Annie at Seven Months + a Freshly Picked Giveaway

Mother daughter matching white bumblebee tops in Victoria Beckham for Target.

It’s Annie’s seven month birthday today! She’s been by my side for a little over half a year now. My goodness, how time flies!! We’ve been oh-so-busy this summer, that it’s no surprise that her 6-month update didn’t even make the cut. {oops!} But don’t worry, I snapped plenty of pictures of Annie at six-months that she will never have to question exactly what she looked like at this precious little age. 😉 Today I’m chatting all about how life has been lately with my darling little girl. I’m giving an update on “All Things Annie” and I’m also sharing the details on a fun little baby moccasin (or mary jane) giveaway for you all too! Details below!

Mother daughter matching white bumblebee tops in Victoria Beckham for Target.

Mother daughter matching white bumblebee tops in Victoria Beckham for Target.

Mother daughter matching white bumblebee tops in Victoria Beckham for Target.

Mother daughter matching white bumblebee tops in Victoria Beckham for Target.

Mother daughter matching white bumblebee tops in Victoria Beckham for Target.

You guys, how cute are these matching bumble bee tops!?! When the Victoria Beckham for Target collection came out, I had no idea how many matching mother-daughter pieces there would be! I’m kind of kicking myself for not scooping up a few more. (Especially since Annie has already grown out of this onesie pictured above!) But anywho, matching this little girl of mine is seriously SO much fun. When I was little, my mom and I would always wear matching Lily Pulitzer outfits during the summer. These days there are so many different fun ways you can match your littles that the possibilities are endless. Now if only I could match forever and ever!! ha!

Shop the Look:

I paired my Swedish Hasbeen sandals with the look and threw on Annie’s Freshly Picked Mary Janes … because I couldn’t resist taking it one step further. I literally was giggling at the two of us, as I walked out the door! To celebrate Annie at seven-months (and just to give you all a treat in general) I’m giving away a pair of any shoes in any size & color from Freshly Picked on my instagram this weekend! Head to THIS POST to enter!

Annie at Seven Months

Size: At her six-month check up, Annie was 17.5 pounds and was in the 89th percentile for height and 72nd percentile for weight. She’s going to be tall, that’s for sure! It’s amazing how my arm muscles have grown and adjusted to carrying around an almost 20-pound baby. It doesn’t even phase me one bit!

Milestones: Annie is sitting up on her own and trying desperately to crawl and walk. If we’re supporting her arms, she’ll even take a wobbly step or two. It’s so amazing to see her determination. She’s also babbling like crazy. Her favorite words are “heyyyy dadadada” and “maaaama!” I’m not quite sure if she knows what they mean yet, but we pretend she does! And it melts our hearts everytime.

Looks: We snapped the photos in this post several weeks ago, when Annie was closer to six-months. These days she has a head full of hair that came out of nowhere! It’s like we left for the beach with an almost bald baby and now she’s got these luscious locks and it’s just too cute! Her eyes have also officially decided on their shade. (I’m pretty sure at least.) They’re a dark blue with a greenish-gold center. So it’s like a combination of both mine & Patrick’s eyes.

Sleep: What exactly is sleep!?! We are still not sleeping through the night and it is rough,  y’all. So rough. I’ve tried the cry it out method and she is just too smart!! She knows the longer she cries, I’ll eventually come. And I’m not talking 10-15 minutes here …. muuuuuch longer than that. One of these days she (and I) will sleep longer than 5 consecutive hours and it will be glorious!

Food: We introduced solid food on her six-month birthday and it has been an adventure ever since! From pureed apples to chunks of avocados, we’ve had so much fun seeing her reaction to new and different foods. So far, it seems like she has liked everything she’s eaten. Can’t complain about that!

Favorite Moments: Taking Annie to the beach with Patrick’s family was such a treat! Seeing Annie’s face beam as her little toes splashed in the water while the waves lapped her at feet was something I’ll treasure forever. She was such a good baby on vacation, even sleeping through the night twice!! (So basically we should just move to the beach at this point!) Last month, I also brought her to Memphis for a friend’s baby shower. I had the best time showing her off and introducing her to everyone!

Any Challenges? Sleep, for sure! In some ways, Annie is becoming much more challenging because she’s getting older. But she’s also getting easier at the same time. Now that she can sit up, I can just plop her down about anywhere instead of having to drag her little baby chair across the house. She’s not mobile yet so I think we have a few weeks (maybe even months) before things get really crazy! I can tell she wants to get into EVERYTHING. But because she can’t walk or crawl she gets frustrated about not being able to grab the remote of my phone off the table. Life is surely going to be interesting once she can do so!

5 Things Annie {& I} are Loving Lately

This Crinkly Cloth Book. It keeps her entertained for soooo long! We always use it when we’re out and about. I just toss it in the stroller with her and she’s preoccupied with all of the colors and textures for hours.

Noodle & Boo Laundry Essentials. I bathe Annie with Noodle & Boo’s shampoo & I always use their sweet-smelling lotion after. It’s diiiivine and makes her smell so good I just want to take a bite! They recently launched a laundry line (complete with detergent, bleach, softener & stain remover) and now her clothes can have that same delicious baby smell too!! I’ll be giving away an entire set of these goodies later next week, so stay tuned!

This Clip on Fan. I’m not going to lie, we’ve been hermits lately. It’s insanely hot out in Houston right now! But when we do decide to venture outdoors I always make sure to have this fan attached to her stroller. The batteries are rechargeable too so I’ll always spare in my diaper bag.

These Baby Bows. As a Southern baby, Annie almost always has a bow in her hair. Lou Lou & Company makes the most adorable hair bows and headbands and I can’t get enough. I love that her headbands don’t leave a mark on Annie’s head, + the prints are adorable too!

Our High Chair. I can’t believe we are finally using this thing! We bought it halfway through my pregnancy and I remember wanting to open the box right away and build it. (Not really realizing we wouldn’t actually use it for months & months.) I love that this chair not only matches the decor of our living room, but it is also easy to clean and comfortable too.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And as always, thanks for stopping by the blog!

xo, alice