A Smashin’ Fashion Show

    I had the lovely opportunity to attend Houston’s first ever Smashin’ Fashion show last week.

    This wasn’t your typical fashion show.  First of all, it was a stylist competition where real women walked the runway.   Houston style expert Sarah Shah, author of Dress Yourself Skinny organized the event and found 10 incredible stylists to compete with one another in a number of different categories.

    It was fun to see stylists’ creations on the runway as opposed to a fashion designer’s.  We were presented with pieces from many different designers, styled on real women that the audience could actually relate to. 

    I may have geeked out a little bit about seeing my blog all official like that on my media pass.  This hobby blog of mine sure is funnnn.
    I arrived early and was able to scope out the stage and pop in and out of where the models and stylists were getting ready.  The models seemed a bit nervous but most of all were very excited.   
    These real-world models all actually received “model training” before the event, where they learned to walk the runway and pose like professionals, kind of like their own mini America’s Next Top Model boot camp.
    The stylists were given a few different themes to get creative with, my favorites being Folklore & Rocker-Chic. 
    Here’s a bit of the show, with the stylists themselves mixed in for good measure. 😉

    The stylists ranged from a 13 year-old year old fashion blogger, a number of professional local stylists, to Houston’s Tissue sisters. (I’ve got a really good post for ya coming up soon talking all about these sisters and their online boutique: KISSUE!)

    Not sure how the judges picked a winner from the group, but they did.  Thomasina Burns from Styles for Life was crowned the Best Stylist, and took home a hefty chunk a change $$$.

    I had a great time getting dressed up, attending the event, and meeting a bunch of wonderful ladies.

    One of my favorite things about living in Houston is all of the opportunity and different events that go on here everyday  There is something for everyone and I absolutely love it.  From living in a town in TN with roughly 180,000 people, this is a nice change. 

    It’s ALMOST the weekend.  Patrick and I plan on staying in, catching up on house work (I may DIY a mirror…we’ll see….) and cooking up a storm. We just saw The Hundred-Foot Journey and I am dying to whip up a really difficult meal in the kitchen because of this.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

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    Alice on Alys Beach

    I’m back in the routine of things here in Houston and at the moment I’m flipping through our not so long ago vacation photos, wishing that I could step back in time. 
    The first few days of our trip, the sun wasn’t cooperating and we were forced indoors for most of those days.  
    Three days in, the sun decided to play nice and gave us perfect weather for the rest of our week.  To make up for lost time, we started each day bright and early and didn’t leave the beach until it was either happy hour or dinner time.

    longbourne book, black and brown straw hat, black straw beach hat, black floppy hat, seagrove beach,
    My beach essential are pictured above.  That black and brown hat … I found it at an antique store in Memphis for $20 just a few days before our wedding last summer. 
    I brought it with me on our honeymoon to Italy, and somehow managed not to crush it to death in my suitcase.  Since then, I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it, so I was excited to pull it out of the depths of my closet for this trip. 

    longbourne, longbourne book, beach read,

    I must also share a bit about my beach read: Longbourn.  It’s a spin off of Pride & Prejudice, taking place from the servants’ point of view.  If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, you would probably enjoy this read.   I have to say, it did take me a while to get hooked into the story, but after a few plot twists and turns I couldn’t put it down.

    alys beach entrance, alys beach florida
    After one particular long day on the beach, the whole lot of us headed out to have dinner in the nearby beach town of Alys.  
    in this beach town is white! The houses, the restaurants, the shops: all are white stucco. The houses and architecture remind me of a what you would find if you were on a trip to a Greek Island.  It’s definitely a contrast from the tropical colorful houses that are dotted all along 30A. 
    So….I actually kind of failed at actually getting pictures of Alys.  
    I must have been really hungry, because all I took pictures of was George’s.
    George’s, which is a precious and delicious tiny restaurant tucked into town, was where we were going for dinner. 
    george's alys beach, alys beach florida
    george's alys beach, alys beach florida

