Cha Cha Cha – Charleston Part Two

Charleston, lovely Charleston. Seriously, I need to come back to you very soon.
It’s been kind of a while now, since my short visit, and I’m finally getting around to the second half of this post. Life has been busy busy busy lately.  
But I won’t let that stop me from a bit of blogging in the evenings! 

With only one Saturday afternoon in Charleston, our rather large (and surprisingly organized) group of bachelorette party attendees sure fit in a heck of a lot.  After a delicious brunch on the harbor,  we leisurely strolled through the Charleston City Market.  
This open-air market is considered a must-see historic attraction.  As it’s one of the countries oldest public markets, you never know what you’re going to find in the many eclectic shop stalls. 
Under a bit of a time crunch, I quickly popped in and out of the booths, on the hunt for unique treasures that I could maybe take home in my small carry on. 
The hand woven sweetgrass baskets were scattered for sale all over the market.   These baskets have been made this same way for more than 200 years and are considered the number one souvenir that tourists purchase in Charleston.
Alas, I dare to be different, and I came home with a precious little magnet of an antebellum lady in a yellow dress carrying a parasol. 
Oh, and it was only $1.49.  
Successful shopping trip, in my opinion. 
As soon as we walked through the entire market, all ten of us girls grabbed our bathing suits & beach towels then drove across town to have some fun on Folly Beach.
I wasn’t really expecting us to have the time to fit in a beach visit, so the spontaneous stop was a wonderful surprise! 
It’s mid-August, which you know is hot hot hot hot.  The ocean water was fortunately the most perfect temperature.  We all just hung out. floating amongst the waves, talking, laughing and soaking up the sun.   
But….then someone checked their watch.  
And we had dinner reservations in less than two hours.  Like I said, we were a very organized bunch that day. 
Quickly we headed back into town and got all dolled up for another big girl’s night out.   
It was a bachelorette weekend after all. 
Anthropologie Petaluma Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Midi Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Skirt, Pink Midi Skirt, Petaluma Skirt

Saturday night gave me the perfect excuse to wear this fabulous new pink skirt of mine.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this beautiful & flowy Anthropologie skirt.   
You can ask my husband, I’ve probably found 4-5 different occasions to wear it in just the past two weeks alone.  I wonder if he’s sick of it yet?  
That evening, I paired it with a black ruffled crop top that I felt dressed it all up.  
Once all 10 of us decided we were cleaned up enough for dinner, we walked out the door of  our hotel only to discover the short walk to dinner was in fact…. a quite longer two mile one.  
Not a pleasant thought, but we decided we’d take the chance. 
Luckily for us, four rickshaws (“bicycle carriages” …. as I had originally referred them … but was quickly corrected) were waiting right around the corner.   I think their peddlers were pretty surprised to have ten dressed up ladies all wanting to go to the same location, at the same time.   I’d say it worked out rather perfectly for these gentleman…..and ourselves. 
Anthropologie Petaluma Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Midi Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Skirt, Pink Midi Skirt, Petaluma Skirt
If you haven’t travelled by rickshaw before, I highly suggest it!   
We whipped right past all of the pedestrians, laughing at the fact that we were about to attempt such a long walk to dinner, all the while passing the beautiful architecture of Charleston.   
We quickly arrived to our destination, much faster than we anticipated thanks to our trusty rickshaw drivers.  
The Macintosh Charleston, The Macintosh Restaurant, Macintosh Charleston
Dinner that evening was at The Macintosh on King Street.  We dined on elaborate southern dishes (that I sadly didn’t take any pictures of).
But the highlight of the dinner, and I’m sure all the other girls would agree, were the french fries.  Truffle fries, covered in parmesan cheese.  Mmmkay, yum.  
The Macintosh Charleston, The Macintosh Restaurant, Macintosh Charleston

Oh and the watermelon cocktails were none too bad either. 😉

Saturday night we celebrated the bride-to-be and wore homemade flower crowns for our girls night out.   
We visited a few bars, most notably Henry’s and Social.  If visiting Charleston, and looking for a fun place to go, we had a great time at both of these.  Social was more laid back and Henry’s was well… there were lasers?
Our group must have been a spectacle on the streets, I’m sure.  But we were having so much fun that the flower crown gawkers didn’t even phase us for a second.
And, really, how often can you get away with wearing one of these? 
Charleston Bachelorette Party, Charleston Flower Crown Bachelorette Party, Flower Crown Bachelorette Party, Flower Crowns

So much fun dancing the night away surrounded by girlfriends & flowers.  🙂
I woke up bright & early on Sunday, said goodbye to my sleeping friends, and flew back to Texas.  It was the shortest getaway imaginable.  But since we accomplished so much in just one day, now I feel like nothing is stopping me from many more short weekend trips, where one or two days can feel like a week-long vacation.
Also, sorry about the quality of some of these photos! I had a camera malfunction early in the day so the trusty ol’ iPhone was new my best friend after that point.   Charleston humidity & cameras don’t really mix…. 
BUT it’s almost labor day weekend!  Hope you guys have fun plans ahead of you!  Patrick and I are contemplating a day trip to the beaches of Galveston.  Shockingly, we still haven’t been down there! If any of you Texans are reading this & have suggestions of things to do, I’d love to hear them! 
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  • Anonymous

    Looks like a fun trip! And I LOVE your pink skirt! – Joanna

  • Anonymous

    Charleston is so beautiful. I live only a few hours away but and I don't get down there enough. Thank you for sharing your trip. 🙂


  • Gorgeous skirt! Love it!

  • That skirt! It looks amazing on you! I just love it! And I adore the black top that you paired with it. It shows the perfect amount of skin. You girls look like you had the best time. What fun! Girl time is the best! And the crowns… So good!


  • Your skirt is absolutely stunning!

    – Deniz

  • Speaking of midi skirts… I just love yours! It's so feminine and pretty!