Walking in Memphis

My husband was away for a beach bachelor weekend with his college buddies. While the guys were having their fun, I took this opportunity to head up to Memphis, see family, and visit old friends.

It’s always nice going back to your home town for a visit, and a bit surreal.  I forgot what it was like to run into people that I know out and about!  Being so new to Houston (and it being such a HUGE city) I hardly ever run into anyone and it’s actually kind of liberating, in a weird way.

Anyway.  On to the fun.  I spent the day with my some of my favorite people.  Brunch with the family.  Zoo day with my girlfriends.  And what I really want to share with you all: drinks with friends in an old abandoned brewery turned beer garden.

Tennessee Brewery Untapped Trendy in Texas

Tennessee Brewery Untapped Trendy in Texas
So this brewery, they are calling it the Tennessee Brewery Untapped.   Untapped due to its plethora of “untapped” potential.  The brewery is currently slated for a recking ball sometime this summer.  Memphians are banding together to save the building by showing the public the many things this historic space has to offer.   
This building is about a block from where my parents live in downtown Memphis.  Its an absolutely gorgeous structure and there are so many different things that this space could be used for.  I mean, can you imagine how fabulous a wedding reception would be in here?!  I’m so glad that I could contribute to saving this space by sipping on beers with friends and marveling at the beautiful urban decay. 
Tennessee Brewery Untapped Trendy in Texas 
My lovely friend Carey and I.  We hadn’t seen each other since Christmas, so this was a fun reunion. 
As if this place wasn’t amazing enough, they happened to be serving my favorite beer, Abita Strawberry.  If you haven’t tried it, I dare you too.  It’s a sign of summertime’s arrival when this seasonal brew hits the shelves.  I kind of geek out a bit over it. 

Hi, Sarah! 
A couple of food trucks were tucked away in the back of the beer garden.  This one served up some mean tacos that may just give the tacos back in Texas a run for their money. 

Now I can’t just end this post without sharing some outfit photos with you.   Sarah and I had some fun snapping these on our walk to the brewery.

Embroidery Anthropologie Top Covered Bridge Shooties Blog Trendy in Texas
Pembroke Maxi Skirt Blog Anthropologie

If you live in Memphis, check this place out, sip on a beer, & help save the brewery.   Hoping that the Tennessee Brewery is still around by my next visit!

  • This place is so cool! I'll have to give that beer a try, it sounds pretty tasty. Nice outfits too…I love your style!

    • Thanks, Missy! 🙂 And yes, strawberry beer is amazing, you'll love it!

  • It's always so fun to travel home for a visit with friends and family, glad you had fun! PS. Love those shoes 🙂