Five Little Things

I’ve been a busy bee this past week and have not had any time to blog.  This weekend I’m planning on reading a new book and being just a little bit too lazy for my own good.  But for now, here are a few tidbits of what I’ve been up to lately. 
ONE:  I ordered this hammock from Amazon about a year ago, with intentions of hanging it up at our outdoor wedding.  Somewhere in all the craziness of that day, the hammock was forgotten.  But alas, months later, this cute little hammock made its way to Houston with my parents during their recent visit.   My husband and I found a stand for it for just $45 off Craigslist and voila: a fabulous new addition to the backyard.
TWO:  I joined a book club! Hopefully this will be a great way to make new girl friends who also share my love of reading. This month’s book is The Perfume Collector.   I’m only about 8% in (according to my Kindle) and I can tell that this is going to be a wonderful read.   The book is about Grace, a married socialite living in London.  Not sure of how she feels about her situation in life, she suddenly receives a letter from Paris stating that she’s inherited a massive fortune from a complete stranger.   I’m expecting from this point, a wondrous adventure to ensue? The book has rave reviews so I’m sure it won’t disappoint. 
THREE:  These. Shorts. Are. Amazing.   I recently purchased these Pilcro white denim shorts from Anthropologie. (I’m actually wearing them in the picture up top).  I have never once worn shorts so completely comfortable yet flattering as well.  They are just long enough and short enough at the same time, if that even makes any sense.  But do yourself a favor, and get some of these shorts.  
FOUR:   Living in the Heights in Houston, its almost mandatory to have a bicycle.  It seems like everyone in the neighborhood is out riding their bikes on the weekends.  My husband and I took the plunge and each got ourselves a shiny new bike.  We acted just a tad impulsively, but we figured why not go for it now, when we can at least get a few months riding in before the dreaded Houston summer heat makes us never want to go outdoors again.   
I picked out the Linus Scout.   Its got that vintage-y feel that I love, but its also a great street bike.  Only time will tell if I’m feeling hip enough to don a sun hat on a ride, like this stylish girl posing above. 

FIVE:  Earlier this week, my hubs and I headed out on an evening bike ride, and wound up at Good Dog.  Formerly a food truck, Good Dog is now a brick and mortar hot dog serving restaurant that artfully creates delicious dogs.   I chose the Chicago dog.  I’m proud to say I didn’t pick off any of the pickles or peppers, a first for me.  But this will not be the first time that I will be stopping here. 
Thanks for letting me share these little tidbits of my life with you! 🙂