Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show

This year’s Anthropologie’s Holiday Fashion Show was much
more fun than ever before.
Mainly because this time around I got to play dress up &
pretend to be a “real” model for the evening!
So today I’m sharing a behind the scenes look into Anthro
Highland Village’s fashion show, as well as a few of my favorite looks from the
Sit back & stay awhile, because there is a whole lot of
holiday Anthro eye candy in the post below!
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All of us “models” showed up a few hours early for complete
hair & make up.  I hadn’t had both
professionally done since my wedding, needless to say, this part was a lot a lot
of fun!
Thanks to the ahhmazing team of ladies behind Sun Kissed
& Made Up for creating our romantic looks that evening.  
Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show 2015, Anthropologie Highland Village

Before the show, guests were delighted with a delicious spread
of the most adorable & tasty of treats. 

Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show 2015
The champagne & iced peppermint “hot” chocolates were
overflowing, too.
All of the ingredients for a perfect holiday fete. 
Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show 2015
While the guests were enjoying themselves & waiting to
be seated …. 

Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show 2015

… we were all tucked away, nervously awaiting our runway

Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show 2015, Anthropologie Houston Texas, Anthropologie Texas, Anthropologie Highland Village

The ladies of the hour, personal stylists Kesslie &
Sara, kicked off the fashion show with a collection of beautifully styled looks
ranging  from casual-at-home to black tie
holiday affair.
Sit back, relax & enjoy the show!
Anthropologie overalls, anthropologie black overalls
Anthropologie Denim Skirt, Holding Horses Denim Skirt, Anthropologie Denim Wrap Skirt, Anthropologie Plaid Shirt

Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show 2015, Anthropologie Light Blue Coat, Light blue Coat with white Fur Trim, blue coat with fur trim, anthropologie winter coat, blue winter coats

For my little runway walk, I made my debut wearing an adorable
blue & white striped apron, holding a whisk too for good measure.
Because don’t all hostesses with the mostesses bake in their
fancy party dresses?! We like to think so! 

After doing a little spin with my apron on, I was directed
to hand it off to Sara’s fiancé. 
Everything went according to plan, until he forgot to take the whisk! If
you attended the show, you probably saw my “oh my gosh what do I do …  he’s walking away .. I’m holding a whisk in
front of hundreds of people” reaction. 
The little laugh and deviation from the plan ended up
putting me right at ease.
I tracked him down, handed off the whisk and giggled my way
down the catwalk, strutting my stuff in the most adorable of holiday dresses. 

Sara & Kesslie could not have not picked a better dress for me to wear for the night. I’d been eyeing this oh-so pretty Snow Angel Dress for some time anyway, so I was thrilled!
How perfect would this be for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party!?

The Lone Star Looking Glass, The Lone Star Looking Glass Anthropologie, Texas Blogger, Snow Angel Dress

Anthropologie Red off the shoulder dress, anthropologie red party dress

At the end of the show, we all walked out again for one last
Then it was time to snap a few photos & shop till we
My good friend Jordan got to model in the fashion show too! Doesn’t this red dress look so amazing on her!? 

The two of us ran around the store, sipping champagne and trying
on clothes & shopping for holiday gifts. 
A glass of champagne certainly makes shopping much more fun (as well as

Once the show was over, I came home in a t-shirt and jeans
with the prettiest updo & my face all made up. I was so sad to have to take
my hair down and go back to the real world. It certainly was so much fun
getting all dolled up for Anthro’s Holiday Fashion Show!
Thanks again for the lovely ladies who organized it. (Be
sure to follow Anthro Highland Village on Insta too!)
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!
Big thank you to Casa de Camera for the lovely photos! 


  • Looks like so much fun!! That dress is so pretty on you!