The Poncho Trend

Yes, I’m in a poncho, booties & a felt hat …. and it’s
still in the mid-80s here in Texas. #guilty!
But I simply wanted to share this festive fall look for
anyone & most likely everyone else in the country who is, in fact,
experiencing true fall temperatures. 

Pretty jealous over here of everyone else’s fall foliage,
piles of leaves, evening bonfires, & crisp breezes.  It’s a good thing I get to go back home to
Tennessee for a visit in a couple of weeks, because I can’t wait to feel some
cold weather!
And to wear this poncho for more than just these photos, of
course. Bring on the chill! 

Did you know that ponchos were originally intended to keep
the body warm & dry from rain? (Anybody else ever have to use one of those
plastic ones with Mickey Mouse’s face on the back while it rained at Disney?)
Luckily for us fashionistas, the fashion world has adapted
ponchos into stylish (non-plastic) layering pieces that most of the time keeps
us warm, but not all the time dry from rain.
It’s a price I don’t mind paying one bit for this cozy &
stylish fall trend.  

When it does decide to get a bit colder in Texas, I’m sure this
ivory & gray poncho will be worn on heavy rotation.
It’s pretty lightweight, and gives just the right amount of
warmth over a long sleeved tee. (That’s all I’ll
really need this fall, down here in the Lone Star State!) The fun fringe spruces
up any casual tee & jeans, giving my outfit an effortless boho-chic look. 

Plus, it’s like wearing a socially acceptable blanker. 🙂

Styling ponchos is easy peasy – the simpler the better. The
billowy fabric makes such a statement, that all you need to balance it out is a muted top & a simple pair of skinnies. 

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Speaking of being kept cozy all fall long, nothing is better
than a pair of cozy shoes on your feet!
These “pinecone” colored Poppy Booties from UGG are lined
with sheep’s fur and feel like an absolute dream.  Obviously I’m a fan of UGG’s oh-so comfortable
fur boots, (who else wore them alll the time in high school?) but I’m also loving UGG’s collection of “regular” shoes, boots & heels.
I spent the summer living in my UGG Char Mars and I’m so
excited to spend the fall in these booties, too.   
Love it when I find a shoe with a heel that is both stylish & comfortable for all day

Shop the Look: 

While I’ve been impatiently awaiting Houston’s cold-“er”
weather, I’ve gone out of the way to soak in the spirit of fall by decorating
the house a bit.  You know, hanging a
fall foliage wreath on the front door, making a centerpiece on the dining room
table with miniature pumpkins & what not. Basically “basic” fall girl
Can’t help myself for loving this time of year as much as I

photos by lauren beatty

  • I'm impatiently waiting for Houston's cold(er) weather, too! It's our first year here and I'm can't believe my car thermometer is still saying 90. Boo!

  • You make ponchos look gooooooooooood.

  • I am obsessed with that bag! The poncho is super adorable

  • I need this whole outfit! I also need to check out the booties. I haven't seen them.

  • I absolutely love ponchos! I'm so glad they're coming back. Socially acceptable blankets are awesome lol.

  • Super cute outfit! I've never understood the poncho but you make it look great! I might just have to get one!! Thanks for sharing!

  • I am loving all the ponchos out there!

  • omg this is my 2nd official houston 'fall/winter' and as a Jersey girl, I'm having such a hard time adapting my wardrobe to this in-between weather haha! the poncho life seems like the perf solution. ::heads to francescas::

  • Such a cute one! I actually have a few from a few years ago when they were popular, so glad I didn't get rid of them. They're the perfect pregnancy cover up too! Ha.

    the cuteness

  • I absolutely love ponchos! Public acceptable blanket!!! I love that how versatile they are too!!

  • Love this blog!! So glad I came by today!! Umm so coach has totally made a come back with this green bag. Its in my cart right now. And love this look you look great. Rocking a poncho today to over on the blog!

    Lindsay |

  • Hi, I am Ada. Glad I found your blog. I am loving ponchos this season so I adore yours. Cute boots and hat too which altogether rounds up to a nice Bohemian look. =)

    I am also following you on Pinterest now. Please welcome by my blog, and if you like you can link up with me today, also. Thanks, Ada. =)