Sunday Polo Party

One particular thing that I love about Houston, is that it’s full of surprises.  
This may not have been my first polo rodeo – but every time I make my way over to the Houston Polo Club for a Sunday match, I can’t get over the fact that I’m just a hop, skip & a jump from my house. Deep in the “heart’ of Texas and not in merry old England, no less. 🙂 
Knowing how much fun Sunday Polo can be, I rounded up a group of lovely H-town Bloggers for a get together at last weekend’s match. 
Fashion bloggers, fancy hats, horses & champagne make for a wonderful afternoon, if I do say so myself. 

The grounds of the Houston Polo Club are nestled deep inside Memorial Park, and if you’re not looking for it specifically, you may not ever find it.

Just another thing that makes this “hidden” Houston gem so special.

With two seating options (boxed seating or open seating on the Red Oak Lawn) Sunday Polo is a perfect place to get together with the girls, co-workers, or for an afternoon date with your man. 
We sat in the boxed seating, which was absolutely lovely, as the trees right behind us kept us cool the entire time. 
Our floppy hats helped a bit too! 
Only in Texas does it still feel like the middle of summer in October.

With our champagne buckets overflowing, we all kicked back & relaxed to the sound of cheers & running horses. 

At one point I could of sworn I saw Prince William out there.

Only joking!

I will say, one particular thing I love about Houston Polo Matches is that as soon as the match is over, everyone still hangs out and wanders around a bit, chatting and checking out the stables.

You aren’t allowed to pet or touch any of the horses (SADLY) but it was still fun to look at them, talk to them, while feeling as if we were in the middle of the countryside instead of deep in the heart of the city.

Naturally taking pictures with the horses in our fancy Sunday polo outfits was an absolute must. 
I bought this red fascinator for a Kentucky Derby party this past spring & I was thrilled to find a chance to wear it again.  I may have had the most outlandish hat on at the polo match, but I didn’t mind. 
After all, you only get so many opportunities to get all dressed up like this, and I like to take full advantage! 
My dress may still be sold out, but I’ve linked a few similar floral shift dresses, all at different price points that can also easily be dressed up & down this fall. 

Do y’all think Izzy liked my hat too? 😉 
Posing with my pretty blogger babes Amber and Jaclyn! I have so much fun with these girls & I’m so glad we stumbled upon each other through our blogs. 
Creating content for the Lone Star Looking Glass may just be something I do at home, in my spare time, alone in front of my computer, but it has also brought me the most beautiful of friendships, which I am truly thankful for! 
Houston friends, if you’re now hankering to attend a polo match yourself, well you’re in luck! There are still four games left this fall season, and tickets start at just $30 a person. 
With the weather being as nice as it has been these past few days, then I’m sure you’ll be in for a beautiful Sunday afternoon whenever you decide to go! 
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ps: thanks Jaclyn for sharing some of your photos when my camera decided to die! 😉