Being A Bride (Again!)

You guys, I recently got to play the most ULTIMATE game of dress up!
Thanks to the team at Whittington Bridal, the most adorable Bridal Boutique in Kingwood, and their Spring 2016 lookbook shoot, I was able to pretend to be a bride all over again.
In three separate jaw-droppingly-gorgeous dresses, to boot!

A few weeks ago I met up with Whittington Bridal’s sweet-as-can-be team way before the sun rose, to shoot at Houston’s own 1940 Air Terminal Museum.

Pretty much had no idea that this little museum existed before that morning. What was once Houston’s first airport, is now a mini-museum with artifacts on display originating from the golden age of airplane travel.

With trinkets and treasures scattered all over, a quick waltz through the museum had me itching to rewatch the short-lived TV series Pan Am all over again.  Who else was a fan? (Even if it was just for those costumes!?)

The 1940 Air Terminal Museum served as the perfect backdrop for Whittington Bridal’s 2016 Spring Look Book.

A hair & makeup team dolled me up for the shoot, and I felt almost (okay more*) fancy than I did on my actual wedding day!

*On my actual wedding day I wore cowboy boots and danced with my groom to a bluegrass band in a field … still very fancy, of course.*

But this delicate lace low back Stella York gown I’m wearing in the photos above was nothing like what I wore on my wedding day – making this shoot all the more fun!

Plus, I got to pose with a vintage airplane. 😉

Two other Houston bloggers joined in on the shoot, Hannah from Everly Oak and Shannon from Hey Shananigans.

The three of us bonded so quickly, that we decided to be each other’s bridesmaids! 😛

PS: How stunnnnning is the lace detail in the back of dress #2!?


Hannah looking like a bridal rockstar in a 1940s office no less.

Shannon’s ballgown was so gorgeous too!

My third gown of the shoot was a Lis Simon dress, and probably the most similar to what I actually wore on my wedding day. The ballgown skirt with the lace top.

My real wedding day skirt was consisted of a very heavy silk while this one was a much lighter silk & chiffon. It was surprisingly SO incredibly comfortable to wear. It would make a great dress for a bride who wanted to be sure to dance dance dance her wedding night away!


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With Patrick and my THIRD (wow – where has the time gone!?) anniversary just a little over a month away, it’s really funny to compare these bridal portraits to my own. It’s kind of wild to think how much you can grow and change in just three years while still feeling exactly like the same person you were way back then.

To anyone else, I’m sure I look exactly the same. But the difference between the pictures above and the picture below is SO much!

June 1st, 2013 at my uncle’s farm in Redbanks, M.S.

Since this photo was snapped, we’ve been through almost there whole years of marriage!

Which is equivalent to:  a move halfway across the country, another golden retriever, 100s of new recipes tried (and several failed), quite a few job/career changes, this blog of mine’s existence, one too many week-long Netflix binges, countless difficult challenges and the loss of loved ones, but thankfully a number of major successes, wonderful travel adventures and what has lately been our favorite adventure – simple nights on the back porch sitting around our fire pit.

A smaller adventure, but it gets us away from the TV and makes us feel like we’re camping on a work night. 😛 It’s the little things.

With that being said, it was so so so much fun to dress up and pretend to be a bride all over again. And as fabulous as those oh-so-gorgeous gowns were, the most special white dress of all is the one you actually do get to wear on your wedding day!

If you’re a bride-to-be, the girls at Whittington Bridal are so sweet, have killer style and you’ll feel like you’re chatting with an old friend in no-time. Perfect type of people to help you pick the most important dress you’ll ever wear, right?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always thanks for stopping by the blog!
Look Book photos: Fidelis Photography
My wedding day photo: Cindy B Thymius Photography

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    Rachel |

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  • This is such a cool opportunity. All of these dresses are gorgeous.

    xoxo, Jenny

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