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    Just a little bit of spring time fashion inspiration for this pretty day. 
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    An Easter Brunch

    On Easter Sunday my husband and I got together with our favorite (and also new to Texas) friends and had ourselves a potluck Easter brunch.   Since we all just moved here, none of us had family close by to celebrate the holiday with, so we took this opportunity to have our own big Easter celebration together.  The weather was perfect, and so was the food!
    Here we are in our Easter finery.  Before Brunch, we all went to Easter mass at a the church nearby in our neighborhood.  Next year I’m sure we will take note, and not arrive only 15 minutes before!   We definitely spent the entire time standing in the back.  Lesson learned.

    Now onto the brunch: 

    sunflowers brunch, target vine tablecloth, kate spade plates, easter brunch

    Okay…. I went kind of all out setting the table.  Needless to say I had a whole lot of fun playing hostess.  🙂

    sunflowers brunch, target vine tablecloth, kate spade plates, easter brunch

    The tablecloth that I used is from the Target Threshold line.   They always have the cutest stuff! And to make it even better, it was a really great price.  Below is the much pricier Anthro version that looks pretty similar.

    anthropologie fruit vine tablecloth target vine table cloth
    Also, those blue metal chairs? On sale for less than $10! Target you are too good to me.   
    We used an antique teacart as our bloody mary and mimosa bar.  Usually the teacart just sits out on the patio, housing a few plants and odds and ends.  I’m thinking about repainting it …. just not sure which color yet.


    Doesn’t all the food just look divine? Well, it certainly was!   We contributed the ham, potatoes, and salad.  Oh and I found the cheesy potato recipe on pinterest.  I made them with leeks and topped the potatoes off with gruyere cheese.  Highly recommend!   We all had leftovers for days, which I may or may not still be munching on at this very moment.

    I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and that you were able to spend the day with family and friends!  We are so blessed to have met so many great people in Texas and that we were able to share the day with them.  

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    Summertime Soiree Style from the Brits

    I was recently introduced to the British clothing line Boden.  Boden is kind of like the UK version of J. Crew.  How I have gone so long without shopping here, I do not know.   
    Their pieces are classic and can be worn for years without truly ever going out of style.  Plus, Duchess Katherine is a fan…and she can do no wrong, am I right? These pretty pictures just have me itching to don a sundress and head to Wimbledon or a Royal Regatta with my girls.  But really any garden party would do. 😉
    Boden Green Sun Dress Abigail Dress Trendy in Texas
    Boden Flowershow Dress Trendy in Texas
    Boden Notch Neck Shift Dress Trendy in Texas Blog
    Boden Retro Dress Trendy in Texas Blog
    Boden Selena Dress Dress Yellow White Embroidery Dress Trendy in Texas Blog
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    Bike Rides & Libraries

    I mentioned that my husband and I bought ourselves some new bicycles a few weeks ago.  Well, we’ve become pretty obsessed with them.  The two of us have been out and about exploring the neighborhood almost every day lately.  It certainly has filled our weekends with some much needed adventure.

    Linus Scout Bike, Nantucket Bike Basket, Anthropologie, Ruffled Swing Henley, Trendy in Texas

    This is my new bad boy, he’s a Linus Scout bike.  I love that this bike looks very vintage but also has the modern gears and breaks that make me feel safe while riding the streets of Houston. 
    My bike basket is one of those that all have that vintage-y look I was going for.  They make a bunch of different styles and are actually pretty sturdy, though this is something I have yet to truly test. 
    Linus Scout Bike, Nantucket Bike Basket, Anthropologie, Ruffled Swing Henley, Trendy in Texas

