{Iced} Coffee Chats + A Flirty Denim Skirt

Texas blogger styles a Draper James denim skirt with a red striped bell sleeve top.

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I’ve noticed a fun little trend in the blogosphere pop up these last couple of months. Coffee. And no, not just pretty lattes surrounded by colorful purses and flowers on instagram. It seems that bloggers are using coffee as a way to invite their readers into their life a little bit more. Like, “Hey girl, want to grab a cup of coffee and just chat?!” As opposed to come on over to my blog and hear me ramble about this outfit! 😉

So today I’m inviting y’all on over to Lone Star Looking Glass for a cup of {iced} coffee and a little chit chat about what’s been going on behind the blog. Of course, I’m sharing details on this precious fall transitional look with Draper James too! Head on down for more…..

Texas blogger styles a Draper James denim skirt with a red striped bell sleeve top.

Texas blogger styles a Draper James denim skirt with a red striped bell sleeve top.

Texas blogger styles a Draper James denim skirt with a red striped bell sleeve top.

Fashion blogger Alice Kerley styles Lisi Lerch earrings in taupe.

Fall Trends: denim skirts and bow mules.

Texas blogger styles a Draper James denim skirt with a red striped bell sleeve top.

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First things first: this outfit! I’m teaming up with Draper James today to style this adorable flared denim skirt + striped bell sleeve top for you guys! I’m such a big fan of Draper James (as you can see here & here.) I love that all of Reese Witherspoon’s pieces are ultra-feminine, Southern and timeless too. This casual look is no exception! I’m planning on mixing & matching these two pieces all season long. The top is super thick which will be great when the temperatures start to drop. And I love that this skirt has a little bit of a western feel to it.

Kind of reminds me of what “stylish cowgirls” might have worn back in the day! Of course, they probably didn’t pair theirs with trendy bow mules and matching earrings, now did they!?

Coffee Chit Chat

So as if we were actually meeting for a cup of coffee at one of my favorite spots, Tiny’s No. 5 in Houston, I’d probably …

… chat about how I am incredibly over this brutal Houston heat! Seriously. SO. over it! I always forget how hard the month of August is when living in Houston. I love Texas, but this time of year makes me miss Tennessee like no other. The “feel like” temperatures have been soaring close to 108 this past week. Ugh! Annie and I have been taking full advantage of our early morning walks, like before 8 am early. Because you literally can’t go outside after! One of my girlfriends and I were talking about all of the different museums we needed to try & visit together. Just to give us something fun to do indoors. When I am forced to go outside, I’ll literally sprint to the car and strap Annie in her car seat as fast as possible. It’s that hot! Does anyone else who lives in a warm climate feel trapped during this time of year?

… ask you what TV shows you’re watching (other than GoT of course.) I’m always looking for a new show to have on in the background while I’m working, or to get sucked into with Patrick each evening. I miss talking about the latest episode of XYZ over coffee when I was working at francesca’s. It was part of our morning rituals!

… chat about how Annie’s personality seems to be blooming & blossoming every day. She is “talking” up a storm. In her own language of course. She knows what she wants and when she wants it and isn’t afraid to let us know. She’s also obsessed with our two golden retrievers now. They can make her laugh harder than anything Patrick and I try!

… ramble about how excited I am for my first New York Fashion Week! I’ll be in The Big Apple early next month with my mom & Annie and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve already been invited to a handful of shows and have set some meetings with PR firms and my favorite brands. The prep work has been NUTS! Seriously so much more goes into attending fashion week than you’d ever dream. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

…chat about how confused I am over Taylor Swift’s latest Instagram post. What is going on!??! What are your theories!? Like the rest of the web, I’m thinking it’s a teaser for some new tunes ahead. But when they will be released and what they’ll be like is anyone’s guess!

… ask YOU what you’re up to this month! Because what’s better than catching up together over coffee?


As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!

xo, alice

photos by Ban Avenue


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