Shopping & Drinks in Montrose

Here’s a little bit about one of my new favorite home boutiques here in Houston: Biscuit Home
I’d seen this fun shop mentioned on a few Houston blogs so when I was right across the street from it, early to happy hour with the girls, I had to stop by.  

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And get a shot of that fabulous paint wall of theirs.   Such a creative idea! 

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The store specialized in textiles: bedding, linens, and fabulous pillow cases.  They were all simply stunning, as was the home decor, accessories, and art.  
I’m particularly in love with their Marfa sheet set.  
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Wouldn’t these sheets be great in a guest room?  I love the “Texas Theme” it has to it.  They would be perfect, especially for the fact that all of our visitors would be coming in from out of state.  
Also, how PRECIOUS would these sheets be in a little boy’s nursery, and do the room cowboy themed?  
Marfa Sheets, you shall be mine one day! 
I loved this piece of art too, it was so bright and colorful in person. They had a few others on display by the same artist. And I thought they were a great price too, under $400 for a hand painted piece of that size.   
And if you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’d know my little obsession with ghost chairs.  I loved seeing this one styled with that pretty pretty pillow. 
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Here are few of my favorite things that I found in the store that are also sold on line.  
Those cocktail napkins are ahhh-mazing! 
navy fleur pillow $60 here  / acrylic ice bucket $65 here  / howdy doormat $50 here
cocktail napkins $35 here / porcelain zebra dish $32 here / floral throw pillow $195 here
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After some shopping, I meet a few friends across the street at Anvil Bar & Refuge in Montrose.   This bar is currently in the running for one of the best bars in the entire country.  Houston seems to be doing big things in the food & drink category, which I love about this town!      
Anvil’s cocktail menu was about a mile long, so it took me forever to decide on which to choose.  
Thankfully each of us ordered something different, so we were able to try a more than a few that evening. 
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Not surprising, though, the traditional mint julep was my favorite of the evening!  I really need to attempt to make these at home sometime….
We also munched on some very interesting appetizers, which I was a little bit too hungry to even think about grabbing pictures of.   We had milk curds drizzled with honey and lamb meatballs with a curry sauce.  Definitely different than your typical bar food of cheese sticks and nachos but it was fun to try some new dishes. 
Well we are off to Austin this weekend, to tick some things off of that summer bucket list of ours. Any restaurant or sightseeing suggestions would be appreciated!  Happy weekend, ya’ll!