One Fashionable Evening with Escada

    Last night I attended a fashion show and cocktail party to celebrate the launch of the new Elizabeth Anthony expansion in Uptown Park.
    The whole evening revolved around the fashion show featuring Escada’s fall, resort, and spring collections. Escada is an up and coming designer label that is favored on the runway by the likes of Gennifer Goodwin, Emma Roberts, & Kat Graham, (from my favorite show … Vampire Diaries! Yep, I still watch Vampire Diaries.)
    Anyway, the Houston fashion blogger community has been so much fun to be a part of and I love getting the opportunity to go to these snazzy events and meet new people on such a regular basis.  
    We had ourselves a fabulous time last night, people watching and oohing & ahhing over the pretty clothing.

    After the show, we were invited back inside Elizabeth Anthony for a preview of the new store accompanied by light bites and cocktails. 
    Light bites & cocktails are always a nice addition, in my opinion. 😉
    I buddied up with Paola from WithinMyStyle the rest of the evening. 
    We took goofy mirror selfies …
    And posed with unbelievable gowns.
    I can only imagine what kinds of luxurious events these particular gowns will be worn to one day.


    I dressed up my little SheInside number (remember this … only $20!) for
    the occasion with a black blazer, making the summery shades a bit more
    appropriate for the season. 
    I love stumbling upon cute and inexpensive fashion.  It didn’t phase me for a second that I was surrounded by exquisite dresses, that cost probably as much as a car, while I was all dolled up in a dress that may actually have cost less than two tickets to a movie. 
    You can’t put a price (whether big or small) on style after all.


    After checking out the dresses we stumbled upon even more beautiful
    goodies to admire. These acrylic clutches were simply stunning! 
    I would carry one with me every where I ever went … from now on. 

    It certainly was a lovely evening and I left day dreaming of gorgeous gowns and wearing them to cinderella-esque balls.

    But back to reality!

    Also, I wanted to thank you all for entering my Boden giveaway that accompanied my last two posts! I’ve loved reading everyone’s favorite things about fall, and let me tell you those comments have me itching (even more) for the temps to drop down here so we can really enjoy this wonderful season!

    I will be annuoncing the winner on Monday, but in the mean time check back tomorrow for some more fall fashions and another extra special giveaway.

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

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    Mad for Plaid

    Boden The Shirt, Boden the Shirt Red Check, Boden The Shirt Plaid, Boden Plaid Shirt, Anthropologie Green Vest, Anthropologie Leather Clutch, Trendy in Texas

    Boden The Shirt, Boden the Shirt Red Check, Boden The Shirt Plaid, Boden Plaid Shirt, Anthropologie Green Vest, Anthropologie Leather Clutch, Trendy in Texas

    Boden The Shirt, Boden the Shirt Red Check, Boden The Shirt Plaid, Boden Plaid Shirt, Anthropologie Green Vest,

    I’ve always loved wearing plaid, and something about plaid patterns just screams fall to me. Which is why I’m loving this plaid button-up shirt from Boden.  Boden is one of my all time favorite British brands. They just launched so us yanks over here in the US can get in on their lovely UK fashions too!

    Anywho, the weather is starting to a take a bit of a cooler turn (finally), and you better believe I’m taking advantage of this … even if the temperatures haven’t dipped below 75° just yet. 

    I paired this top with my oh-so-cozy green vest that I’ve had for a while now.  Isn’t it the best when it gets a bit cooler out and you all of a sudden have opportunities for layering fun pieces?  
    Like almost every other stereotypical girl out there, I must admit, I love all things fall.
    Boden Fall Wish List, Boden Fall, Boden Top Fall Picks,

    trendy in texas

    CITYCENTRE Houston Blogger Event

    Last Wednesday, I was treated to a wonderful evening at CITYCENTRE, an outdoor shopping venue here in Houston. Local Houston bloggers were invited to come out for sips, snacks, and of course – some shopping.
    I met up with quite a few Houston blogger ladies, several I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet before, so it was great to get to know each another and chit chat about our similar hobbies. 
    houston fashion bloggers, houston bloggers, citycentre houston, trendy in texas

    We started the evening off at Straits, an Asian/Fusion Bistro. 
    This restaurant is right in the middle of all of the shopping, with plenty of outdoor seating which is great for people watching … or to just a take a break from the serious exhaustion that a shopping trip can induce.  
    We all mixed and mingled until it felt as if we knew each other for years as opposed to just a few minutes.

