Save vs. Splurge: Bedding

    West Elm is have a 20% off all bedding sale this week!  I just snagged this set below for our master bedroom.   
    For the past year though, I’ve been obsessing over this Anthropologie Rivulets Quilt (below), but the $328 price tag was a daunting one.  The West Elm duvet was only $98 with the sale.  Plus its machine washable … which is great when you have a spoiled golden retriever who thinks she rules the roost!  
    ALSO: All of West Elm’s clearance is an additionally 15% off this week! 
    Check out these precious dog prints. Originally $44, now on sale for $17.  
    Just use the promo code: LONGWKND

    Red Cowboy Boots

    Apparently in order to fit in in this town you’ve got to own a pair of cowboy boots.  Being from Tennessee, I already had that covered.  Over the holidays my mom found these awesome vintage red boots at an antique store in Memphis. Luckily for me, they were about a half size too small for her so they were passed along down to me. Thanks, Mom! 
    Definitely planning on wearing these to the rodeo this March! Tennessee friends…come visit! Have ya’ll seen the rodeo line up? Its amazing.
    Not only did I want this blog to be about the goings on in my new life in Houston, but I also wanted to use it to dabble in my love for fashion with “what I wore” outfit photos.  These may have felt incredibly awkward to take! But oh well…here goes nothing Blogosphere: 

    Fayette Vegan Leather Jacket / Anthropologie / here 
    Lace Folio Blouse / Anthropologie / here
    Hudson Skinny Jeans / Hudson / here
    Vintage Red Boots / similar here

    Golden Globes: Best Dressed List

    The award show hasn’t actually even started yet.  But I wanted to go ahead and share who (in my opinion) is looking the best tonight on the red carpet.   If only us normal people could have the opportunity to get this dressed up and go somewhere.  That would be lovely. 

    Michelle Dockery (aka Lady Mary)
    Caitlin Fitzgerald

    Emma Watson
     Emilia Clarke
     Julianna Margulies
    Taylor Swift

    Polar Vortex

    I’m currently in Indiana shooting a TV show for the company that I used to work for in Knoxville.   I always love traveling to new and different places so I was pretty excited to experience some winter weather in Indianapolis this week.   However, I was not expecting record lows and a polar vortex coming through.  
    A polar vortex is this: “a swirling pool of extremely cold air located tens of thousands of feet in the atmosphere.”  

    Fun stuff.  

    Actually, I am having a lot of fun on this shoot.   I’ve never seen more than about 2 inches of snow in real life.  Looking down at my feet while I’m standing in snow up to my knees has been quite the experience.  
    So….. how this new Texas girl is surviving the frigid temps. 
    These shoes. 
    I bought a pair of duck boots about two years ago on a whim.  Honestly, not for their practicality but because I thought they looked cute.   Which is funny, because they are kind of odd looking. Whatever floats your boat!  These shoes are AH-MAZING for this weather.  My feet haven’t gotten cold once in the  negative 15 degrees below AND snow hasn’t seeped in at all. 
    Along with two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, a vest, a jacket, a coat, a scarf, a hat, and gloves, I’m all set. 
    Did I mention it will be 70 degrees when I lend back in Houston on Friday? 🙂 
    photos cred from me and found on pinterest.

    Brunching in the New Year

    Since when did this blog become … mostly … about food?  Well, really the number one thing to do in Houston, we’ve found, is go out to eat.  So why not?  
    On New Years day we headed out to have brunch at Backstreet Cafe.   This is a must try in Houston! Our friends made reservations in advance so we were able to score a table on the most deserving day of a fabulous brunch: New Years Day.   
    I ordered the Backstreet Benedict.  Poached eggs over cheddar chive biscuits and Virginia ham. Need I say more?   
    The cafe was serving black eyed peas with your meal, on the house, to celebrate the day.  I was pretty excited about this because I was never able to find a grocery store that wasn’t sold out of them.  Got my luck in for 2014 and that is all that matters.

    Golf all Night & Texas Mules

    We kicked off 2014 with a bang at a … driving range? Sounds really random but it was a lot of fun!   We met up with a couple of friends and played golf until the wee hours of the morning at Top Golf in Houston.   

    Patrick was really excited about unlimited golf all night. 
    Jenna and I spent the evening sipping on Texas Mules.
    Texas is obviously obsessed with itself so it decided to change the traditional “Moscow Mule” drink to call itself “Texas Mule.”  
    Here is how to make your own: 
    what i wore:

    Sacha London Women’s Krystal Wedge Sandal