    george's alys beach, alys beach florida
    As you can see by all of the people and bicycles scattered about, there was going to be a long wait.  
    We made use of our time by taking photos, sipping on wine, and people watching.  
    Anthropologie Chambray Maxi Dress, Trendy in Texas Blog, Alice Kerley, Trendy in Texas, Chambray Maxi Dress
    Remember how I mentioned that I wore my chambray maxi pretty much the entire trip?  
    Well, I didn’t lie.  There are so many different ways to dress this up or down I just couldn’t help wearing it 394273024 times.   I threw on my favorite red wedges and a GroopDealz necklace for a quick and easy pulled together evening outfit.
    george's alys beach, alys beach florida
    After the sun started to set, we sat down for dinner al fresco and dined on George’s coastal cuisine.  
    geaorge's alys beach, alys beach florida
    george's alys beach, alys beach florida
    I started with the Watermelon and Tomato Salad with feta, which honestly blew my mind.  
    I’d seen on Pinterest… people making watermelon and feta dishes…but I’d never gone out of my way to try it at home.   The combination of all three flavors may have been one of the best things I have ever eaten.  
    My entree, the fish, was the catch of the day and it was definitely delicious.  But that watermelon salad….. 
    I’ll have to try and recreate this at home.  If it’s successful, I’ll share.  😉
    After dinner we traipsed back to our “home away from home” to go to bed, and then wake up and do it all over again.   

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    Fall Sneak Peek … in July.

    Taking a break from my beach trip posts because……is this really happening? Catalogs and magazines are already showing up at my door talking all about fall clothes!

    It’s still the last day of July, and so incredibly hot here that I can’t imagine the idea of “fall transitional pieces” anytime soon.

    It’s kind of like the adult equivalent of a being a kid and seeing back-to-school supplies at the front of Target while you’re in the middle of your summer break.

    But, I will say, it does provide for some pretty eye candy.   And I can day dream about cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes and and apple pie scented candles right?

    For now, here’s a bit of this and that that has definitely got me itching for cooler temps.

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    Sipping and Shopping in Seaside

    I am significantly much tanner than I was one week ago.

    I have sat motionless (while reading an entire novel lazily in the sand) and eaten far far far too much unhealthy (BUT delicious) food.

    Vacation, you are too good to me!

    While sitting and wasting the days away on the beach, listening to the waves and being surrounded by great people, was definitely the highlight of the trip, one of my favorite parts happened to be the little excursions that we would make into town during the afternoons and evenings.

    We stayed on Seagrove Beach which is right in between the picturesque vacation towns of Seaside and Rosemary Beach.

    One of the first couple of days into our trip, we ventured into Seaside for an afternoon of cocktails and open air shopping.

    Seaside Florida, Seaside, Florida, Palm Trees, Trendy in Texas Blog

    Patrick and I, along with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her college buddy, stopped for drinks and fresh Oysters at the Great Southern Cafe right smack dab in the middle of town.

    I’ve stopped in this cute little restaurant for a drink or two before.  We pop in almost every time we’ve come down here.  There is just something about sitting on that big white porch and people watching the happy vacationers that I get a kick out of.

    Seaside Florida The Great Southern, The Great Southern Seaside, The Great Southern, Oysters & Mojitos

    We shared a couple dozen oysters and snacked on calamari all the while sipping on our happy hour cocktails.  
    I’ve always stuck to the mojitos whenever we visit this cafe.  I can’t stand an overly sweet one, just the right amount sugar, ya know? The Great Southern always makes them just riiiight.  Plus, you can add strawberries, or almost any other type of fruit that you’re in the mood for. 
    If you find yourself in Seaside, these guys have a great happy hour!  $8 Oysters and a couple bucks off of your speciality drinks, which is always nice when you’re in a super touristy area. 

    Cheers to vacation! 

    Strawberry Mojito, The Great Southern Strawberry Mojito
    After we had our fill, we strolled through Seaside and waltzed in and out of the boutiques and past the art galleries. 

