An Annie Update & Why We Use Owlet


    These pictures seriously just make me SQUEAL! Sometimes I just look at our little girl and I feel like I’m going to explode with happiness, love & adoration for her! Funny story, I printed the above pic of Annie for Patrick to put on his desk at work. I gave it to him on Friday night and he literally said, “I wish I was going to work tomorrow just so I could hang her picture up!” … For all of the reasons to want to go into work on a Saturday!? lol.

    But anyway, today I’m chatting about something you might remember me sharing months & months ago, the Owlet Smart Sock monitor. Now that Annie is here, we’ve been using it on the regular to give us extra piece of mind each night when she goes to bed. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Owlet + giving a little update on all things Annie!

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    Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe

    Houston food blogger shares a southwestern grilled chicken summer salad recipe.

    One of our favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to hit up our local farmer’s market for fresh greens & produce. When we first got married, Patrick and I would go every single Saturday! These days, as busy parents, our visits are few and far between. But when we do go, we go all out! I love grabbing whatever looks colorful and delicious enough to toss together in a big summer salad. For a heartier salad, grilled chicken is a must! As I’m addicted to all things Tex-Mex & Southwestern-inspired, it is no surprise that I’m teaming up with La Vaquita Cheese once again to share an oh-so-tasty Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe!

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    A Blue Two Piece Set

    Houston fashion blogger styles a light blue Eliza J two piece dress and skirt set.

    Hello, Summer! It’s hard to believe that it’s not actually “summer” yet because I’ve been shopping for the season for weeks now. From flirty dresses to floral prints & denim shorts, summer style is my absolute favorite! This blue two-piece set of mine is so perfect for a dressier event this season, like a wedding perhaps? Or a very impromptu trip to Florida in 2 weeks?! 😉

    I’m chatting all about this pretty dress and my upcoming trip to Orlando for the BlogHer Conference all in today’s post!

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    Travel Diary: Palo Duro Canyon & Amarillo, TX


    Happiness {to me} is planning a trip to someplace new with someone you love. Since we moved to Texas, we’ve made it our mission to explore as much of the lone star state as possible. Texas is roughly the size of France. When you think about it this way, then it’s easy to realize there is a whole lot out there just waiting to be explored!

    This spring I had such a fun opportunity to team up with Texas Tourism to visit Amarillo and Palo Duro Canyon as a part of their Texplorer program! Not only was this our first vacation as a family of three {& Annie’s first plane ride!} but the trip also gave us a whole new view, appreciation, and {no surprise} a deeper obsession of the state we now call home.  Follow along as I share my travel diary of our trip to the TX Panhandle + my recommendations on what to see, do, eat & where to stay in Amarillo & the surrounding area!

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    Rickrack Dress + What Will My Daughter Think of My Blogging?

    Houston life & style blogger Alice Kerley shares her thoughts on motherhood.

    First things first: this rickrack dress. I saw this on the hanger at Anthropologie and I knew it was meant to live in my closet. Even though I told myself that day that I was not going to buy a single thing!! In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have set foot in Anthro in the first place … because we all know how that one ends! In today’s post, I’m chatting all about why this dress is absolutely amazing! But mostly, I’m also sharing my thoughts on blogging now that I’m a mom. More specifically, what on earth will Annie think of my blog when she’s my age?! Have you fellow bloggers questioned this too?!

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    Tips on Hosting a Summer Dinner Party Indoors


    Down here in Texas, it gets HOT during the summer! On the nice days, we spend every second we can outside, but when it’s 90+ degrees we tend to bring the party inside. If I could have my way, I’d eat every dinner under the twinkling string lights on my patio! But when entertaining a large group, I always want everyone to be comfortable, which is why I typically opt for an indoor (outdoor themed) dinner party!.Today I’m teaming up with Rueda Verdejo wines to share my five tips on how to host a summer dinner party indoors!

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