Bold Blue Coat

    Houston fashion blogger shares winter style outfit inspiration in a JOA blue coat with a black zac posen handbag.

    I’ve probably worn a winter coat two times, maybe three, so far this year. Houston, you sure are confusing. Can’t even believe the high today is in the 80s! The outfit I’m sharing in this post was one of my favorite pregnancy looks. I loved that this big roomy coat fit over my baby bump. Paired with skinny jeans & ankle boots I felt oh-so-chic!

    I’m sharing details on this wintery look today & why sometimes renting winter pieces make the most sense when you live in a warmer climate. Plus, I’m giving a little update on life with Annie below!

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    Valentine’s Day Chocolate Pretzel Treats

    An easy Valentine's Day gift idea with homemade chocolate pretzel treats, cards and flowers from HEB.

    Valentine’s Day has totally crept up on me this year. But I’ve had a realllllly great distraction, so I’m okay with that. This year I’m celebrating with the sweetest gift of all, our little Annie! But we all know chocolate, flowers & greeting cards make everything

    Every year, Patrick and I always give each other a card with a thoughtful message inside. He will “surprise” me with beautiful flowers each Feb. 14th and it’s the absolute sweetest! I typically will “surprise” him with loads & loads of chocolate, his version of flowers, and then we’ll have a fancy dinner out or cook a delicious meal at home. This year, I’m teaming up with H-E-B to share a fun way to kick up the traditional Valentine’s Day gifting routine. I’m rounding up the cutest over-the-top cards, how to get the most beautiful flowers delivered to your sweetie AND a recipe for Chocolate Pretzel treats that will melt anyone’s heart, and takes literally less than 10 minutes to make!

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    What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

    What to pack in your hospital bag with Mark and Graham's Daily Leather Overnighter.

    If you saw my recent Instagram posts, you may have seen me mention that we just got back from the hospital, again! Long story short, I ended up having an infection at the incision site from my c-section. It was the worst! Thank goodness for heavy duty meds and a lot of rest, I’m finally on the mend!

    Anywho I wanted to share with you all my must haves for your hospital stay when welcoming a new baby! And now that I’ve had two visits in two weeks, I’m kinda feeling like a pro at this one. I’m rounding up what I couldn’t live without, what I overpacked and absolutely did not need, and a few fun extras that you totally don’t have to pack, but they make a longer stay at the hospital SO much better.

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    Off the Shoulder Stripes fit for a Baby Bump

    Houston fashion blogger styles a striped off the shoulder maternity top with maternity jeans, vionic lace up flats and a striped clare vivier clutch.

    Annie is here, Annie is here!! (Did y’all see her arrival on my insta!?) I’ve been a mom for 10 days now! These past 10 days have certainly been the most wonderful & difficult of my entire life. I could write about 7 novels on the subject, seriously. I’ll definitely get into Annie’s arrival story in a bit more detail down the road, but until then I have some posts I shot before her arrival that I can’t wait to share!

    Starting with this look & this fabulous off-the-shoulder striped maternity number. Who says you can’t be stylish at 39 weeks pregnant!? (Which is when we shot this look, to be precise!) Head on down below for details on this outfit of mine and what I’ll miss the most about pregnancy style now that I’m on the other end of the spectrum.

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    Creamy Cajun Zucchini Noodle Pasta Recipe

    A recipe for creamy cajun zucchini noodle pasta with HEB's Veggie Noodle Co.

    I’ve become quite the foodie lately. So I hope you all don’t mind me taking a break from style posts every once in a while to share my favorite foodie finds. I simply just can’t help myself! (And neither can my stomach)!

    Today, I’m sharing an absolutely delicious (and EASY) recipe for Creamy Cajun Zucchini Noodle Pasta with H-E-B. The best part about it, the Veggie Noodle Co. zucchini noodles are pre-sliced saving you tons of time. Oh and the recipe involves quite a bit of cheese. So, what’s not to love!? Head on down for all the details!

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    28 & Feeling Great

    Houston blogger styles a black embroidered chic wish top as a maternity top with leggings and swedish hasbeens.

    Cheers to being one year older today! What are the chances that baby girl and I will share a birthday!? I mean, I could totally get down for some joint birthday dinners at the American Girl Doll restaurant in the next few years. We’ll see what she decides to do!

    In the meantime, I’m sharing one of my favorite embroidered dresses that I wore as a top throughout my pregnancy plus my bucket list for my 28th year of life. All can be found below!

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