Memorial Day Weekend Style Guide

Happy Friday ya’ll! What’s better than the Friday before a three day weekend? I really can’t think of too much else. 🙂 The anticipation of three full days to kick back & relax without any serious obligations sounds good to me! 

Whether you have big plans to travel this weekend, or you’re staying home catching up on some sleep & much needed sunlight by the pool, this Memorial Day Weekend Style Guide is for you! 
Other than giving us Americans a wonderful excuse to take off work right at the beginning of the summer, Memorial Day is specifically reserved to be a day of remembrance for all the men & women who died in our armed forces. So let’s don our red, white & blue this weekend and celebrate the good ol’ USA! 
Here are my picks for the perfect Memorial Day Weekend attire: 

scalloped shorts // straw picnic satchel // lisi lerch earrings // kendra scott bangle // francesca’s clutch

Patrick and I seem to be the only ones left in Houston this weekend. It’s like in that one Sex & the City episode where everyone goes to the Hamptons and Carrie Bradshaw stays behind to feel like the only person left in empty NYC. But that certainly won’t stop us from having a good time.

We’re planning on grilling out tonight with a couple of new recipes that we haven’t tried before. They’re Pinterest finds, so I’m crossing my fingers that they turn out well! (On another note: I really need to go back to my trusty cookbooks for new recipes. After all, they are probably a bit more tried & true than the random ones I seem find on Pinterest.)

Hope you all have a wonderful three day weekend. And always, thanks for stopping by the blog!


  • I love that off the shoulder dress and those scalloped shorts! so perfect for the summer!

  • The off the shoulder dress and scalloped shorts are so cute! The purse is a cute addition and reminds me of a summer picnic 🙂