Six Tips on Staying Motivated While Working from Home

Banana Republic blue striped off the shoulder dress

Happy Monday! I’m headed back to Texas today after a long weekend in Arkansas & Tennessee visiting friends & family. I actually pre-planned  a few posts for the blog so I could sit back, relax and enjoy my little getaway. How I did this with a baby and a million things on my to do list? Sometimes I still don’t have the answer to that question! Today I’m chatting about something a little bit different than my typical content. I’m chatting a bit about what goes on behind the blog and sharing 6 tips with y’all on how I stay motivated while working from home.

Oh & I can’t not share a bit about this look either! Detials on this pretty dress & a killer sale you don’t want to miss are below!

Banana Republic blue striped off the shoulder dress

Banana Republic blue striped off the shoulder dress


Gray gigi new york tote bag with gray flats

Banana Republic blue striped off the shoulder dress



Gray gigi new york tote bag with gray flats

First of all, what is it about this week and literally everything being on sale!? Somebody remind me to do all of my shopping in July of next year. Please!! Another sale that I don’t want y’all to miss out on is Banana Republic’s. They are offering 40% off everything right now with the code JULY! (A great time to snag this dress + these shoes!} I love that this striped dress is dressy enough for something more formal but also laid back and chic enough for a chill afternoon. I’ve also started opting for flats instead of heels more & more lately. These slip on mules, also from Banana, are oh-so-comfortable and go with just about everything too!

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I’ve mentioned here and there & on the blog before that I started working from home & blogging full-time once Annie was born. I’ve had quite the career journey. Before I started working from home, I worked in marketing for a vintage boutique and for a major fashion brand. Before that, I worked for a boutique PR firm. Even further back, I worked in television production on shows for DIY & HGTV. I always worked in really fun laid back environments with great people and an even better dress code. (Jeans & sundresses were always an option!)

I feel so incredibly blessed to now be home full time with Annie and to be able to post up next to her play gym with all of my laptop & all of my notes. However, the distractions from getting the job done are LEGIT! These past few months I’ve picked up a few tips & tricks that have made working from home a whole lot easier and I’m happy to share them with y’all today. Hopefully, some of these will help you as much as they’ve helped me, whether you’re hustling in an office, your living room or even at the local coffee shop!

Six Tips to Stay Motivated When Working From Home:

  1. Get dressed for the day. I may not be leaving my house, but I try to put on something more than just leggings and my x-tra large t-shirt … most days. While I may not go as far as an off the shoulder silk dress, (like the one above) I will put on jeans, a nice top or even a casual maxi skirt & comfy tee while I try to get down to business. Once I’m dressed & ready to go, I feel like I’m more apt to work harder and longer. Plus, if I have a conference call, feeling put together goes a long way.
  2. Define your workspace. In the early days of blogging from home and taking care of Annie when she was itty bitty, I would work from the couch or my bed but mostly from this one comfy chair in my living room. It was so easy then to grab the remote and turn on the TV in the background. Then before I knew it I would be drowning in another episode of True Blood. (Which is quite unproductive!) I now either set up for the day at my kitchen table or at my desk in the living room. Annie’s pack n play and bouncers are nearby and I try to get as much done either while she naps or while she’s playing independently next to me.
  3. Stick to a schedule. The best part about working from home is the flexibility that comes with it. But I honestly wouldn’t get anything done if I didn’t stick to a schedule. I wake up with the rest of the world early in the morning and start my day right away. (Coffee first, of course!) I try to get as much done as I possibly can before Annie wakes up. I’ll take major breaks during the day between her naps and when she’s able to play on her own. But I try to bust my butt answering emails, writing the next day’s post and catching up on all the social media in between until 5pm when Patrick comes home. Then the two of us spend time with Annie until she goes to bed. After that, I’ll spend an hour or so getting done whatever I wasn’t able to do earlier then I’ll enjoy a bit more time with my hubby.
  4. Step Away Every So Often. Whether it be to meet a friend for lunch or stroll with Annie around the block, these little breaks let me refresh and feel more motivated than ever to jump back into my to-do list.
  5. Turn Up the Tunes. This may not work for everyone, but as soon as hit play on favorite zen spotify playlist and turn up the volume on my speakers, I know it’s go-time. I used to always have headphones on at my desk at my previous offices so it’s fun now to be able to have my music all around.
  6. Continue to Network. Now more than ever I feel like it’s more important for me to get out there and network with other bloggers and small businesses in Houston. I really miss that coffee break chit chat I used to have on a daily basis and these get together really fill that void. I will say, it’s harder for me to motivate myself to get out in the evenings for networking events than it used to be. I have so much more fun feeding my kiddo pureed squash & reading to her about runaway bunnies than I do sipping cocktails & chatting fashion these days!! But I know it’s important to still get out and about and see people in real-life instead of just on the web! So tonight of all nights, I’m forcing myself out of the house & heading to an event! I’m sure I’ll miss my little gal the entire time. ;- )

Whether you’re working from home or away, hope some of these tips could help you out today! Other moms who work from home and take care of their littles, what are your secrets?! I’m learning new things every day that work for us & make life easier but it’s definitely a struggle at times! Anyway, as always thanks for stopping by the blog! Hope y’all have a great week!

xo, alice

photos by Ban Avenue