Meet Marigold

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen a sneak peek of the most precious addition to our little family.
We adopted Marigold, a golden retriever puppy, over the weekend and she is like owning a real life teddy bear! It’s amazing!
But oh my goodness, Patrick and I certainly forgot how intense puppy training can be. The sleepless nights, accidents in the house, chewing on things that are definitely NOT her toys, you know, the normal puppy behavior.  
She’s been a handful, but her cuddles and watching her play with our older golden, Lily, has all been worth it! 
So let me introduce you to baby Marigold today! And while I’m at it, I’m sharing one of my favorite Anthropologie floral tops, that has me feeling like springtime. (Even though it may be just a little bit early.) 

I don’t think Marigold has quite mastered walking on the leash yet. She kind of just sits there. But at seven weeks old, that’s probably to be expected. 
And not nearly as cute as Marigold, but beautiful in their own right, these Old Gringo boots are from Cavender’s and I can’t recommend them enough! I love that they are both black & brown, which makes them much easier to style with a good majority of my closet.
And now, if you will, pause here for a just a second to look at all that cuteness in the photo below. 

Can’t. Even. Handle. It. 
Can she just stay this little forever??? 

Before I get too distracted by the pup, I’m better tell ya’ll about this top! This peasant top certainly has a lot going in, with all the different floral patterns mixed together, but somehow it all works. The cut-out on the back & flowy design also make it perfect for spring. 
Unfortunately the top has sold out at Anthropolgie, but I’ve linked several similar styles below. You can still get this same peasant top on EBAY, and it looks like they have a number of different sizes available too! 

Now back to Marigold! If you haven’t guessed already, (or you may just not watch enough Downton Abbey), Marigold was named after Edith Crawley’s little baby.  We spent a good chunk of time brainstorming different names, and Marigold was the one that finally stuck.

We knew we wanted to pick a name from either a favorite book, movie or TV show of ours. After all, Lily was not named after the pretty white flower, she was named after Lily Potter, in Harry Potter.  😉

We toyed with several unique different names and had a great time testing them out. It’s a lot of responsibility to name a pet, so I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to name a child! Props to all you mommas out there!

Only three days into a family of two golden retrievers, I would absolutly LOVE to hear any tips you guys might have on puppy training or raising two dogs instead of one. I have a feeling it’s going to be handful! (But a wonderful one!)

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!

  • Adorable!!!!! Oh my goodness. (Visiting from TXWB!) Makes me want another puppy. But I think our old doggy would mind. 🙂

  • I knew you got the name from DA! How precious! She is precious. Enjoy.

    • Thank you! And yes! I absolutely love Downton! Still upset about the death of Matthew Crawley … but I'll live! 😉

      xo, Alice

  • OMG! The adorableness might just kill me! Hehehe! If we ever get another dog, it will be a golden! They're my absolute favorite breed 🙂

  • OH MY GOODNESS!! your pup is adorable!! and I am loving that flowy top!
    P.S. think you would adore the February Women Who Inspire Post we shared on the blog earlier today!
    xo, Jennifer
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  • She is sooo cute! And I think her name suits her perfectly!

  • Seriously dying over this pup!! I want to meet her!

    • You must!! She is sooo cute at this age! I seriously want her to stay this little forever!

  • She's so cute!! And I love the name. We just rescued a dog a couple of weeks ago. Still trying to teach him a lot of stuff that he never learned before!!

    • Thank you! And congrats on your new pup! Hope the training goes well! 🙂

      xo, Alice

  • Aww she is adorable!! 🙂

  • It's been quite a while since you posted this, but I'm planning on buying this top from eBay. I tried it on over a year ago in stores and have been obsessing about it ever since, so unique and pretty! The size 2 I had originally tried on ran right across the shoulders, I was wondering if you would be willing to share what size top you are wearing in this photo? It seems to fit you really well and I'm having trouble figuring out my size! Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Lauren! I am wearing a size 4 in this top. It is one of those tops that I throw on ALL the time! It's so comfortable, and I feel like it effortlessly dresses up a simple pair of jeans & flats. Let me know if you have any questions, if you take the plunge on it, I'm sure you won't regret it!