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Today I’m chatting about my bohemian side, this fringe sweater, and stylish Swedish clogs.
All of which makes up this oh-so boho casual outfit.


If you look up Bohemian on google, you’re going to see two definitions.
1. To be native of Bohemia.
2. A person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or a writer.
The flowy bohemian dresses, fringe all over the place and strappy sandal “bohemian” trend are everywhere now. Just because we partake in it, does that really make us “bohemian?”
I don’t know about you, but when I walk into Free People and see all of their boho chic clothing and tapestry-lined fitting rooms, I do feel as if I’m waltzing through a bohemian chic Parisian apartment, a la Nicole Kidman’s Moulin Rouge. (Wasn’t that movie so amazing?!)
I suppose it’s also how you feel when you’re wearing said bohemian inspired clothing. Let’s circle back to definition number 2. Am I bohemian? I mean, I do consider myself a creative writer. What do you call what I’m doing “write” now?!
But unconventional social habits? Not really. I eat flaming hot cheetos for breakfast sometimes, that’s extremely unconventional … but probably not considered too bohemian I’d imagine.
No matter the trend, if the clothes you wear makes you feel great, feel like you can conquer the world – by all means enjoy every minute of it! Whatever the trend! You can be bohemian today, conservative tomorrow, and rocker-chic at the concert you’re attending on Saturday. 😉


I paired my “bohemian” fringe top (only $108 yall!) with a mini cami, the comfiest of blue jeans from my go to peeps, a bucket bag and black Swedish clogs.

Pause to talk about these True Religion jeans! They are super stretchy and feel ahhhmazing on. The back pocket and ankle details give them that little something special too!

Gold accessories for the win.


And to get the perfect shot of these Sandgrens clogs, I thought it would be fun to sit on a rock surrounded by cacti.
A fashion blogger has got to do what a fashion blogger has got to do, am I right? Totally kidding.
But it did make for a pretty fun shot!
And these clogs are amazing! Fun fact, these clogs are real leather and the wooden base is made by hand. Every time I wear them, they got more & more comfortable and form to my feet.



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Are any of you guys like me, and enjoy dabbling in all of the different types of trends as opposed to sticking to just one style? I have so much fun being bohemian one day and super girly another! But I have to say, I think this type of style is my favorite! Harder to achieve on a daily basis, because it’s not always entirely work appropriate.
Oh, those unconventional bohemians!! ;-P
On another note, I’m so close to being finished with my new blog design! It’s going to look somewhat similar, just much cleaner and mobile responsive. (Yippee!!) If only there were like 7 more hours in the day, then it would surely be done by the end of the week! Until then, I’m going to be just as surprised as you guys will when the day comes that it goes live!
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!! Hoping to share a recap of my cruise (from over a month ago!!…oops!) later this week, as well as a few more fun outfits! Stay tuned!
photos by lauren beatty

  • Girl this is all kinds of fabbbbb!

    The Adored Life

    • Thanks Alissa! I'm totally crushing on everything fringe at the moment! It's kinda a small problem haha!