The Most Important White Dress You’ll Ever Wear

    In this week’s countdown to our first wedding anniversary, as promised, I’m sharing a sneak peek into our wedding that took place last June.

    Let’s talk about probably one of the most important part’s of a girl’s wedding day: The Dress.

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    I had a very specific idea in mind for my wedding dress.  The trouble was, I couldn’t find this dress that I had imagined anywhere!  Browsing Pinterest and what felt like hundreds of wedding dress shops online, I only found bits and pieces of what I thought would fit together to make the perfect wedding dress.  But not THE dress.  THE dress just didn’t seem to exist anywhere I looked.

    These stunning brides heavily inspired the design that I ended up going for.

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    I had to have gone to almost every bridal salon in Knoxville.  I remember trying on so many dresses and feeling absolutely beautiful in each, but I always knew that these dresses weren’t the one. 

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    It wasn’t until my Mom, Dad, & I piled into the car and decided to drive almost two hours to Low’s Bridal in Brinkley, Arkansas.  I remember that the small town of Brinkley seemed almost empty.  There really wasn’t much to it, until we turned a corner and saw the lavish old train station turned bride to be’s dream come true.  It was such a magical experience, walking into the salon and feasting our eyes on the antique decor as well as wedding dress after wedding dress after wedding dress.   We hardly even knew where to begin! But thankfully we had an amazing saleswomen who helped make the task of finding the perfect dress MUCH easier.

    The problem was, after several hours looking at and trying on dresses I still hadn’t found THE dress.  I was starting to feel bad, worrying about wasting everyone’s time and having my parents drive so far, when I finally came across a dress with the most beautiful plain lace bodice I’d ever seen. The problem was I only liked the top portion of the dress. I thought it was stunning.  Unfortunately the bottom was a ball gown made of TULLE.  So so so so so so much tulle.  Who in their right mind would want a BALL GOWN made of tulle? I can handle some tulle. But that was just a lot of it.

    I tried it on anyway just to see what the top part would look like.  That’s when I knew I had to make this dress, or at least part of it, work somehow.

    I presented the idea to the sales associate that I would like to change the tulle to silk taffeta.  She looked at the material and thought it may work, then brought the dress to the owner to see what she thought.  After waiting for half an hour or so we heard word that the dress designer had been called and that they could do it!  I took a leap of faith and decided on a wedding dress that I hadn’t actually seen the final product of yet, but I knew, or just really hoped, that it would be perfect.  Because it this point it just had to!

    Four months later my wedding dress arrived in Memphis and … well .. the silk taffeta wasn’t silk taffeta .. it was a heavy silk, but that ended up not bothering me a bit.  I was too enthralled by the way it turned out to even notice the difference between the two because I couldn’t believe that I was holding the dress that I had dreamt about for so long.

    In front of my parent’s bedroom mirror, I had that moment that you see in all of the bridal salon’s on “Say Yes to the Dress,” the this is the it moment.  I may have shed a tear or two seeing myself in it after waiting so long. It was definitely worth the risk.  

    It really is a lot of pressure to pick out your wedding dress.  If you’re like me, you’ve dreamt about it ever since you first dressed your Barbie up in her very own wedding dress.  My advice to any bride searching for a gown is not to give up on that dream dress of yours! I couldn’t believe how easy it was for my dress to be changed so drastically.

    Its truly a sad thing that you only get to wear your wedding dress once.  But I had a really great “one time” in that white dress!

    A Year Ago This Week

    One year ago today, I was frantically packing my car to head across the state of Tennessee to prep for our wedding in Memphis.

    I can’t believe its already been a year!
    Our anniversary is just next Sunday, on June 1st.  I figured leading up to it I would share bits and pieces of our wedding on here, since I wasn’t much of a blogger this time last year. 
    A friend of quite a few of our friends and all around great guy/amazing photographer, Cody Bennett, shot our engagement photos for us during the Fall of 2012.  These pictures seem like they were taken forever ago, but at the same time it feels like it was just last week.  

    I think this one, with the horse, happens to be my favorite.  I joke that if Patrick and I were a country music singing duo, that this would be our album cover.   We shot these photos on a friend of mine’s farm right smack dab in the middle of Knoxville.   

