A Taste of TX with Ozarka: BBQ Chicken Tacos

bbq chicken taco recipe, texas bbq chicken tacos, southwestern bbq tacos

Why do I love living in Texas? Other than the people (of course) it’s hands down the FOOD that has won my heart!

I’m teaming up with Ozarka Brand Natural Spring Water today to share why there’s a lot to love about Texas. Starting with this Texas-inspired recipe for Southwestern BBQ Chicken Tacos! (What’s more to love than tacos?)

bbq chicken taco recipe, texas bbq chicken tacos, southwestern bbq tacos

Ozarka is asking Texans all across the state why they love where they live. Being a Texas transplant myself, I fell in love with the lone star state right away. Living in a big thriving city such as Houston, there’s always something to do, a show to see and a fabulous place to eat.

Patrick and I have made it our mission to try all of the quirky taco joints here in HTX. One time we even went on a taco truck “bike crawl.” That’s some serious taco-dedication!

bbq chicken taco recipe, texas bbq chicken tacos, southwestern bbq tacos

ozarka taste of texas

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Together with Ozarka, I’m bringing you all a taste of Texas through my oh-so-delicious recipe for BBQ Chicken Tacos.

Using locally sourced ingredients (thanks, HEB!), and the goodies from the Texas foodies above, I’ve got a dish that’s sure to please at your next picnic!



3 chicken breasts

2 ears of corn

1 can of black beans




1 half of a red onion (diced)


monterrey jack cheese

ranch dressing

To start, sprinkle your chicken breasts with S&P, then grill for 5-7 minutes on each side.

Prep your veggies. Wrap the corn on the cob in foil and grill for about 15-20 minutes, turning it several times throughout. Slice your red onion, cilantro and shred the lettuce. Then drain the black beans. Set aside.

When the chicken is ready, slice it up into small pieces and cover with BBQ Sauce. (We used Snow’ss BBQ Sauce – Texas Monthly just named this stuff the best in Texas!)

Fill your tortilla with chicken and all of the yummy toppings you just sliced up. Don’t forget the cheese! And a drizzle of ranch on top is optional but also highly encouraged. ūüėČ

bbq chicken taco recipe, texas bbq chicken tacos, southwestern bbq tacos

PS: Cookwell & Company Queso &¬†Paqui tortilla chips make for a mean appetizer while you’re waiting for the grill to get hot!

Grilling out with friends on the weekends is absolutely one of our favorite things to do! We have card tables that we keep in the garage that we bring out when the weather is nice. I like to just throw a fun tablecloth on them and bring the dining room outdoors for our dinner parties.

And you can’t forget to hydrate when you’re out in the heat either. It get’s HOT in Texas! Fun fact: Ozarka Water comes from three different Texas springs and has a uniquely Texan fresh taste. It’s not too often I stop and think about where¬†the water in my bottle comes from, but it’s nice to know that it’s sourced close by!

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog today!


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