Going West & Why I Travel So Much

Western Boho Outfit in Free People Overalls, Anthropologie Sweatshirt and Hat Attack Hat.

Hello from Phoenix!! We are two days into our Mother-Daughter-Daughter Trip and I am totally smitten with this Desert City! Are you following along on insta? I’ve got a TON of content both on stories & in my feed highlighting our trip. But over here, I’m sharing a short & sweet post today (gotta get out & sightsee!!) & chatting all about this cozy boho weekend look.  I’m also giving y’all a bit of a backstory on why I travel every chance I get!

Western Boho Outfit in Free People Overalls, Anthropologie Sweatshirt and Hat Attack Hat.


Western Boho Outfit in Free People Overalls, Anthropologie Sweatshirt and Hat Attack Hat.

First things first: this outfit. These overalls make quite the statement and while they aren’t traditional by any means, I can’t help but love them. Either paired with a lacy feminine top or a cozy sweatshirt, like my printed one above, they are comfortable and stylish to boot. The wide leg hem on the overalls call for a heel, and while a traditional high heel feetoo to dressy, a heeled bootie (like these that just hit sale) does just the trick!

I recently stumbled upon this Western-inspired art wall in the Houston Heights and knew I had to shoot in front of it. I think the western vibes of this boho look fit in perfectly, don’t you? And what better time to share this post than while in Phoenix! When I’m in the land of real giant cacti!

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But anywho, I mentioned above that I was going to dish on why I tend to travel what seems like so much. For the obvious reasons, it’s because I’m obsessed with experiencing new cities – cultures, sights, tastes, sounds & smells! It’s because I make a point to take every opportunity I get!

But one specific reason why I travel often is because my family lives very far away. My mom has the travel bug just as much as I do, so we figure why not meet each other in a NEW city every once in a while instead of taking turns going to each other’s humble abode. That combined with traveling to see both sets of family all across The South, I feel like I’m out of town more often than not.

I also can’t resist the feeling of getting away and exploring a new place. With Patrick and Annie in tow that feeling is magnified like … 10,000,000. Traveling gives us a chance to break our habits, step out of our comfort zones and connect on a whole different level. We always come back feeling refreshed, recharged and with a new appreciation for the simple joys of home too.

And as a blogger, traveling opens doors to opportunities to connect with new readers, bloggers, brands and media outlets across the country. My trip to Phoenix may partially be an excuse to have some fun with my mom & Annie, but I’m also here with Visit Phoenix Tourism to cover and share the city with you all. Not only that, but I’m finishing the week by attending The Bloguettes Workshop, a blogger & small business owner conference, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! So let’s just call this a work trip, shall we? Hey, if it get’s me out the door on more adventures! 😉

What drives you to travel!?

And as always, thanks for stopping by the blog!

xo, alice

photos by Ban Avenue

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