    Its crazy how much has happened since these photos were taken.  Not only were we married, but we also moved to a new state and both started new jobs.  I would have never thought that this is where we would be now, a year after our wedding.  It goes to show that you really have no idea where your road will take you but so far it has been an enjoyable ride with this one by my side.  And … that just rhymed.  
    Check back in next week! I plan on posting tidbits of what I envisioned for our wedding, our wedding pictures, as well as tips I would share for any bride to be.  We definitely had an interesting wedding day that was FULL of surprises.  But it truly was one of the best days of my life so far and I wouldn’t change a thing.
    On another note, hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  We plan on being super lazy homebodies all weekend long.   We’ll see if that sticks though.  I have a tendency to not be able to sit still for too long. 😉 

    Roughing it in New Braunfels, TX

    I’ve always loved the quote, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”  Living in East Tennessee, this was something that I swore once or twice I actually felt.  Well, maybe I just really wanted to get out in the mountains and go camping, using that as my excuse.  I can be pretty girly at times but I’ve always loved the outdoors and the feeling of getting away from it all.   This wasn’t something that I did much with my family growing up, but once I joined my girl scout troop in the fourth grade and went on my first camping trip, my passion was instantly ignited. 

    Trendy in Texas / New Braunfels, TX / KL Ranch / Camping / Guadalupe River
    Fast forward a decade or so.  Here we are six months into life in Texas and its our first time getting out and exploring a part of the state that isn’t Houston.  Along with a few of our friends we loaded up pretty much everything we owned, kidding but not really, and headed to New Braunfels, TX.   
    New Braunfels is “famous” for being right on the Gaudalupe River.  The thing to do while you’re here is camp out on the riverbank and tube down the river, with a cooler or two in tow.  I’m a Trip Advisor junkie and one of my favorite things to do is research travel destinations. (Seriously, major hobby.)  I spent a few days trying to find the best campsite based on reviews and what not and then I stumbled upon KL Ranch.   We booked a few weeks out and it was a wee bit pricy for a campsite, but I’d say it was definitely worth it.  
    We had enough space between neighboring campsites, they sold firewood by the bundle, and in case you forgot anything there was a little convenience shop right up the hill. 
    Trendy in Texas / New Braunfels, TX / KL Ranch / Camping / Guadalupe River

    Our adventurous group!  
    Remember in my last post how I mentioned that we were going to attempt to “Glamp?” I’d say we were…sort of… successful.  
    Fancy table cloth: check.   
    French press: check.  
    How else are you going to make coffee for six people without electricity?  
    We boiled up some water in a dutch oven, put a bit of good ol’ Folgers in the french press and drank that piping hot coffee right out of solo cups.
    For breakfast Saturday morning, my friend Jenna made ahead a bunch of “camping” burritos.  Here’s the recipe she used if you’re interested.  They were delicious and really easy to reheat over an open flame.
    After breakfast, we hung around the campsite for a while.  

    Patrick, and his handsome new cowboy hat, ventured out into the river bright and early.  He is definitely embracing the Texas culture.

    Trendy in Texas / New Braunfels, TX / KL Ranch / Camping / Guadalupe River
    That afternoon we put on our water shoes and headed to the river for tubing, the main event of the trip. Our campsite offered tube rentals as well as a shuttle service to drop you off at the top of the river.  It was really nice that we could just walk across the street and take advantage of this.
    Trendy in Texas / New Braunfels, TX / KL Ranch / Camping / Guadalupe River
    I still can’t get over the fact that Jenna brought her phone out on the river, but I’m thankful for these fun pictures!  Can you believe her phone made it out alive and working?  I am still pretty shocked. 

    Once back to camp, we did what anybody would do, gorged ourselves on a plethora of chips and dip.  Glamping at its finest.

    It was such a fun weekend getting out of town and enjoying the some of the best of what Texas has to offer.   I’m afraid though, that this has started a little itch in me to do even more road trips and weekend getaways.  Camping in Galveston anyone?  A short stay at a ranch in Hill Country?  Please?  
    Until next time.


    Glam – ping: verb 1. A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

    According to the Oxford dictionary, “glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries”

    On that note, we’re headed out into the wilderness of the Texas countryside this weekend.  A few other couples are joining us on our jaunt down the Guadalupe River.   We’ve been joking that we are going to attempt to go “Glamping.”  Aka glamourous camping.  Check out these pretty shots of some people who take glamping to an extreme level.   But for us, I’m thinking the most glamourous aspect of our trip will just mean drinking out of plastic wine glasses instead of solo cups.  Cheers!