    I was enthralled by these paintings!! I could have just stood there all day and stared at the way that the chunky paint is piled on.   
    Could you imagine hanging one these in the living room of your beach house?  
    I think my absolute favorite part of our visits to Seaside is shopping the beachy wares of Perspicaty’s open air market.  
    It almost feels idyllic in a way.   Well, Seaside in itself does.  Everything is so stinking cute and perfect! Perhaps that is why they chose to film the movie The Truman Show here.   Great film if you haven’t seen it! 
    We walked in and out of the little cabanas, admiring the straw hats, linen cover ups, woven baskets, and numerous displays of exotic jewelry.
    Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside
    Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside

    Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside
    Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside

    Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside
    Cloth and Stone Dress, Chambray Maxi Dress, Chambray Maxi Dress Anthropologie, Anthropologie Cloth and Stone

    Of course I couldn’t leave without a small souvenir for myself!  This straw basket was only $28! 
    Before we left for the beach, I picked up a few comfy casual clothes to bring on the trip.  I wore my Cloth & Stone Chambray Maxi dress almost a little too much!  This dress easily went from beach cover up, to casual wear, to dressed up for a night out many a time throughout our vacation.   
    Cloth & Stone makes the most lightweight dresses and tops that are effortless to throw on and pair with whatever else you may have in your closet.    Plus, the material is perfect for the beach and especially great for super hot Houston summers.  

    We stayed right on the water, so most of our trip we barely left the house and would come in from a long days in the sun to relaxing dinners.  The rest of the evenings were usually spent on the couch watching movies or playing one of the many board games that were provided to the condo’s guests. 

    I can’t believe our trip is already over!  But I’ve got a couple more posts for ya from it that I’ll be sharing soon!  

    It’s definitely great to be home and back in the swing of things but I sure do wish I was talking a walk down this sandy path for just one more day in the sand.
    Seaside Florida, Seaside Florida Beach
    Thanks for reading! 

    Must Haves for your Oceanside Getaway

    A little less than a week until I’ll have my toes dipped into the sand without a care in the world, well maybe my only care will be what the fictional characters are up to in my beach read, but that’s a different story.  

    In the meantime, I thought I’d throw together this list of necessary accessories for your beach getaway.
    Beach Trip Must Haves, Vacation Must Haves, Vacation Accessories, Beach Accessories, Beach Necessities

    1. Knit Stitch Tote $138 from Anthropologie.  Because why wouldn’t you carry your gear down to the beach in style?
    2.  Tunes by the Dunes Radio from Modcloth & on sale for $26.99!!  Waterproof music. Enough said.
    3.  Coola Sunscreen & Moisturizer
    $32.  Scented sunscreen and moisturizer that feels like your favorite
    lotion but also acts as some serious water resistant sunscreen. Double
    4. Stripe Plastic Beach Mat $85 from One Kings Lane.  This plastic and stylish mat will keep the sand off your stuff, and most importantly you. 
    5. Warby Parker Sunglasses – Piper in Tortoise  $95.  If you aren’t sure about a specific pair, you can always do the Warby Parker Free Home Try-On’s where they’ll send you 5 pairs for free to try on and help you choose which pair best fits you! 
    6. Ribboned Espadrilles from Anthropologie & on sale for $59.95!  These comfy summer shoes are on my feet as I type this.  Forget flip-flops, these are the perfect everyday slip on shoe for summer.   

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    Sunday Funday at the MFAH

    Back in November, when we first moved to Houston, I saw a few very pretty ads for an upcoming summer art exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.   The ads were showing a lovely picture of a gorgeous stately home that looked very similar to my idea of Pride and Prejudice’s Pemberley.   The anglophile in me naturally was intrigued.

    MFAH, MFAH Houghton Hall, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museum of Fine Arts Hosuton Houghton Hall

    A mere 8 months later, The Houghton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House exhibit is here!  I had been itching to make my way to the MFAH since the exhibit’s opening and finally found some time to do so over the weekend.

