A Mother-Daughter Day

Last (last) weekend, while my parents were still in town, I was able to sneak away from my dad and my husband to spend some quality mother-daughter girl time.  We weren’t expecting to have this opportunity while she was in town, so we were thrilled! 

Thank you so very much College Game Day!

My mom and I visited the boutiques on 19th Street in the Heights, trekked through the Galleria, and even roamed the shops of Highland Village, all followed by a delicious bite to eat at my new favorite restaurant in all of Houston. 
We had a big time indeed.  
And naturally, I had to get all dolled up for the occasion. 
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Anthropologie Petaluma Midi Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Skirt, Anthropologie Pink Midi Skirt, Petaluma Skirt, Trendy in Texas, Trendy in Texas Blog, Alice Kerley

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If this isn’t your first visit to ze blog, you may recognize this outfit in my Charleston post here, but I don’t happen to wear things in my closet just once … and I never really got a proper outfit photo for the blog anyway, so I’m sharing it again. 🙂

I. Love. This. Pink. Skirt.  That’s all there really is to say about it. 🙂 

And I have also mentioned a time or two on here about my new found obsession with BaubleBar. Their jewelry is so much fun (as well as pretty affordable) and I can’t get enough of it! My necklace (above) was purchased from Anthro, but it’s made by BaubleBar. 

A few of their newer pretty gems that I’m lusting after:

Snake Chain Necklace // Wonder Woman Bib // Gold Tassel Necklace // Amalfi Horn Bib


And who doesn’t love a good deal, shop at BaubleBar and use the code FALL20 anytime before Friday, the 19th and get yourself 20% off!

Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods
After spending all morning, and well into the afternoon, walking around Houston, in and out of the many shops and boutiques scattered across town, my mom and I were famished! I was ready to scarf down fast food at The Galleria food court, just to get something to eat, but my mother insisted that we go someplace fun and (in her words) “Houston-y.”

Trying to think of someplace outside the box that would also be new for the both of us, I remembered a couple of different people recommending Tiny Boxwoods.   
I typed the restaurant name into my GPS, and fortunately for us, we were only a few blocks away from what is now my new favorite spot in all of Houston.
Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods

Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods

 Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods

The weather was just cool enough to sit outside. Sipping on a cold glass of a white wine mojito cocktail certainly helped to bring down the temps even more.
We sat back in the comfortable wicker chairs, people watched, and caught up on each others lives while awaiting something delicious to fill our bellies.
My mom informed me that the plant sitting right in the center of our table was, in fact, a tiny boxwood, after the restaurants namesake.  She explained that these precious plants take forever and ever to grow but once they do, they’re pretty easy to keep alive.  
I’m thinking I need to get some of these then! Keeping plants alive is not Patrick’s nor my specialty.

Soon enough, our charcuterie and cheese board arrived and the presentation was almost too nice for us to disturb. 

Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods


Ta-da! We quickly finished it.

We thought it was kind of funny that that’s what we decided to share on probably one of the few mother-daughter days we’ll get to have this year.  Due to the fact that when I studied abroad in college my mom and I went to Ireland for the weekend, and for some reason all we ate over there were cheese & charcuterie boards! They were fantastic! We laugh about how unadventurous we were with food choices that weekend.

But don’t judge us for eating so little…only a few short hours after this snack we dined on loads and loads of Tex-Mex.  Very “houston-y” of us, indeed. 😉

Tiny Boxwoods Houston, Tiny Boxwoods

Right on the other side of this precious restaurant is a plant nursery, that is a must visit after your meal.

We got up from our table and walked the few feet over to admire all of the greenery, flowers, and array of tiny boxwoods.

I didn’t take any tiny boxwoods home with me this time, but you better believe I’m coming back here soon to have a go at the rest of their delicious menu… And maybe I will just have to nab a new plant for the house at the same time. 😉
It was a perfect afternoon that I am so glad the two of us got to share.  Hopefully we’ll be fortunate enough for some more mother-daughter days together again soon! 
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