All the Pretty Jewels with Andrea Montgomery

Apart from all of the obvious reasons that I love living in
such a big city, (the food, the people, the shopping & there always being
something to do, for example) – there is one particular thing that I love most
of all….

With over 2 million people living in Houston proper alone, there is always
something (or someone) amazing to discover!
Last week for instance, I discovered the amazing Andrea Montgomery
& her fabulous line of handmade jewelry.

Andrea invited a few of us Houston bloggers to her showroom
& studio last week to get an up close & personal glimpse of her latest collection.

She gave us the inside story on how she started it all,
making jewelry for fun as kid and later for herself to wear as an adult.  After friends and family asked over & over
to have pieces made for them, Andrea then turned her jewelry making hobby into her own business – Andrea Montgomery Designs.

Her Houston based boutique & studio is located in the Rice Village area, but all of her designs are also available to shop online: here.
Using delicate stones and metals such as Peruvian opal,
labradorite, pearl & topaz – Andrea Montgomery’s simple yet sophisticated
jewelry is the kind that you can wear season after season / year after year. 

How fun is this Peruvian Opal Necklace? (The one with the 8
small blue stones in the picture above.) 
It would make such a great layering piece and
the pretty shade of blue just so happens to match the colors of my blog layout …. so you know I’m swooning! 

With so many outgoing ladies together in a small intimate
space, we all got to talking and our visit to Andrea’s boutique
soon turned into one big girl talk session.

The good kind of girl talk that you get at a late night sleepover type
of girl talk session.  

That’s the fun thing we all found out about Andrea, she just
happens to be the girl next door who you can instantly strike up a conversation
with – who also so happens to create some oh-so fabulous jewelry!

And my fellow Gilmore Girls fans …. Alexis Bledel rocks
Andrea Montgomery’s designs too! (They went to the same high school …. how cool!?!?!) 
Before we all said our goodbyes, we naturally had to play a bit
of dress up.
This group of girls was mostly made up of fashion bloggers,
after all.
I stumbled upon a lovely tassel necklace that just so
happened to go perfectly with the plaid maxi dress I wore to the occasion.
Maybe I planned it all along? 😉 

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, think about giving
(or you know, receiving) a piece from Andrea Montgomery this year.
Local handmade gifts make for much more treasured &
special pieces years later, don’t you think?
If you’re in the Houston area, I’ve shared a bit of info
about Andrea’s holiday shop & hours below. 

Big thank you to Andrea Montgomery for having us, Megan for organizing, and Rocio for the photos!
Can we all do it again soon? I’m going to need another girl
talk session with these ladies ASAP, one was not enough!
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