    Okay, that may be just a bit of an exaggeration. We certainly had a good time, though!

    Pausing for a picture with Cindy from Pumps and Macarons
    I’m probably always the first one to break into the party food at these sorts of things.  Party food is my weakness. (I was also coming straight from work … so … that’s my excuse?) 
    Luckily, I convinced Cindy & Andrea (PrettilySimple) to join me!

    straits houston, straits restaurant, straits
    straits houston, straits restaurant, straits

    Straits pulled out all the stops and supplied us hungry fashionistas with an array of Asian-inspired treats.

    Chicken Satay Sticks, Spring Rolls, Chicken “Lollipops” and good ol’ American french fries were on display just for us to eat.

    citycentre houston
    After just enough socializing, we headed off to stop at the lovely shops and boutiques that were co-hosting our evening.
    Elaine Turner greeted us with champagne and macarons.  
    Those purple macarons … they were lavender flavored.  
    And they were out of this world. Didn’t mind for a bit that it may have tasted like I was eating a garden or a nice smelling lotion.
    It was simply delicious.

    I also pretty much lost it over these swoon worthy clutches.  
    One of these is definitely on my imaginary wishlist at the moment!

    Before we got too far into the evening, my friend Anna (in the hat) met up and joined in on the fun. 

    As well as snapped a semi-awkward photo of me, but I’m including it anyway.

    She almost almost convinced me to take home these Elaine Turner boots.  
    Aren’t they gorgeous?
    She’s good at convincing, but I’m also good at not being too impulsive. 😉 
    Another wishlist addition?
    Next stop, a visit over to Kendra Scott.

    Then a hop-skip and a jump to Charming Charlie. 
    Which, did you know, started out in Houston of all places! 
    I love coming in here because the store’s displays are divided into color categories, which is great when you’re looking for hard to find Tennessee Orange, #GoVols.  
    I may live in Texas now, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Tennessee.

    Charming Charlie also treated us blogger ladies with these fun/edgy earrings that I can not wait to wear. 

    After going in and out of a few more shops, Anna and I headed to the CITYCENTRE Anthropologie for the Hub Dot event they were hosting that evening.
    I kind of lucked out that night, the two things that I wanted to do were only within feet of each other. 
    In a city this big … that never happens.  

    Hub Dot is an event that takes place all over the country/world where groups of women get together to talk openly about different topics.  
    When we entered the store we were given a set of stickers and asked to choose which color represented us.
    The choices were:

    Anna and I both chose the blue and green dots, we were much too indecisive to settle with just one.

    Live music played and delicious treats zoomed around on platters while guests got to know one another, sharing stories, networking, and shopping. 
    Anna and I may have been doing a bit more of the latter though. 

    More Tennessee orange! 
    It is football season after all.

    A fun and fabulous evening, we had! 
    I absolutely love living in this big city, where there is always something going on. It seems like the opportunities here are endless and there is always something new to do and a new someone to meet.
    Not to mention the Houston blogger community has been extremely welcoming to this Tennessee transplant. 🙂
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    Florals in the Fall


     SheInside Floral Skirt, SheInside Midi Skirt, SheInside Skirt, Stripe Top and Floral Skirt, Seychelles Prowl heels, Seychelles Conquer Heels, Seychelles Nude Heels, Trendy in Texas,
    SheInside Floral Skirt, SheInside Midi Skirt, SheInside Skirt, Stripe Top and Floral Skirt, Seychelles Prowl heels, Seychelles Conquer Heels, Seychelles Nude Heels, Trendy in Texas,

