Mother-Daughter Matching & a 20-Week Bumpdate

Sharing Mikoleon's Mommy & Me Style with the Artisanal Laguna House Dress in Azul

You guys, I seriously can nottttt handle how adorable these matching mother-daughter blue & white embroidered dresses from Mikoleón are. Our baby girl is not even here yet, and I’m already playing dress up with her!

Today I’m sharing my 20-week (halfway there) bumpdate, talking all about these adorable hand-loomed dresses & giving you all a chance to win a $75 gift card from Mikoleón too!

Sharing Mikoleon's Mommy & Me Style with the Artisanal Laguna House Dress in Azul

Sharing Mikoleon's Mommy & Me Style with the Artisanal Laguna House Dress in Azul

Sharing Mikoleon's Mommy & Me Style with the Artisanal Laguna House Dress in Azul

So maybe our little girl won’t be able to fit into this frock for about 18 more months, but that’s totally okay! Because my dress is one-size fits all & when the time comes that she can, you better believe we will both be rocking our matching embroidered dresses on the regular!

Handmade in Guatemala, my Artisanal Laguna House Dress from Mikoleón (an absolutely precious kids line) comes in blue, azul & tiger lily (which is a lovely shade of coral pink.)  The master weaver behind these lovely pieces has been practicing his skills for over 4 decades. And each yard of this fabric takes in between 6-8 hours to weave! Knowing what goes into the clothing I wear helps me to appreciate it even more.

Sharing Mikoleon's Mommy & Me Style with the Artisanal Laguna House Dress in Azul

Sharing Mikoleon's Mommy & Me Style with the Artisanal Laguna House Dress in Azul

dress c/o // heels // bracelet

I have a feeling my future little girl is going to be the biggest Mikoleón fangirl. She’s already got these shoes waiting for to grow into them. And I mean hello, look at this PRECIOUS outfit. I’m dying over the cuteness!!

Not only does Mikoleón make gorgeous children’s (& grown up) clothing, but all of their pieces are also eco-cool, up-cycled, 100% cotton, chemical free, dye free, fair trade, reduced CO2, and sustainable! When shopping with Mikoleón, you know you’re purchasing an item that has a purpose & makes a difference in the world. Something that I can totally get behind!

mikoleon kids fall 2016 collection

Mikoleón is giving Lone Star Looking Glass readers the chance to enter to win one $75 gift card to shop Mikoleón! Winner will be announced next Thursday. Good luck!

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And now for the bumpdate!

Baby is the Size of: At 20 weeks she’s the size of a mango!

Cravings: Cereal, cereal & more cereal. I’ve already had three bowls of Captain Crunch today.

Feeling: Overall feeling pretty good! Energy is still high up there, but I am noticing my belly starting to get really heavy, which wasn’t something I think I was expecting … especially this early on.

Nursery: We’re moving to a new home pretty soon and I can’t wait to start unpacking boxes and getting our little one’s room ready!! I stumbled across this adorable pink & gray mobile which will look perfect with the color scheme we have planned for the space.

Sleep: Thanks to the snoogle, sleeping is still high up there on my favorite part of the day. I can’t imagine not sleeping with this crazy thing now!

Movement: OH YES! Last bumpdate, I was still somewhat confused on whether or not what I was feeling was actually the baby. Turns out, it was! It kind of feels like a piece of popcorn popping in my stomach. She moves around like crazy, especially at night when we’re just hanging out & watching TV. Parick has felt her move quite a bit too! The look on his face when he feels her kick is like nothing else. 🙂

Looking Forward to: Touring the hospital where our baby will be born and signing up for “Life with Baby” classes. Also, my parents are coming to town next weekend! I can’t wait to show them all of the things we’ve bought for baby & to see their reaction to how big my bump has gotten. It’ll be a fun weekend for sure!

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! And as always, thanks for stopping by the blog!


photos by Bertuzzi Photography

*This post was sponsored by Mikoleón. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Lone Star Looking Glass possible*


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