Brunching in the New Year

    Since when did this blog become … mostly … about food?  Well, really the number one thing to do in Houston, we’ve found, is go out to eat.  So why not?  
    On New Years day we headed out to have brunch at Backstreet Cafe.   This is a must try in Houston! Our friends made reservations in advance so we were able to score a table on the most deserving day of a fabulous brunch: New Years Day.   
    I ordered the Backstreet Benedict.  Poached eggs over cheddar chive biscuits and Virginia ham. Need I say more?   
    The cafe was serving black eyed peas with your meal, on the house, to celebrate the day.  I was pretty excited about this because I was never able to find a grocery store that wasn’t sold out of them.  Got my luck in for 2014 and that is all that matters.

    Golf all Night & Texas Mules

    We kicked off 2014 with a bang at a … driving range? Sounds really random but it was a lot of fun!   We met up with a couple of friends and played golf until the wee hours of the morning at Top Golf in Houston.   

    Patrick was really excited about unlimited golf all night. 
    Jenna and I spent the evening sipping on Texas Mules.
    Texas is obviously obsessed with itself so it decided to change the traditional “Moscow Mule” drink to call itself “Texas Mule.”  
    Here is how to make your own: 
    what i wore:

    Sacha London Women’s Krystal Wedge Sandal

    Pimento Cheese and Poached Eggs “Benedict”

    Today is my husband’s 26th birthday!  He just left for work but that didn’t stop me from making him a wonderful breakfast at the crack of dawn.    This recipe is by far my favorite weekend breakfast to whip up when I’m feeling fancy.   I proudly admit, I came up with this breakfast recipe on my own. And it is to die for.  
    Pimento Cheese and Poached Eggs “Benedict”
              • Toast or English Muffin
              • Pimento Cheese Spread 
              • Applewood Smoked Bacon
              • Eggs

    Super easy.  All you do is toast whatever bread you like, I usually use whatever sandwich bread that I have on hand.   Today its multigrain wheat.  Then spread on the pimento cheese.  We LOVE the Palmetto pimento cheese with jalapeños.  Thought you could only buy it in the Southeast, but luckily we found some in Houston. 
    Next, fry the bacon, obviously. Then comes the hard part. Poaching the egg.  I’ve usually had great success with this but lately not so much.  Luckily the one in the picture above came out perfectly.   I use this egg poacher cup from Williams-Sonoma. (Only $6.95!)  
    Bring a small pot of water to boiling then drop the egg into the little cup.  It takes about 3 minutes for it to cook.  But you have to keep an eye on it, the pot wants to boil over the whole time, so thats frustrating.   
    To finish, pile everything on your piece of toast and add a dash of pepper. Voila, a delicious & unique take on your typical Eggs Benedict. 

    St. Germain Cocktail

    We are getting ready to go out for Houston’s “Lights in the Heights!”  Its a big Christmas street party here in the heights.  We hear there are tons of houses all decked out for Christmas and lots and lots of music!  I’ll do a post about it later.   For now, I’ll share my new favorite cocktail recipe.    I shall be sipping on this festive drink tonight. 🙂 
    1.5 oz St. Germain 
    2 oz Champagne (or dry white wine) 
    A splash of club soda 
    You can garnish with a number of things, a lemon slice, raspberries, or even frozen grapes.   This drink is definitely more on the sweeter side…..and it is now my go to holiday favorite. 
    Trendy in Texas Blog

    Welcome to Texas!

    I’ve always LOVED reading fashion and lifestyle blogs.  Thought it was about time to start one myself (and actually keep it up!)  
    My husband and I are newlyweds and we just moved to Houston, Texas from Knoxville, Tennessee.  We have actually only been here for ONE week.  Crazy.  Its been a whirlwind and I thought to myself, hmm…why not document this crazy experience, as well as my love for all that is fashion and culture, here.

     This is our new house. Isn’t it so stinkin cute?! I am loving having a front and back porch and this neighborhood is precious.  There are many fun little restaurants, coffee shops, and antique stores all over the place. I’m so excited to start discovering our new big city! 
    Everyone we’ve met so far in Houston has been extremely nice and welcoming.  Coming from what I felt like was “deep south” to … even more south .. I’m glad to see that southern hospitality is still such a big deal here.  It makes me feel less far away from home. 
    Let’s just talk really quick about one of the best parts (at least to me) about living in Houston .. so far. 
    The abundance of Mexican food!! Give me chips, queso, and a margarita and I am HAPPY.  
    My husband and I tried Hugo’s Restaurant on our very first night here. This place was unlike any Mexican food I’ve ever had! So delicious. We ordered the Carne Asade a la Tampiquena.  Which basically was a ribeye steak with tortillas, guacamole, beans and rice.  Unlike any meal I’ve ever had at any other Mexican restaurant.  Oh, and the Margarita was hands down most AMAZING. Friends, if you come visit me, we are definitely eating dinner here!