    Last week gave me yet another excuse to
    get all dolled up in the middle of the work week.  I attended the
    Fashion Blogger Event at CITY CENTRE, an outdoor shopping mall here in
    Houston, and met a bunch of fabulous Houston blogger ladies.  
    But more on that fun event in tomorrow’s post. 😉
    I must must must tell you about this floral skirt of mine! I ordered this oh-so-pretty skirt not too long ago from SheInside.  If you haven’t
    shopped at SheInside yet, girl you’re missing out!  This skirt was only

    I prefer to invest in staple pieces, but I do love stumbling upon great deals on
    trendier pieces that you know you’re only going to wear a handful of times before they go out of style. 

    know it’s not very “fall” ish, but I figured it being the last week of
    summer and all, I could squeeze this floral skirt in before the seasons really
    changed.  And so I did.  This print could also work well for the
    holidays, maybe with a darker/solid top? … I’m trying to convince
    Fall/Summer/Spring, whatever time of year it is, I think this skirt is worth every single one of those 2,000 pennies that it costs. 🙂
    Rocksbox, Rocksbox Blog, Rocksbox House of Harlow 1960,

    On another note.  Have you heard about Rocksbox yet? 
    A friend of mine suggested I try it, and now I’m hooked!  I love throwing on jewelry as I’m walking out the door, but I tend to always purchase similar styles and never really branch out of my comfort zone.

    If you’re anything like me, then RocksBox is for you!  You take a fun little style survey then the stylists over at Rocksbox create a cohesive look for you, based on your preferences.

    The box itself is $19 a month.  You “rent” the jewelry but you also get the opportunity to purchase the designer pieces for a very nice discounted price before you have to send them back.  I kind of look at is as an extended “try on” period. If that makes sense. You definitely get to fully “try before you buy”, so you know for sure if the jewelry is worth investing in, and that you’re going to wear it.

    If you’re any bit interested, Rocksbox is offering The Lone Star Looking Glass readers their first month for free: right ova here.

    I got some fabulous goodies in my box this month. Still debating whether I can part with that House of Harlow cuff or not…. decisions decisions! 

    Do you tend to stick to one type of jewelry as opposed to the other? Gold vs Silver? Classic vs Statement?   Let me know, I love hearing from you guys!

    Daydreaming of my Dream Room

    It’s no secret, I love all things Anthropologie.  Sorry, just can’t get enough!  As much as I adore their clothing, I have an equal obsession with their home decor line.

    So, when their hefty home catalog arrived on my doorstep the other day, I was in home decor heaven.

    After perusing through the pretty pictures a time or two, and dog earring my favorites, I decided to play a little game of …. pretending to be an interior designer / wishful thinking that I could snap my fingers and this all could be mine. 😉

    Silly game…. I know.  But if I won the lottery and was going to start a-fresh and redecorate my living room tomorrow, here is what (in my dreams) it would look like.:

    As much fun as it would be to be able design a space all it once…. it’s also nice to build a room piece by piece. Then each piece of furniture or knick-knack has its own special meaning of where it came from and when & why you bought it. 
    Patrick and I are just renting our little yellow house right now, so I’m afraid to invest in any major pieces at the moment, when I know our permanent home is not too far off in the future.  But you better believe I’ve been planning on how I’m going to decorate that future home of ours for quite a few years now. 😉
    At the moment,  I’ll just have to pass my time by swooning over the oh-so-pretty home inspiration below. 

    What are your favorite pieces from Anthropologie’s newly expanded home line?  And do you also have big dreams of redecorating certain spaces in your home?  If so, I’d love to hear!
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    A Mother-Daughter Day

    Last (last) weekend, while my parents were still in town, I was able to sneak away from my dad and my husband to spend some quality mother-daughter girl time.  We weren’t expecting to have this opportunity while she was in town, so we were thrilled! 

    Thank you so very much College Game Day!