    My friend Jenna and I ditched the husbands for the day and gladly escaped the 100 degree weather to explore Houghton Hall’s finery as well as the rest of galleries in this huge museum.

    MFAH, MFAH Houghton Hall, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museum of Fine Arts Hosuton Houghton Hall

    Along with all of the splendor that you would expect to be on display in a fine English home, there were also walls upon walls of stunning and priceless paintings that the estate’s residents, the Cholmondeley family, had collected.

    The painting below is of this old family, the owners Houghton Hall.  I love how casual they seem, while at the same time they are all dressed in their stuffy formal finery.

    MFAH, MFAH Houghton Hall, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museum of Fine Arts Hosuton Houghton Hall

    MFAH, MFAH Houghton Hall, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museum of Fine Arts Hosuton Houghton Hall

    MFAH, MFAH Houghton Hall, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museum of Fine Arts Hosuton Houghton Hall

    MFAH, MFAH Houghton Hall, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museum of Fine Arts Hosuton Houghton Hall
    We oohed and ahhed over all of the lovely furniture and finery. 
    Most of the paintings on display were what you would imagine, stuffy portraits of aristocratic Brits and paintings of their hunting dogs in the countryside.  All perfectly beautiful, but expected. 
    I loved stumbling upon this one portrait below.  Her wild curly hair is amazing!  It’s fun to imagine who this woman may have been and what her life must have been like all those years ago.
    MFAH, MFAH Houghton Hall, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museum of Fine Arts Hosuton Houghton Hall 
    Jenna and I really enjoyed the exhibit, and compared quite a bit of what we saw to our friends at Downton Abbey, as if we actually knew them.  “Oh, that woman in the painting looks just like Edith!”    
    We then set off to explore the rest of the museum, getting lost upstairs in the rooms and rooms of beautiful art.
    MFAH, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Trendy in Texas, Trendy in Texas Blog 
    Is it just me or…is this little boy holding some sort of old fashioned lacrosse stick? 
    MFAH, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Trendy in Texas, Trendy in Texas Blog 
    I’m pretty sure that it just may be a fancy tennis racket of the renaissance era. 
    After immersing ourselves into the past, we ventured through a neon tunnel under the museum to another building, which housed the popular Soto Exhibit.
    MFAH, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Trendy in Texas, Trendy in Texas Blog, Soto Exhibit, SotoSummer

    This contemporary art exhibit houses 24,000 PVC tubes that are hand painted and tied to hang two stories from the ceiling.
    Everyone was interacting with the installation, just running around and playing in it.   I definitely felt almost like a little kid again, pretending to swim in and out of the gooey strings.  Such a fun experience!
    MFAH, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Trendy in Texas, Trendy in Texas Blog, Soto Exhibit, SotoSummer

    MFAH, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Trendy in Texas, Trendy in Texas Blog, Soto Exhibit, SotoSummer, Alice Kerley

    And now the end of the post, where we are on my favorite subject: style.  Let me tell you about this pretty ditty of a necklace that I’m wearing….
    GroopDealz Necklace, Trendy in Texas Blog,
    It was part of GroopDealz daily deals a few weeks ago and it was only FIVE dollars.  FIVE! You can’t even get a sandwich for $5 dollars these days.  GroopDealz posts new items everyday at deeply discounted prices.  If you like something you see, grab it before its gone the next day! 
    This necklace just arrived in the mail and I was not sure what to expect, with the low price tag and all.  But the quality is really great and the orange stones are actually pretty heavy.  I feel like it will go with just about anything in my closet. 
    Here are a few of my favorite pieces that the site is listing at the moment, all under $10. 

    Shop jewelry at GroopDealz 


    Hope you enjoyed taking a little tour of MFAH with me today!  If you’re in the Houston area at all this summer, be sure to check out the Houghton Hall exhibit! Its nice to take a little trip to Europe for the afternoon, without the bothersome jet lag.  🙂

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    *this is a sponsored post by GroopDealz.  All opinions are my own.*