    Before I get to far along, let me recommend this utterly amazing top that I recently purchased from Anthro.  I’m forcing myself to buy more sleeveless and lightweight clothing with the anticipation of the dreaded Houston summer.  This top certainly fits in that category.  I love the way that it is cut in the front, which makes it very flattering on a lot of different body types.  The mini capped sleeves are also a fun touch.   
    **on sale!**
    Okay….back to the biking adventure.   There are so many places to stop & eat & things to do in see that its hard to decide which way we’re going to go when the two of us set out.  On this particular day we biked to Chilosos Taco House.   This place is only open for breakfast and lunch. It’s ranked pretty high up there for best breakfast tacos in town.  I only recently learned you could add guacamole to your tacos!  How I have gone so long without that addition…I do not know. 
    Chilosos Houston Breakfast Tacos
    After filling up on tacos the two of us headed out for the rest of our little morning adventure.   We never really have a set plan of where we’re going so its usually like “hey lets go down that street,” … or “those houses look interesting, let’s turn this way.”  On one of the particularly random streets we came across what looked like a mailbox full of books.   
    Little Free Library Trendy in Texas
    Little Free Library Trendy in Texas
    Naturally, I was intrigued.   We stopped and discovered the phenomenon known as the Little Free Library.  Apparently people set these up all across the country with the premise that in order for you to take a book, you must leave a book.   Unfortunately I wasn’t carrying a novel with me that day, so I plan on returning  soon to check out a book from this quirky little (and free) library.  
    We spent the rest of that morning riding up and down the streets of H-town.  I hope this posts inspires you to get out and explore your neighborhood, you never know what little surprises (or libraries) are in store!

    Summer 2014 Bucket List

    Summertime is just around the corner and boy do we have a BIG summer ahead of us this year.  Celebrating friends with weddings all across the country, a beach trip, a bachelorette party in Vegas, and then some short trips exploring our new home state are all on our agenda this year.
    To make the most out of each weekend away I’m coming up with a Summer 2014 bucket list of things to do, food to eat, and unique places to visit during our first full summer as a husband and wife.  We will just have to wait and see what gets checked off this lengthy list! 
    1. Float the Guadalupe River. 
    2. Eat a Chicago dog ….. in Chicago. 
    3. Attend a Food Truck Festival 
    4. Spend a day on the beach in Galveston.  
    5. Meet my cousin’s new little one 
    6. Visit Patrick’s childhood summer camp
    7. Pool day at Hotel Zaza
    8. Ride bikes through Seaside, FL
    9. Refinish my Grandmother’s antique desk 
    10. Gamble (just a little bit) in Vegas 
    11. Wander through Market Square in Knoxville, TN
    12. Sea Kayak? Maybe? 
    13. Camping near the swamps at Brazos Bend Park
    14. Snack on peanuts at an Astros Game 
    15. Drinks at the top of the John Hancock Building 
    16. Attempt to start house hunting..may put this off until next summer!
    17. Brunch at Puckett’s Restaurant in Franklin, TN
    18. Relax in the historic hot springs of Virginia 
    19. Sip on the lemoncello that we saved from our honeymoon
    20. Witness four (or more) lovely couples say “I do”
    Even though I don’t have the time off that comes with summer vacations growing up & in college, I’m still planning on making the most of the weekends and the time that I do have off.  It’s definitely going to be a challenge to fit as much as we can in. 
    But after all, 

    Beautiful Blooms

    This past weekend, Patrick and I stumbled upon a very charming and popular plant nursery in our neighborhood.  After seeing this place, I’m afraid I won’t be venturing to the Lowe’s garden section ever again.
      Since we’ve moved here, we’ve been obsessing over fixing up our backyard and filling every little nook and cranny in our home with some sort of potted plant.   I think this is due to the fact that neither of us have ever had any outdoor space to call our own, until now.  
    I’m sporting my new (and favorite) Anthro dress today!   Looks like I was taking a little spin around the green house, normally the skirt doesn’t flare so much. 😉  If you’re searching for a perfect every day dress for Spring, this is it!  I’m sure I’ll be able to dress it up or down for many different occasions.
    Lolanthe Dress / Anthropologie 
    Belt / Anthropologie 

    On to the plants! 
    Rows and rows of tiny succulents.  
    It was quite the difficult decision to decide which to take home. 
    Until I found these itty bitty pink flowers that were begging to be adopted.   Let’s just hope I can keep them alive for a good while. 
    Patrick also picked out a few new additions to our plant family. 

    Sadly, these amazing cowboy boots did not make it into our basket. 

    Once home, we decided where everything must go.  We are still only just renting out home, otherwise you better believe we’d be planting all sorts of things in the ground, to last for years and years.  But for now,  pretty potted plants that we can take with us wherever we may go will just have to do.    
     There is a landscaper that comes by every so often while we’re both at work,  and we aren’t ever quite sure what the landlords are going to have him do next.  It’s been a lot of fun seeing the little surprises that have popped up in our yard this spring.

    …..they must have known I was a Tri-Delt. 🙂