    My mom and I visited the boutiques on 19th Street in the Heights, trekked through the Galleria, and even roamed the shops of Highland Village, all followed by a delicious bite to eat at my new favorite restaurant in all of Houston. 
    We had a big time indeed.  
    And naturally, I had to get all dolled up for the occasion. 
    Anthropologie Petaluma Midi Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Midi Skirt, Petaluma Skirt, Trendy in Texas, Trendy in Texas Blog, Alice Kerley
    Anthropologie Petaluma Midi Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Midi Skirt, Petaluma Skirt, Trendy in Texas, Trendy in Texas Blog, Alice Kerley

    Bauble Bar, Bauble Bar Anthropologie, Bauble Bar Pendant Necklace, BaubleBar Necklace, Trendy in Texas

    If this isn’t your first visit to ze blog, you may recognize this outfit in my Charleston post here, but I don’t happen to wear things in my closet just once … and I never really got a proper outfit photo for the blog anyway, so I’m sharing it again. 🙂

    I. Love. This. Pink. Skirt.  That’s all there really is to say about it. 🙂 

    And I have also mentioned a time or two on here about my new found obsession with BaubleBar. Their jewelry is so much fun (as well as pretty affordable) and I can’t get enough of it! My necklace (above) was purchased from Anthro, but it’s made by BaubleBar. 

    A few of their newer pretty gems that I’m lusting after:

    Snake Chain Necklace // Wonder Woman Bib // Gold Tassel Necklace // Amalfi Horn Bib


    And who doesn’t love a good deal, shop at BaubleBar and use the code FALL20 anytime before Friday, the 19th and get yourself 20% off!

    Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods
    After spending all morning, and well into the afternoon, walking around Houston, in and out of the many shops and boutiques scattered across town, my mom and I were famished! I was ready to scarf down fast food at The Galleria food court, just to get something to eat, but my mother insisted that we go someplace fun and (in her words) “Houston-y.”

    Trying to think of someplace outside the box that would also be new for the both of us, I remembered a couple of different people recommending Tiny Boxwoods.   
    I typed the restaurant name into my GPS, and fortunately for us, we were only a few blocks away from what is now my new favorite spot in all of Houston.
    Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods

    Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods

     Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods

    The weather was just cool enough to sit outside. Sipping on a cold glass of a white wine mojito cocktail certainly helped to bring down the temps even more.
    We sat back in the comfortable wicker chairs, people watched, and caught up on each others lives while awaiting something delicious to fill our bellies.
    My mom informed me that the plant sitting right in the center of our table was, in fact, a tiny boxwood, after the restaurants namesake.  She explained that these precious plants take forever and ever to grow but once they do, they’re pretty easy to keep alive.  
    I’m thinking I need to get some of these then! Keeping plants alive is not Patrick’s nor my specialty.

    Soon enough, our charcuterie and cheese board arrived and the presentation was almost too nice for us to disturb. 

    Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods


    Ta-da! We quickly finished it.

    We thought it was kind of funny that that’s what we decided to share on probably one of the few mother-daughter days we’ll get to have this year.  Due to the fact that when I studied abroad in college my mom and I went to Ireland for the weekend, and for some reason all we ate over there were cheese & charcuterie boards! They were fantastic! We laugh about how unadventurous we were with food choices that weekend.

    But don’t judge us for eating so little…only a few short hours after this snack we dined on loads and loads of Tex-Mex.  Very “houston-y” of us, indeed. 😉

    Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods

    Right on the other side of this precious restaurant is a plant nursery, that is a must visit after your meal.

    We got up from our table and walked the few feet over to admire all of the greenery, flowers, and array of tiny boxwoods.

    I didn’t take any tiny boxwoods home with me this time, but you better believe I’m coming back here soon to have a go at the rest of their delicious menu… And maybe I will just have to nab a new plant for the house at the same time. 😉
    It was a perfect afternoon that I am so glad the two of us got to share.  Hopefully we’ll be fortunate enough for some more mother-daughter days together again soon! 
    & PS: I just branched out to Social Media for this blog o’ mine so don’t forget to follow Trendy in Texas on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Thanks so much for stopping by!
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