Why Every Blogger Should Attend A Blog Conference

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One of the best things I did for Lone Star Looking Glass early on in my blogging career was to attend my very first blog conference. The conference not only opened doors to new opportunities, but I connected with women who have had such a big impact on my life to this day – both professionally and personally. Each year, one of my goals is to attend at least one conference. So naturally, I’m so excited to be heading to Phoenix, AZ in early February for The Bloguette’s Workshop this year.

Today I’m sharing FIVE reasons why I think that every blogger should attend a blog conference. I’m also chatting about The Bloguette’s Workshop – why I think it’s worth going – & giving you guys all the details in case you decide you wan to join me too!




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I couldn’t resist throwing this black and white and red all over dress into today’s blog post too! This boho embroidered dress is only $40 (a steal if you ask me) and would be perfect to don while in the Phoenix desert. I styled it with strappy heels for this look but it’s just as adorable paired with flats, booties, cowboy boots or even worn as a swim cover-up. Who else can’t get enough of this boho embroidery trend?! Please, oh please, never go out of style!

Five Reasons to Attend a Blog Conference

Learn A Thing or Two

With sessions on photography, SEO, brand pitching, content creation and even filing your taxes as a freelancer, there is always something new to pick up at each and every conference. I’m most excited about the graphic design & SEO (search engine optimization) workshops at Bloguettes – The Workshop. These are two things I struggle with the most and there’s always more to learn in this ever-changing online world.

Speakers also travel from all across the country to give their testimonies. I’ve had the privilege to hear from so many successful bloggers that I greatly admire to celebrated individuals – such as Sophia Bush, Serena Williams, and Chelsea Clinton.

Make New Friends

For me, going to a blog conference is kind of like going to an adult summer camp. You walk in (sometimes) not knowing a soul. But you always leave with new friends! Instead of writing letters to them after camp, you get to interact with them every day through blogging and social media. What makes blog conferences a great place to make new friends is that all of these women are so similar to you – with the same hobbies, drive & passions. Plus, they don’t laugh when you pose for outfit photos in front of ivy walls because they are right behind the camera waiting for their turn too! 

Brand Connections

Blog conferences wouldn’t happen if brands didn’t show up and decide to sponsor them. For most conferences, the attendees’ tickets don’t even cover what it costs to run the show. Brands support and sponsor the conferences because there is something in it for them too. Not only exposure but also the opportunity to connect with bloggers and establish relationships for future partnerships. From working on the other side of things with francesca’s in the past, I know firsthand that brands are just as excited to meet bloggers as bloggers are to meet them. Through conferences, I’ve established countless collaborations and travel opportunities that have taken Lone Star Looking Glass one step further.

Grow Your Audience

A blog conference is a great place to pass out those business cards and show off your brand. Introducing yourself to peers and brands is a great way to grow your audience. I always love using and surfing each conference’s hashtag as a way of meeting new people during the event. If you’re traveling to a conference, take advantage of the city your in and use appropriate travel hashtags. This opens up your opportunity to reach new people that you might not reach in your hometown or with your everyday content.

They’re Just a Ton of Fun!

From the evening cocktail parties to rooming with friends, the moments in between the sessions, speakers and brand meetings are such a good time. Plus, you generally leave with quite a big of swag, and who could complain about that!?

The Workshop

Bloguettes is an online community of bloggers & entrepreneurs that support other bloggers and boss babes all year long.  This year, they are hosting The Workshop in Phoenix, AZ from 2.8-2.9. It’s a two-day conference geared towards entrepreneurs that want to take their business to the next level, digital agencies wanting a competitive edge, bloggers looking to grow and monetize, in addition to small business looking to better their branding. Tickets start at $550 and include over 30 hands-on workshops led by industry experts, a stellar line-up of speakers as well as tons of networking opportunities.

I would be thrilled if y’all joined me in Phoenix at The Workshop next month! If you live close enough to drive, it’ll totally be worth it. Or you could tack on a few days in Phoenix, like I’m doing, to turn the conference into a little getaway too. I’m dying to explore the city & see the pretty desert views!

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! If you have any questions about blog conferences – what to bring, what to wear, which ones in Texas are my favorites & what not, please shoot me an email or DM on instagram. I’d love to chat with y’all further!

xo, alice

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