We’re Having a Baby!

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I can’t tell y’all how hard it has been keeping this secret for so long! But I can now finally shout from the rooftops, “Patrick and I are having a baby!”

baby reveal balloons, silver baby balloons, sugar and cloth color wall, baby reveal ideas,
We are completely over the moon excited about the next chapter in our little family’s “book!”

I am just about 11 and a half weeks along and Baby Kerley is due on January 16th. Just one day before my birthday! What are the odds!?

We are so incredibly thankful that things are going so well and that we have been blessed with such a special gift!

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We’ve known about our little bundle of joy for several glorious weeks now.  He or she is just starting to make his or her existence known with the tiny little bulge in my tummy. (Said little bulge may or may not look like I just ate one too many tacos this week … which is also actually true!)

It has been an unbelievable experience watching our baby grow from ultrasound appointment to ultrasound appointment. It has also been so crazy cool seeing my sweet husband fall in love with this little nugget! It’s seriously so hard to believe that we’re baking a human (who is currently the size of a lime) that is actually part of both of us and will look like us!

Will he or she have green eyes or blue!? Be tall like Patrick? (most likely) Will “it” have curly hair like mine or thick straight hair like Patrick’s?! So many questions that are so fun to  … well, question!

But most importantly, we’re wishing for a healthy baby, because blue eyes or green – that is certainly what’s the most important!

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I still can’t get over the fact that I am already a mom! I was the type of little girl who just adored adored ADORED my American Girl dolls. They were literally like my real children to me. Already when I’m out shopping for baby clothes & random things, a part of me feels that same vibe all over again. Remember how badly you just wanted that dress or bed for your Samantha doll!? Yep, it feels just like that for your human doll too!

I can’t believe that I get to be a real mom to a real baby so soon!

Of course, I’m totally terrified, like any new mom would be. Truth be told, I’ve never changed a diaper! Send help! But I’m eager to learn everything there is about “being a mom” so that I can be the best that I can be for this little human inside of me.

baby reveal balloons, silver baby balloons, sugar and cloth color wall, baby reveal ideas,
Thanks to Soigne Party for the B-A-B-Y balloons! They were the perfect addition to our announcement! 

As far as how I’m doing physically, I’m surprisingly great! Okay, great miiiight be too strong of a word for the throws of the first trimester. I’m doing really good though! Thanks to my mom’s good genes (she somehow avoided morning sickness through all 3 of her pregnancies) I too have mostly avoided it. (knock on wood!)

But the tiredness that comes with the first trimester? WOW baby it is some LEGIT stuff. Never in my life have I been so LAZY. All I do after work is sit on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls because I have no energy to do anything else. (Also, I’ve made it my mission to rewatch the entire series before the new eps in December.)

I’m usually quite the busy-bee and I seem to be always on the go, filling up my calendar and to-do-lists until they’re completely full. So it’s been kind of hard to let myself just push all of that aside to do absolutely nothing. But once I started letting myself enjoy doing nothing, it seems like “nothing” is all I want to do! 😉

And blogging is totally included in that “nothing,” because I have just too much fun with it for it to even feel like “work!” Speaking of blogging, I’m sure the wee little one will make an appearance a time or two (or 78) down the road, but for the most part, I plan on continuing Lone Star Looking Glass as primarily a fashion blog. You’ll still see the same fashionable content you’re used to! There just might be a bigger belly in all of the #OOTDs in the next few months. 😉 Stylishly dressing it is a challenge I gladly accept!

I’m so excited to share this new chapter in my life on Lone Star Looking Glass with you all! It means the world that each & every one of you visits the little blog of mine and your support is like no other!  Thanks for being a part of this special time with us! I’m looking forward to sharing more with y’all soon!



photos by Lauren Beatty

PS: Couldn’t finish the post off without linking a few similar dresses to what happens to be my favorite dress of all time. (Which was totally fun to re-wear for such a big announcement. 😉

  • Congratulations! The exhaustion really surprised me. I expected the “morning” sickness but I would come home from work (granted I worked a lot of morning shifts so my start times were around 4 am) take a three hour nap and still fall asleep at 7! I could not get enough sleep. haha.

  • Congrats, Alice!!! I’m so thrilled for you! Motherhood is amazing! I can’t wait to see how you dress your bump! 🙂