Blue Life

Romping around on the blog today! 

I’m talking all about this blue & white pretty, my thoughts on curly hair & rancher hats & of course, sharing a bit about what I’ve been up to lately!

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I’m not really a “romper” gal. To be honest, this is my first one! I love jumpsuits & overalls, don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly a fan of the “onesie” look.  But I have yet to find a romper that I’ve loved enough to bring home with me. 
That was until this pretty one from Planet Blue‘s Blue Life line entered my life. 
I honestly don’t think there was ever a better romper than this one. 😀

Maybe it’s because the fabric feels like you’re wearing a legit cloud? Or it’s the fact that this romper is printed in a blue and white tie-dye. And I love alllllll things blue & white.

Speaking of blue & white, I’m also loving these perfect for festival season pieces from Planet Blue too! 

I seem to also have a thing for hats. Rancher inspired hats to be more specific. I just love the way long curly hair looks underneath a big chunky rancher hat! The juxtaposition of the menswear inspired hat with long flowy feminine locks is so much fun! 
When I was going through these photos, I couldn’t get over my killer hair day! What did I do differently?! 
Ahh …. as I asked that question to myself, I just realized that there was like ZERO humidity in Houston when we shot these last week. 
For those interested in my beachy waves, I’ve been using a curling wand from Hot Tools after I blow dry my hair. I run about a two-inch section through the wand and it takes only about 10 minutes total to achieve the above look.  Don’t forget to spray a bit of hairspray and dry shampoo on your hair BEFORE using the wand.  I’ve found that that helps hold my curls much better. 
Oh & I love love finishing it off with Triple Sec volumizing spray from Drybar.  Not sure if it actually gives me volume? (I like to think so) but it makes my hair smell divine! 

I dressed up my romper with Swedish clogs, an embroidered clutch & cuff from From St. Xavier, a southwestern inspired necklace & my rancher hat of course.

Side note: I’m kinda in love with the way my hat matches these shoes!

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Life lately has been crazy crazy CRAY-ZEE busy! I had dreams of getting 4 blog posts up last week! And yet, somehow only two actually made it to the blog. 
I guess that’s what happens when you take a mid-week work jaunt to Austin for SXSW? Which was totally awesome by the way! Next year, I really want to try to go up for the full week. The people watching alone was smashing! It was so fun to connect with some of the gals I had met at Texas Style Council a whole year ago.  Francesca’s and Nicole from Writes Like a Girl threw a really fun bash at their boutique downtown, and I wouldn’t’ have missed it for the world! 
This past weekend, I hosted a fun little soiree at Cheeky Vintage! I can’t wait to share photos with you all from the event, it was seriously so much fun! And I got to play dress up in the most darling dress of all time! Sneak peek here. 
Yesterday, Patrick and I went to the rodeo for its last day of the year. We only made it to rodeo twice this year, which kinda makes me sad! The previous two years we got our rodeo fix at least 3-4 times. There’s always next year though. I already can’t wait! 
Hope you all had a relaxing weekend! For most of us, it’s only a 4 day work week then Easter weekend. Hurrah! As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!
photos by lauren beatty