Everyday Airbrushed Makeup in 5 Minutes

    Houston beauty blogger shares an airbrush make up tutorial with the Luminess Air Mystic Foundation Kit.

    Y’all have heard me mention Luminess Air on here a time or two before.  I’ve had the fun opportunity to try out a few different products that they offer and I’m so excited to be able to review & share them with you all.

    When it comes to makeup, I like things to be quick, easy & effective. The less time I can spend getting ready for the day, the better. Today I’m sharing another makeup look from Luminess Air that I can’t get enough of, and how to apply the look yourself in less than 5 minutes! (Because contrary to what you’re probably thinking, airbrushing really can be that simple!)  Continue reading

    Boho Mini Dress + 38-Week Bumpdate

    Houston fashion blogger Alice Kerley styles a Planet Blue bohemian red mini dress as a maternity dress with a pair of Elaine Turner suede over the knee boots.

    38-weeks! Time sure does fly. But really, these have felt like the longest 38-weeks of my entire life. Now with roughly 11 days until my due date, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for our little one’s arrival!

    While the bump is getting a bit harder to dress, I’m still having fun with it! Today I’m sharing how to still get away with mini-dresses later into your pregnancy & a 38-week bumpdate below. Head on down!

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    Fresh Healthy Meals on the Fly with Hello Fresh

    Houston food blogger shares a review of Hello Fresh and a recipe for Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner.

    In the past year, I’ve become SUCH a homebody. I guess it could be blamed on the exhaustion that comes from baking a human? Anyway, I find myself choosing to stay at home & opt for delivery over pretty much everything else. (Amazon Prime, you complete me!) So it was no surprise when Patrick and I started trying out a few different meal kit delivery services. Think healthy fresh ingredients delivered right to your door that you put together yourself.

    After testing some out, the one we’re loving the most is Hello Fresh! (Maybe it’s because this one offers recipes with quite a bit of cheese!?!) Today I’m sharing why we’re loving Hello Fresh and how it’s changed the way we do dinner during the busy work week. Apologies in advance if this post makes you a bit hungry!

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    2016: A Year in Review


    2016. While the internet seemed to be less than impressed with this particular year, I have to say that I had a great one! I also have a naturally positive outlook at all times, but with that aside, the highlights still definitely outshined the lowlights. And for that, I’m incredibly thankful.

    At times, this blog acts as sort of a scrapbook/diary of my life, if you will, so I’m using this post as a mini-recap of my highlights of 2016. I’m also sharing my 2016 adventures, my favorite outfits, what outfits YOU loved the most and the pieces y’all couldn’t get enough of in 2016 from Lone Star Looking Glass.

    Finishing it off with my resolutions for 2017 and goals. The first step in achieving a goal or resolution is writing it down, is it not?

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    Winter Bump Style + 5 Things I’ve Learned About Pregnancy


    I totally expected to spend the last few months of my pregnancy bundled up in cozy sweaters and scarves, enjoying the mild Houston winter weather. Well, I got to for one day! The day we shot these photos was absolutely frigid. Now it’s back to 80 degrees and I’m wearing tanks & tees to stay cool.

    That’s one thing I’ve learned about pregnancy, expect the unexpected. Whether it’s something as simple as the weather, or more serious involving baby, pregnancy comes with many surprises! I’m sharing five things I’ve learned throughout these last 37 weeks, plus a look at this cozy cold weather maternity outfit with Stowaway.

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    The Embroidered Denim Trend

    Houston blogger styles an embroidered denim buttondown from Anthropologie.

    I was so excited to see that embroidered denim was a “thing” (that’s totally in style too) that I convinced myself I was going to make it work for my nine-month pregnant body. Basically, I just sized up in this fabulous top & squeezed my baby bump into it! … It works right!?

    Today I’m talking all about the latest embroidery trend, this top (that’s on super sale for only $36 I might add) and how I’m dressing the bump in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Plus, I can’t not mention that Anthro’s tag sale has arrived! All sale items are an extra 40% off. WooOO!

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