‘Tis the Season for Sparkle!

As a blogger, I often have the opportunity to be the first to try out some of the latest trends to review and share with you all.  This holiday season, something oh-so-sparkly caught my eye that I just had to share! I had the exciting opportunity to team up with Brian Gavin Diamonds to check out their Signature Emerald-Cut diamond ring collection and share a special treat wth you all below. It’s not everyday that I get to add a stack of emerald-cut diamonds to my look, so I’m having all sorts of fun with that in this post!


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Brian Gavin Diamonds - Emerald Cut Diamond Trend

Brian Gavin Diamonds specializes in loose diamonds and custom engagement rings while also offering an Italian rose gold jewelry collection and many colorful gemstones too. I was able to meet Brian himself, the man behind this Houston-based jewelry line and he shared so many fascinating details that go behind the creation of his jewelry.  Brian Gavin Diamonds also has a massive online presence and is responsible for making couples happy across the globe. Now, how fun would you feel everyday being in a business like that!?

One of the latest trends in diamond rings is the emerald-cut diamond ring.  It’s seen on celebrities such as Beyonce, Kate Hudson & even Kim Kardashian. While I’m not in the market for a new engagement ring, I must admit I still had a ton of fun playing dress up with this stack of emerald-cut diamonds above! I mean, if you have the opportunity to wear a stack of sparkle like this one …. take it!! It’s so much fun!

Hunter Ball Fall 2017 - Maroon Skirt & Top

Brian Gavin Diamonds - Emerald Cut Diamond Trend

Hunter Ball Fall 2017 - Maroon Skirt & Top


Brian Gavin Diamonds - Emerald Cut Diamond Trend

Aside from the shape, what makes Brian Gavin’s emerald-cut diamonds stand out is that these are impeccably cut diamonds built to maximize light return and defy the limits of an emerald-cut’s brilliance factor. Which basically means, these diamonds are quiiiiite shiny & bright! Brian Gavin Diamonds even takes things to the next level by backing their brightness with science. Each and every diamond they offer is submitted to the American Gem Society Laboratories where it receives a patented light performance-based cut grade.  Basically, it goes off to diamond school and comes back with an A+++! 😉

Hunter Ball Fall 2017 - Maroon Skirt & Top

I couldn’t resist dressing up these diamonds with this pretty maroon two-piece set! I’m all about doing things local today, I suppose, because this skirt & top are from Hunter Bell, a Houston designer who makes the most gorgeousssssss dresses, tops & skirts you’ve ever seen!! The darling details and the overall fabric and quality of these pieces are so luxurious that you just feel fancy the minute you put them on! I love this look for a holiday dinner party or girl’s night out. The big bishop sleeves are so on trend and the color is perfect for the season!

Brian Gavin Diamonds Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - Engagement Ring Trends

While I only was able to play with my pretty stack of emerald-cut diamonds for a day, I’m imagining how fun it would be for a friend to receive one in a small shiny box from her beau on one knee this holiday season! (It’s definitely a moment to cherish forever! I haven’t forgotten a single detail of my engagement. It was so special!) Right now, I have a few friends who are on the cusp of getting engaged and I love hearing about the different styles of rings they are swooning over!

I’m thrilled to be able to share a special discount code with y’all to shop anything from Brian Gavin Diamonds (excluding loose diamonds) for 15% off. You can use the code BGDALICE18 to grab all sorts of sparkle for the next year. In addition to diamond rings, Brian Gavin also offers gemstone pieces in an array of colors and styles that would make anyone swoon! 

For those who already have a ring on their finger, what type of diamond cut do you have? I’m so curious! And for those who are day-dreaming about a ring on their left hand, what style or trend is at the top of your list? As always, y’all, thanks for stopping by the blog! I have such fun playing dress up in the hopes to inspire y’all, especially during the holidays!

And a big thank you to Brian Gavin Diamonds for sponsoring this post. All opinions are always my own. Thank you to you guys for supporting the brands that make Lone Star Looking Glass possible.

xo, alice

photos by Ban Avenue