Holiday Gifts for the Little Gal

Christmas and holiday gift ideas for baby girls under 2 years old.

pink rabbit || red bonnet || chanel book || bandana bibs ||mamaRoo || bicycle teether || polka dot moccasins || play gym || pom pom hamper || poinsettia onesie || dock a tot || bow hair clips || plaid party dress

While our very own little gal won’t be celebrating her first Christmas until next year, if she was here right now these would be some of the gifts under her tree!

I knew my very own baby would be fun to shop for, but I never imagined how much fun! I’ve (happily) done the dirty work for you & perused the web for some of the sweetest gifts for the little girl or mom-to-be.

& A few I’ve just gotta call out:

This poinsettia onesie would be adorable on Christmas morning, and it’s now half off at only $15!

We’ve also heard amazing things about mamaRoos. (These rockers mimic the motions the babies feel while in the womb!) We ordered one for our little girl and I’m so excited for her to use it. I’m thinking it will come in major handy while I’m trying to keep her occupied & work from home too.

Hair clips from Willow Crowns. There’s nothing local a thoughtful handmade gift! And the momma who makes them lives here in Houston and is as sweet as can be!

Finn & Emma Play Gym. Aka the hipster playset for babies. These wooden play gyms include toys handmade by artisans in fresh pops of color. Plus they’ll look adorable in any nursery!

We’re spending our Sunday nesting for baby girl! We’re painting her dresser, installing shelves in the  nursery and doing little girl’s first load of laundry. With her arrival just a month away, it’s crunch time! Hope you all are having a fun & relaxing Sunday too!

xo, alice