    This will actually be our first time to get away and explore another part of the state other than Houston. Back in Knoxville, we would head up into the Smokey Mountains for the weekend all the time.  It was one of my favorite parts about living in East, TN. Being so close to so much nature.   I’m just itching to build a campfire, roast marshmallows, and sleep under the stars.  It has been far too long.   
    I’ll let you know next week how our attempt at “glamping” turns out! 
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    Our Saturday

    I’m having a case of the Mondays.   But that’s expected after such a great weekend staying in town and spending some quality time with the husband.  Only 5 more days until we’re off again! 
    Here is a glimpse into a bit of our weekend….
    Houston Trendy in Texas Buffalo Bayou Park Linus Bike
    Saturday we biked all the way from our house to basically the center of Houston for the annual Art Car Parade.  We heard that if you live here, you MUST check this parade out.  And it didn’t disappoint! Lots and lots of quirky people and their interesting takes on “art” cars. 
    It was literally like a maze, trying to navigate our way from our house to the parade on various bike trails and side streets.   We were so happy to have actually made it, that a picture was definitely in order.   
    Now on to the cars:
    Houston Art Car Parade 2014

     See that guy inside that mouth?  He was belting out some amazing opera for the audience.  Had to have been my favorite part of the parade.

    Houston Art Car Parade 2014
    Houston Art Car Parade 2014
    The parade had over 250 cars in procession, all very unique from one another.  But I will say, a common theme I saw was that a bunch of people just glued random toys all over their cars.  I saw many covered in action figures, kids meal toys, you name it, it was on their cars.   Wish I nabbed some pictures of those.  I’ll just have to remember for next year. 
    Later that day we headed up to The Woodlands to see Lady Antebellum.   This Tennessee girl loves her country music, so I am so thankful that Whitney at observant turtle blog shared her tickets with us! We had such a great time! 🙂 

    Oh & here’s a sneak at what I wore to the show.  I’m way too obsessed with these heels and I probably should start rotating them with some other shoes in my closet that don’t get as much love.  
    Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Ruffle Tier Cami Blog
    But this white crop top! You can’t really see how all sorts of amazing it is in my picture.  But trust me, it is.  My top’s from Urban Outfitters and I really haven’t shopped at therein a while … I need to start checking them out every so often.  They had tons of great summer stuff in the store, perfect for the looming hot temps of Houston. 
    Sunday morning was spent finishing a good book and later that day I caught up on all of my TV shows.  I’m a really big fan of my DVR at the moment.   🙂 
    I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend as well! 

    Tastin’ Houston

    Last night, Patrick and I went to CultureMap’s Tastemaker Awards Gala.  This is where they honor the best of the best, food-wise, in Houston.   We sipped on delicious cocktails and tasted samples of the best chef’s cuisine in H-town. 
    Since living here, we’ve become foodies.  Trying new restaurants has become one of our main hobbies these days, so we pretty much geeked out over this opportunity to try samples from a bunch of different restaurants at once.  We were definitely acting like two little kids in a candy store, hopping from table to table, which was okay with me.   
    sheath dress / anthropologie 
    earrings / anthropologie / here
    heels / liz claiborne / here
    The event was held in a warehouse turned art gallery, which made for a unique layout with a lot of opportunities to get lost.  Which we did.  More on that in a bit. 
    I wish I was a better blogger and could tell you where each little treat we tried actually came from.  
    But I may have gotten too distracted by trying things that I forgot.  Oops!  These were little salmon “sandwiches” in a warm roll drizzled with a white cream sauce.  Normally I’m not into salmon, but I could eat quite a few of these!
    Patrick loved them too! 🙂

    These Asian flat bread “tacos” were a big contender as for being my favorite taste last night.   Really anything that remotely resembles a taco, I’m usually very okay with.

    We tried a few drinks, crafted by only the best bartenders in town, but I have to share this one (and somehow figure out a way to make it at home!)  It’s tequila, some sort of Watermelon liquor, and ….. jalapenos! I really couldn’t taste the jalapenos, but it had a little kick to it that was all sorts of amazing.   

    Hold on, let me take a selfie. 
    Ah and I couldn’t leave out sharing this one with you.   It’s called Frank the Pretzel.  That’s a fancy hot dog drizzled in delicious toppings and stuffed into a pretzel bun.   Sold. 
    Remember how I mentioned earlier that we got lost?  Well, after trying every little treat in the first room and having our fill, we thought to ourselves: hmm maybe stay about 15 more minutes and head home? That’s when we saw someone walk through a small little corridor into THIS room! With even MORE food and drinks.  We definitely ended up staying longer than 15 minutes after that.
    There was also sweet DJ.
    And lots of art.
    This Texas Flag appears to include all of the best things about Texas.  Glad queso made the cut! 
    One of the rooms was decked out with gorgeous swanky furniture and stunning portraits of women that were painted over book pages.  
    Oh and just thought I’d share: A life goal of mine is to have a set of those plastic Louis the XVI ghost chairs.  I’m in love.
    I was having a little too much fun posing with the art.  
    After eating more than we probably should have, we headed home discussing which of these restaurants we were going to try out next. 
    & thank you to CultureMap for the tickets. We had a lovely evening! 
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