Texas Summer Style + Books I’m Loving Lately


Happy Thursday! Y’all, it is HOT out in Texas this summer. I’m sipping on my morning coffee and watching the Today Show right now. They just flashed the forecast and it’s all 90++++ this week. This is the time of the year I start daydreaming of a cool weather escape! To combat the heat, I’m sharing an easy breezy look and chatting about one of my favorite things to do to stay cool indoors. Spoiler alert, it’s diving into a good book! With that, I’m rounding up my top 5 books of the summer. ¬†Head on down for more!










 Light and airy white dresses are my favorite way to beat the Texas heat come summertime. This one has a bit of a boxy silhouette, giving it a subtle oversized feel which is great for running around in the heat! French Connection has become one of my favorite places to shop lately. Their pieces always seem to have unique feminine details that make them stand out from the crowd. (Like the lacy cutouts and sheer details on the top of this pretty dress!) French Connection is currently in the middle of their big summer sale and this white midi dress is now only $55 when it was originally $148! Talkkkkk about a steal!

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Depending on what I’m up to, I love pairing simple summer dresses with hats & cut-out booties. (How perfect are these Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn embroidered booties for summer?!) While a felt hat may seem pretty hot when it’s almost 100 degrees out, it’s worth it for the extra bit of shade if I’m spending time outdoors. What are your favorite ways to beat the Texas heat come summertime?

Like I mentioned above, I love spending any free time I can get reading a good book. (Which is muchhhh harder to do now that I’m a mom!) On days when it’s too hot out to go outdoors the majority of the day, I’ll tuck away during one of Annie’s naps and flip through the pages of a juicy novel. I’m sharing three below that I’ve recently devoured and one that I just started yesterday. If you like romance, a bit of historical fiction, and a dose of suspense, these gems are for you!

4 Books I’m Loving:

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xo, alice

photos by Angie Garcia