The Texas Renaissance Festival

We’ve lived in Texas for two full years now. And after two annual visits to the Texas Renaissance Festival, we’ve decided that not a year will go by without making the trek north for another yearly visit.
Because, you see, what you may not get from reading my blog (but you certainly will if you know me well) I have a tendency to be kind of a  … nerd sometimes. 🙂  While I may not have been dressed as a fairy or anything for our visit to Ren Fest (there was a flower crown though!) … I still felt like I was amongst my “people” so to say.  I’m the biggest sucker for any sort of fantasy, magic, sci-fi, supernatural type of movie and/or book.
And going to Ren Fest, it’s literally like you are walking right into the pages of a storybook.

First of all, the food.
You can eat like your favorite medieval characters do! Wooo!!
Ever wondered what Frodo Baggins ate while adventuring on his epic quest?
Probably a turkey leg.
What does Harry Potter eat when out and about in Hogsmeade?
Probably a turkey leg. 😉

Patrick and Alice Kerley enjoy them too, especially when adventuring through Texas Renaissance Fest’s own Sherwood Forest.

Clearly you need all of that protein for your imaginary archery battles.
Which I simply had to partake in.  Channelling my inner Katniss up in here!
Smiling because I actually made the target!
I must admit, archery was my FAVORITE summer camp activity as a kid.  How come when we grow up it’s super rare to get to do those types of fun random outdoorsy things again!?
Seeing the chance, I happily paid $5 (they referred to them as pounds at the fest ha) for 7 arrows and a chance to shoot!
In addition to archery, there’s sword throwing, knife throwing, paintball, hatchet throwing? and more for you to try. The Ren Fest really does a good job of immersing you into that whole medieval fantasy world.
I mean, there is a jousting tournament for crying out loud!!  (Now I have the urge to watch my A Knight’s Tale dvd …. oh Heath Ledger, RIP!)
You really feel like you’re in another world when you look to your left & right and see characters such as these:

Having been to Disney World a time or two in my past, one would expect these people to be part of the festival, characters paid to dress up and interact with guests.
Truth is, that’s hardly the case!

At the Texas Renaissance Festival, it is HIGHLY encouraged for visitors to dress up and play the part.
You actually hear the most entertaining of fake British accents everywhere you go! So much fun, y’all!
And the people watching is unbelievable! (And half the reason we attend.)

For those wishing to dress up themselves, you can purchase everything you’ll ever need for the most renaissance-y of costumes at the festival itself.

Fairy wings or elf ears anyone!?

Or perhaps some 80 pound (weight not cost) chain mail!?
You can even pay between $30-$100 to purchase a glorified beer drinking horn.
I literally almost bought this.
How cool are they though!? I would LOVE to show up to a cook out with a huge ol’ horn filled with red wine.
I’d welcome the stares. 🙂
But alas, I was (thankfully) talked out of it.

Each weekend of the Renaissance Festival hosts a different theme. From pirate to fairyland to Scottish highlander – the guests tend to all dress up in accordance with the weekend’s theme.
Our weekend was, you guessed it, Scottish Highlander! Case in point, this dapper fellow above.
Another not-so-secret but I haven’t blogged about it yet weird fact about myself: I am obsessed with Celtic Music!
So random, I know. But I love it.
Which is why I totally geeked out at the Scottish bagpipe & drum show below:
Look how cool this kid is!?

These guys were seriously SO amazing! If you happened to follow me on snapchat this weekend (@aliceksnaps) you saw a bit of their show.
Unbelievable that so much good noise comes from such strange looking instruments!

And there you have it.
Our epic day at the Texas Renaissance Festival!
Also, I must admit – I did wear this plaid scarf specifically because the weekend was Scottish Highlander themed. 😀 #truth.
For those of you who may live in the area and are hankering for a trip of your own, there is one weekend left for you to catch all of the magic until next year!
If you do make the trip – be sure to leave EARLY and get there right at or before the gates open.  We left Houston around 10:30 and sat in traffic (just to enter the parking lot) for over two hours!
The traffic was totally worth it though!
Hope you all are having a happy tuesday! Today is technically my “friday” because we’re off on our Texas adventure tomorrow!
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!
photos by *me* because I got a new camera! (early Christmas present over here)