Balancing Motherhood & the iPhone, in Style (of course!)

The age-old (or shall we say the decade-old) verdict of whether or not the iPhone is good for our kids. I mean … I can’t be the only person out there that is glued to my iPhone? I am a blogger after all, and a vast majority of my work is done on my iPhone. From editing photos, replying to emails and promoting content on social media, I spend more time on my iPhone than I would like to admit. While I’ve read article after article & seen social post after post about how our phones distract us from our children and how we should keep technology away from our children … I’m here to say I’m not doing so!

I also can’t believe I am just now jumping on the “phone grip” bandwagon but it’s no surprise I’m doing so stylishly! Don’t know how I’d survive without this Stick It Locket (which can act like a fashionable phone grip) from Origami Owl. Today, I’m teaming up with Origami Owl to chat about two reasons why I think the iPhone is the best thing to happen to motherhood.

Caramel Lattes at Melange Creperie in Houston, Texas

Mother Daughter Duo in a Boden Mini Polka Dot Dress, A goodnight Macaron Blue Sweater, and Lisi Lerch ginger Earrings.

Why My iPhone is a Key Ingredient to Motherhood

I try to get all of my work done on my phone (or computer) when Annie is napping or during bedtime. I’ll occasionally get a good spurt of emails answered or content written when she’s engrossed in a game of “hitting the keys on her xylophone” nearby. But for the most part, I try to give her my full attention when she needs me. But that doesn’t mean that my cell phone is always put away.

While I’m not handing my phone over to Annie in the hopes that tv shows and games distract her for the time being, I am incorporating my phone into a big part of our daily routine.

For FaceTime & Photos

Even if I weren’t a blogger, I know I would still be as obsessed with photography and capturing life’s little moments as I am now. This time I just do it all one-handed. (Shout out to my Stick It Locket once more!) The thing is, our family lives SO far away and I feel an extra sense of duty to capture more photos than probably necessary to share with everyone from afar.

The thought of my family missing out on Annie’s childhood even more than they already are makes me want to shed a tear! We are seriously SO fortunate to live in a time where photos and video can be sent to those we love at the touch of a button. Annie is quite familiar with the concept of FaceTime and she gets to chat with a video of her “Nana” at least once a day. Sometimes I even call my mom and I’m like, “Hey, want to watch Annie eat her breakfast!?!” Haha!

Mother Daughter Duo in a Boden Mini Polka Dot Dress, A goodnight Macaron Blue Sweater, and Lisi Lerch ginger Earrings.

Houston, Texas life style and family blogger.

9-Month old in Boden Mini and Baby Bling Bows Headband

To Share The Small Moments

I also take photos and snapchats of her doing just about anything and everything to send to our immediate family spread out all across the South. Just yesterday everyone got a video of Annie crawling around the dining room with a pair of my shoes in hand! That little girl just LOVES her mama’s shoes! I’m curious to see how she’ll feel about them once she can finally fit in them too.

Mother Daughter Duo in a Boden Mini Polka Dot Dress, A goodnight Macaron Blue Sweater, and Lisi Lerch ginger Earrings.

& Save Them All For the Future

The fact that I can share my journey in motherhood and Annie’s first year with those closest (figuratively .. & I wish literally!!) to me makes me so grateful for the iPhone. I can’t wait to fill Annie’s baby album with all of the random photos we’ve snapped. I am also planning on transferring any and every video from saved snapchat stories to what’s in my photo album into one big hard drive to keep safe. I know I am going to want to look back on all of these pictures and videos and savor this special time for years & years to come.

Chatting about my take on motherhood & technology with Origami Owl.

Origami Owl's Stick it Locket

Speaking of saving moments and treasuring them forever. Who here has ever had a charm bracelet? Origami Owl has what I like to call a new and updated version of a traditional charm bracelet. My phone grip is actually their “Living Locket,” a piece of jewelry that uses charms to tell your own stories in a meaningful way. The living locket can be worn in so many different ways too, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and even watches! Mine is the “Stick It” Locket which can stick on & stay just about anywhere. (But what’s more perfect than the back of a phone case?)

There are dozens of different charms to choose from on the site, which enables you to accessorize Origami Owl’s jewelry to suit your fancy. For mine, I chose a taco, (naturally) a mermaid, (I still wish I was one!) the letter “A” for Annie, a shamrock for my heritage and sunglasses for the fashionista inside me.

With holiday season literally around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts! Origami Owl’s pieces make unique gifts because they can be personalized for each recipient to make a more meaningful & heartfelt gift. A few of the charms that would be perfect for a few friends of mine are the pink cowboy boot, the cheese charm (kinda regretting not getting it myself, the nurse charm & the owl charm. Which charms would you choose!?

xo, alice

photos by Ban Avenue

Thank you to Origami Owl for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. Thanks to you guys for supporting the brands that make Lone Star Looking Glass possible! 



  • Sarah Lindner

    Such cute pics and really loving that iphone case! I just bought one just like that and its a life changer!


  • Ruthie Ridley

    Yall are so cute!! I am loving this phone case!!!

  • That is such a cute iPhone case! I’m the same way with Mason and can’t help but keep my phone handy to snap up all the cuteness. PS these pics are so adorable!!

    xo, Laura

  • Ooh I love the case, it is so pretty!! This case looks so handy and convenient!

    cute & little

  • megan

    such a cute phone case! your daughter is also adorable!!

    xo megan

  • Amber Nall

    Love the iPhone case! I wish we had iPhones when my kids were babies. I would have so many more pictures! It’s definitely a great way to capture every special moment with your little one!

  • Angelle Marix

    I love my iPhone too!! Love that case. It’s perfect.