss out on whatever is going on so she sometimes refuses to nap. A baby who doesn’t nap is quite the handful, which makes for one exhausted mama! This is especially hard as I also work from home and those naps are extra valuable! Any tips on getting a baby to nap regularly?!? I’d love to hear!

5 Things Annie {& I} are Loving Lately

Our UPPAbaby VISTA: We took out UPPAbaby stroller to Disney and it was the first time I put her in the stroller seat instead of a car seat. It’s like I have a whole brand new stroller! I love that there is so much more room for her to recline & stretch out. Plus, it keeps her cooler than being cramped in her car seat. (Which is sooo important during summertime in Texas.) I also love how much space there is at the bottom of the Vista. This stroller doubles as my grocery cart allll the time.

Boob “Fast Food” Nursing Bras: Hands down without a doubt my favorite nursing bras. They provide the most support while also being the most lightweight out of every brand I’ve tried. (& I’ve tried quite a few!) The sports bra is so amazing & supportive that I totally forget it’s a nursing bra until I realize there is a hungry baby in my lap.

4Moms Breeze GO: You might have seen me rave about this play yard on insta recently. It’s so easy to open & close as well as lug around. I kind of get frustrated when something requires a lot of steps or directions (Ikea projects terrify me!) so the fact that this opens & closes in one fell swoop … totally swept me off my feet!

This Piano Toy: Probably the best $6.99 I’ve ever spent. This little musical piano entertains her for hours … and conveniently tries to teach her Spanish & French too! Starting ’em young! 😉

A Simple White Bonnet: I will admit, when I first registered for a white bonnet for Annie, it was purely for fashion purposes. It’s now one of the most used “accessories” in her closet! Every time we go swimming or somewhere where I think we might be in the sun for a bit, this bonnet comes along with us. I love how classically Southern it is and the white goes with everything in her closet. Plus she just looks too cute for words whenever she wears it!

As always, thanks for stopping by & following along! I have such fun sharing these little life updates with you all & I can’t wait to look back on them when Annie’s older.

xo, alice

photos by Ban Avenue