Texas Style Council

How do I even begin to recap this amazing weekend spent deep in the wilderness with fellow likeminded creative, stylish and inspiring women?

Okay, it wasn’t exactly “deep” in the the wilderness. We were only 30 minutes or so outside of Austin and we were technically “glamping.” Because, how often do you “camp” in cabins with throw pillows, ruffled shower curtains, vases filled with flowers, and bathrooms stocked with luxurious hair products?

Ha, not very often.  The Texas Style Council team pulled out all of the stops to ensure that we had the most enjoyable time at TXSC15.

I attended Texas Style Council as a blogger, but I also helped out as a volunteer. This way I was able to get to camp a few days early and I also had the opportunity to meet people that I’m not sure I would have otherwise.

You really bond over making 100s of beds and running around in the middle of the night secretly placing boxes of girl scout cookies on every bed, in every cabin, right?  There is something about that “all in this together” feeling that I had with the other volunteers that made the conference that much more special. Yes, we were at TXSC to learn, to grow and to be inspired by the amazing speakers and the weekend in general, but volunteering added a whole new element to the weekend that I’m very thankful for, stressful situations and all!

Because I seriously can’t do the weekend justice by just writing about it (and let’s be honest you guys would be here ALL DAY) so I’m sharing a few photos below to give you a taste of what Texas Style Council 2015 was all about.

these two (Whitney & Meg) totally made the weekend for me! <3 them

our speaker set up was rad 🙂
table centerpieces (so adorable & simple that I must recreate them at home now!)

my version of “camp” style 
painting tote bags with Toms 
bloggers geeking out over the beautiful sunlight (myself included)

headed to our “khaki cool jamboree

had such fun getting to know my cabin mates! #ElmCabin4Life

Toms was one of our sponsors for the weekend and they supplied us with their new line of coffee. I’m a coffee addict, so I probably had 13,248 cups of it and ya’ll … it is ahhmazing. Now to get my hands on it here in Houston! 
Really enjoyed hearing Liz (Delightfully Tacky) and Megan (Greetings from TX) speak! These two shared some great insight into the crazy world of blogging.
 caught in the moment soaking in another session

get my cozy camp look here:

Indiana (on the left) introducing Bethany from Toms, the VP of Marketing. Bethany spoke about growing a business from the ground up and while staying true to what the business stands for.  Indiana organized the weekend and she is an absolutely incredible woman you guys! Check out her blog and all of her awesomeness over here.

my other bag, my other bag celine bag, my other bag tote bag, texas style council, texas style bogger
When you go camping with style bloggers, you’re going to want to camp as fashionably as you can, right? This heavy duty tote from My Other Bag held up all weekend long when a fancy shmancy Celine bag might not have.  Not that I have a fancy shmancy Celine bag, but at least I have a tote that looks like one!

One of my new favorite people, Nicole from Writes Like A Girl, moderated the amazing Sophia Rossi from Hello Giggles (her new book comes out this May!)

Yep, that may have been a bit of a photo overload and sorry I’m not sorry! If only I could share all of the beautiful photographs that Chelsea Laine Francis took. But alas, it would probably crash my blog, so it’s safer if you hop on over to her lovely site and check them out yourself. And also head over there because Chelsea is basically amazing. (Truth!)
I left TXSC with a happy heart and many new friends that I can’t wait to visit all over Texas and beyond. But for now, our blogs (and a bit of snail mail) will have to keep us in touch.

It really is unbelievable how many different opportunities are out there for bloggers to learn, connect, and grow together. One of the words that stuck with me over the weekend was “frentor” which was said quite a bit over the course of the weekend. It basically means a friend that you look up to in the blogging/professional world that you also perceive as a mentor.  I definitely gained quite a few new “frentors” from Texas Style Count and I can’t wait to see what comes from these new relationships!

Hope you guys are having a great week so far! Who’s excited to break out their pastels this Easter weekend?! I know I am!

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