Summertime in White & Blue Plaid

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I know I saw a lot of things are my “favorites” when talking clothes here on this little blog of mine. But I’m going to be honest for a second, and say that this is my absolute favorite dress in my closet this summer. I probably had my eye on it from the moment the June Anthropologie catalog arrived at my doorstep. 
So when I finally pulled the trigger on the “Seapane” Dress, I found myself wearing this pretty at least 4 times in the first two weeks. (different people & different functions of course.)  😉 But that’s a pretty good cost per wear ratio if I do say so myself! 

You can shop this look and a few similar style dresses here: 

From 4th of July cook outs to dinner dates and office days, this dress (now on sale!) is surprisingly extremely versatile for summer. I also love how great it looks paired with these metallic lace up wedges from UGG. UGG’s summer collection is killing it this year! Sometimes I find myself forgetting that this well-known brand is famous for their winter wear, because their summery sandals are on point! And super comfortable to boot. As you would naturally expect from all things UGG. 
On another note, it’s hump day of what feels like the longest week ever! But on the brighter side, tomorrow Patrick and I are going to see the Astros play, so that will definitely break up the mid-week slump and kinda make things feel more like the weekend. We try to go out and do something fun at least once or twice during the work week, just to keep things a bit more exciting. Whether it’s a bike ride to a neighborhood restaurant, happy hour with friends, or hey even a baseball game, it’s fun to treat summer weekday evenings as if they were mini-weekends.  
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! You can shop this look and a few similar style dresses (both under $20, say what!?) here: 
photography by lauren beatty