Beautiful Blooms

This past weekend, Patrick and I stumbled upon a very charming and popular plant nursery in our neighborhood.  After seeing this place, I’m afraid I won’t be venturing to the Lowe’s garden section ever again.
  Since we’ve moved here, we’ve been obsessing over fixing up our backyard and filling every little nook and cranny in our home with some sort of potted plant.   I think this is due to the fact that neither of us have ever had any outdoor space to call our own, until now.  
I’m sporting my new (and favorite) Anthro dress today!   Looks like I was taking a little spin around the green house, normally the skirt doesn’t flare so much. 😉  If you’re searching for a perfect every day dress for Spring, this is it!  I’m sure I’ll be able to dress it up or down for many different occasions.
Lolanthe Dress / Anthropologie 
Belt / Anthropologie 

On to the plants! 
Rows and rows of tiny succulents.  
It was quite the difficult decision to decide which to take home. 
Until I found these itty bitty pink flowers that were begging to be adopted.   Let’s just hope I can keep them alive for a good while. 
Patrick also picked out a few new additions to our plant family. 

Sadly, these amazing cowboy boots did not make it into our basket. 

Once home, we decided where everything must go.  We are still only just renting out home, otherwise you better believe we’d be planting all sorts of things in the ground, to last for years and years.  But for now,  pretty potted plants that we can take with us wherever we may go will just have to do.    
 There is a landscaper that comes by every so often while we’re both at work,  and we aren’t ever quite sure what the landlords are going to have him do next.  It’s been a lot of fun seeing the little surprises that have popped up in our yard this spring.

…..they must have known I was a Tri-Delt. 🙂 

  • Liz

    Your house is so charming! I just LOVE it!

  • Thanks Liz! I feel the same way about YOURS! 🙂