Creamy Cajun Zucchini Noodle Pasta Recipe

    A recipe for creamy cajun zucchini noodle pasta with HEB's Veggie Noodle Co.

    I’ve become quite the foodie lately. So I hope you all don’t mind me taking a break from style posts every once in a while to share my favorite foodie finds. I simply just can’t help myself! (And neither can my stomach)!

    Today, I’m sharing an absolutely delicious (and EASY) recipe for Creamy Cajun Zucchini Noodle Pasta with H-E-B. The best part about it, the Veggie Noodle Co. zucchini noodles are pre-sliced saving you tons of time. Oh and the recipe involves quite a bit of cheese. So, what’s not to love!? Head on down for all the details!

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    28 & Feeling Great

    Houston blogger styles a black embroidered chic wish top as a maternity top with leggings and swedish hasbeens.

    Cheers to being one year older today! What are the chances that baby girl and I will share a birthday!? I mean, I could totally get down for some joint birthday dinners at the American Girl Doll restaurant in the next few years. We’ll see what she decides to do!

    In the meantime, I’m sharing one of my favorite embroidered dresses that I wore as a top throughout my pregnancy plus my bucket list for my 28th year of life. All can be found below!

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    40-Week Bumpdate!

    What to wear at 40 weeks pregnant, maternity outfit inspiration in a maternity countdown tee.

    Holy cow. TODAY is my baby’s due date. A date that has been circled on the calendar for the last nine months. A date that I’ve said over & over & over & over. Well, here we are … it’s January 16th! Officially 40-weeks today. Your guess is as good as mine if little girl will be making her debut today!

    Anyway, today I’m sharing my thoughts on 40-weeks, my final bumpdate and what life has been like lately. Plus, I’m styling my maternity countdown tee once again! I can’t believe the last time I posted this top on the blog I was only 15 weeks. (& I thought that was a big bump! #lolz) See the before photos below and the last big update on baby-to-be!

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    Vintage Denim Poncho

    Houston fashion blogger styles her vintage levi's denim poncho with dark jeans, an elaine turner clutch and swedish hasbeens boots.

    I’m surrounded by fabulous vintage pieces every day at Cheeky Vintage. (One of the perks of the job!) So it’s no surprise that my favorite clothing purchase of 2016 just might be this vintage Levi’s denim poncho.

    Styling it today and sharing why I’m loving this 1970’s stunner below!

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    Maternity Photos with My Man

    Texas maternity or engagement photo shoot inspiration.

    One piece of advice I want to give all of my pregnant friends is to be sure to get maternity photos with your husband! Whether it’s professionally shot or a just a few casual snaps at home with your bump in full view, it’s so wonderful to be able to have a photo to look back on of the time you two experienced together.

    More of our maternity photos + a special moment that happened over a year ago that somewhat brings us to where we are today are shared below! & I’m also talking about a thoughtful gift that I plan to wear every day that represents our little family of three!

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    Embroidered Camouflage

    Houston fashion blogger styles an embroidered camo jacket from Planet Blue with skinny jeans, a black dagne dover tote and over the knee boots.

    Gone are the days of heels and anything that’s not insanely comfortable for this mom-to-be! I got this embroidered camo jacket as a Christmas present to myself and have been wearing it SO much these past few weeks. It’s an oversized military jacket – straight from the guys – which means it fits around my bump perrrrrrfectly.

    I’m sharing details & a little update on life lately below. Head on down!

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